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FRAG Pro Shooter 1.4.8 - Update Patch Notes

New update incoming! Not a lot of changes this time, but still enough to warrant a blog post :)

Before we get deeper into the Patch Notes, you can find a quick recap in video format right here!

So without further ado, let's see what's new in 1.4.8!


TWO NEW FRAGGERS! This time, OLLIE and AVALANCHE join the Arena! Ollie is a Legendary Attack Fragger, which you can learn more about here!

As for Avalanche, he's a rather CHILL Rare Attack Fragger who feels pretty COOL to play! Eh? Ehhh? Livestream featuring these two coming soon, so stay tuned!



  • Third person camera now uses weapon recoil

  • Fixed bug where the chat tab in Club wasn't highlighted by default

  • Fixed Training button spam bug

  • Fixed an exploit related to missions

  • Camp cards will no longer defend the Tower unless both Bunkers are destroyed

  • All Events should now be easier to complete

  • Additionally, as per last week's patch, players will now only get trophies against bots for their first 20 wins per day, in order to put a stop to bot farming. 


NEW FEATURE: GIFT CODES You can now type a gift code in the shop to collect a unique reward!  A lot of gift codes will be shared in official FRAG videos, including the upcoming livestream, so stay tuned ;)


BALANCING And now for the fun part! On the menu today, only one nerf, but future updates will contain many more changes! HADES 5.1 Hades is, by all means, a very powerful Fragger. We've decided to give them a respectable nerf for the time being as to make them more fair to play against without upsetting their devoted playerbase. All in all, this change should stop Hades from two-shotting most Fraggers with ease.

  • Base damage decreased from 55 to 49


And that's all for now! Stay tuned for the next update ;)


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