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FRAG Pro Shooter 1.4.9 - Update Patch Notes

Here comes a new update, just in time for Halloween! Check out all the changes in this update right here!

OOOOOooooOOOOOH spooky!



A special Halloween map will be made available during the SPOOKY HOUR (starting from 5PM and up to 6AM)

On this Halloween map, some Coins will be replaced by Pumpkins, which give a lot more gold!



As you probably noticed, 1.4.8 was released with a very weird bug: suddenly, it seemed like Camp and Defense Fraggers were much more powerful! This was due to an accidental change in rotation and lock speeds which applied to all characters but was most visible on defensive ones due to their tendency to focus on Fragging!

Long story short, you guys seemed to like the idea behind this accidental change, but figured we could tone down the numbers a little. So we did!

  • Changed the A.I. aiming speed based on Arena and Card type

  • A.I. aiming speed will remain the same as before the 1.4.8 update for the first 3 Arenas, but will start to increase progressively from Arenas 4 to 10

  • Defense and Camp cards will now have a slightly better aim than other types to increase their efficiency



  • Fixed a bug on missions where player wouldn't get the main reward under specific conditions

  • Fixed bug where AI aiming speed was set to its maximum value at all times

  • Fixed bug where game freezes when playing with or against Bobbler

  • Fixed bug with Scrapper's ability icon not updating correctly


And that's it for this update! Don't worry, we're working on a pretty cool video for this week as well ;)

EDIT: As promised, here's this week's video discussing some of the changes as well as the future of FRAG itself! Enjoy :)

Thanks for reading and see you guys soon!


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