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FRAG Pro Shooter 1.4.6 - Update Patch Notes

Hey fellas! The 1.4.6 update is coming soon, and features a LOT of very interesting changes! Let's get started, shall we?



As is tradition with every update, three new Fraggers join the Arena!

  • SCRAPPER, a Rare Camp junkyard robot (Arena 7)

  • FRAGGENSTEIN, an Epic Camp monster mash (Arena 6)

  • GIGAGOO, a Legendary Defense slime abomination (Arena 7) Find out more about these Fraggers in the video below:


REWORKED MASTER CHALLENGE Due to low popularity, the Master Challenge was revamped into an offline mode for players to test their skills against increasingly more powerful bots!

  • The Master Challenge is now offline, and games played are against bots

  • The Master Challenge now costs 150 Coins to enter instead of Diamonds

  • Both the reward and the difficulty will increase as players progress through the Challenge

  • The highest reward you can obtain is 1500 Coins and 200 Cards (with at least 35 Rares and 12 Epics)

  • Other rules are still the same: the Challenge ends when a player wins 12 times or loses 3 times.


MATCHMAKING / TROPHIES We've had a lot of complaints from players of various ranks complaining about "unfair" matchmaking which results in heavy losses. We decided to address this issue by adjusting both the matchmaking experience and trophy gains.

  • Matchmaking now pairs players more "fairly"

  • During win streaks, players will have the opportunity to face stronger opponents to win a ton of trophies!

  • Trophy losses have been reduced against stronger opponents and trophy wins have been increased


ARENAS In a similar vein, we've adjusted the minimum of Trophies required to enter certain Arenas:

  • Arena 6 now requires 2600 Trophies (down from 2800)

  • Arena 8 now requires 4000 Trophies (up from 3700)

  • Arena 9 now requires 5000 Trophies (up from 4500)

  • In addition, players will no longer drop to lower arenas due to losses. 



  • Fixed bug where heals would remove buffs instead of only debuffs

  • Fixed bug where characters would get stuck in their stunned animation after leaving Bobbler's stun

  • Hades 5.1 can now be stunned while activating their ability - the ability AoE will stay active and end normally if Hades was stunned after the AoE initially appeared

  • Hades 5.1's ability will no longer cause units to stop moving or act erratically

  • Fixed health values not appearing correctly in friendly duels 

  • Fixed Club promote/demote issues

  • Fixed tutorial issues locking up the game

  • Fixed menus not closing properly during Practice 



  • More tips are shown in case of defeat

  • Players will now receive a mail directing them to this very blog with every update to stay informed about updates!


BALANCING This is where things get interesting! On the menu today: a couple of buffs and some important nerfs! JET Let's start with THE most popular Fragger in the game! Jet is a fantastic character whose mobility and damage allows her to take down objectives really quickly, which is problematic, especially for mid-level players. We've decided to address this issue by replacing her damage boost against buildings.

  • Changed from Strong Against Buildings to Strong Against Digital

STRIKER A lot of you want Striker nerfed, and it's easy to see why! Between his ability and his speed even while shooting, Striker was a very hard Fragger to duel. For now, we've decided to reduce both his speed while shooting and his HP, but we're not opposed to more Striker changes in the future depending on how the meta evolves.

  • Decreased shooting walk speed from 12.6 km/h to 11.6 km/h

  • Decreased base HP from 100 to 95

SCOUT & NUTTY Scout is a tough nut to crack, pun intended. His projectiles hurt a lot, but are very hard to land properly, and his ability feels lacklustre at best. With those buffs, we hope to make Scout a more viable pick from fun team compositions, even though we're aware these won't propel Scout to top tier status just yet.

  • Increased clip size from 9 to 12 Decreased reload time from 2.5 to 2

  • Decreased ability cooldown from 20 to 15

MEKKALODON Similar to Scout, Mekkalodon failed to make a splash, pun also intended. On paper, he's a really strong Fragger, but due to his Legendary status, he was really hurt by a respawn timer of 30 seconds. We've decided to give him some love and we hope to FINally see him make waves in the meta!

  • Increased firerate from 60 to 70

  • Reduced delay and range differences between ability FX and ability dealing damage


And that's all for now!! Hope you enjoyed the read ;) Update 1.4.6 should enter Beta testing phase by tomorrow/September 5th, so don't hesitate to let us know what you think about all those changes!


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