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FRAG Pro Shooter 1.4.7 - Update Patch Notes

Hey fellas! The 1.4.7 update is on its way! It's not a huge update, but it contains some major changes!



WOLFSON, a Legendary Wild werewolf, will be available from Arena 7 onwards! More details coming soon ;)

When you really think about it, he's more of a dogman.


FRAG TOWER CHALLENGE In the last update, we reworked the previously underrated Master Challenge into the FRAG Tower Challenge, the first FRAG solo mode, which has proven to be really popular! We've decided on some tweaks to it to make it even more enjoyable:

  • Maximum wins reduced from 9 to 12 (difficulty still scales normally)

  • The FRAG Tower Challenge is now completely FREE!

  • Adjusted rewards to match the lack of an entry fee

  • Added Coin bonus based on Arena level to the final reward

  • Reduced Max Wins Chest opening time from 24h to 18h


TROPHIES In order to fight against bot farming, victories against bots from Arena 10 onwards will only provide 2 trophies at most



  • Fixed tower barrier not always being removed after destroying the 2 bunkers

  • Fixed Fidelio not seeing enemy outlines when mounting turret

  • Fixed holotags not showing properly in game

  • Fixed a crash with bot spawning characters



Here comes the fun part! On the menu today, only buffs to two Fraggers: Cyber Girl and Inferno! CYBER GIRL Cyber Girl's main issue was the lack of control that came with her teleporting ability. By tweaking some algorithms here and there, we've made her ability more reliable. Additionally, we also increased her mobility and reduced her shooting recoil to improve her game experience overall.

  • Modified ability behavior to better pick which objective to teleport to

  • Increased walk speed from 11.6km/h to 12.6km/h

  • Increased shooting walk speed from 3.9km/h to 5.8km/h

  • Slightly reduced recoil on first shots

INFERNO Inferno is a... tough character to buff. Nobody wants to return to Inferno hell meta, and yet a lot of people agree he should be buffed. Note that even without those changes, his primary fire is still very potent, if difficult to use, so we decided to focus our efforts on his ability, which felt pretty weak comparatively. 

  • Reverted a previous nerf: the clone will no longer die when Inferno dies

  • Clone now starts with 100% of base HP instead of 80%

  • Ability duration increased from 15 seconds to 20 seconds

  • Decreased ability cooldown from 15 seconds to 10 seconds


That's all for now! This update also carries the Season 4 changes with it, which starts no sooner than the 16th, so make sure to update before then! 


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