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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.5.0 Update Patch Notes

A lot of things to cover in this one, but most importantly; check out our livestream TONIGHT for more details!


Without further ado, let's go into them good ol' (well, new) changes!


DJ Equalizer and Queen Boom are joining FRAG!!

DJ Equalizer is a Rare Defense Fragger, focusing on keeping his enemies at bay and has an ability that can stun an entire enemy team if aimed properly!

On the other hand, Queen Boom is a Legendary Center Fragger whose job is to assist her teammates with her boosting ability and keep her enemies down with her powerful fire!

Which do you prefer? Which fits your style better? You'll find out soon!



Lots of changes this time around, so stay sharp!

  • Self-deaths (accidentally/intentionally falling off of the map) will now be visible in the death feed

  • Event objectives are now 25% easier!

  • Season Pass pricing reverted to Diamonds

  • Season Pass cost lowered to 599 Diamonds

  • Season Pass now requires less XP for first ranks

  • Inviting your friends is now easier than ever thanks to our new QR Code!

  • You can also share Promo Codes with your Club and your Friends!

  • EDIT: Slight adjustments to AI rotation speeds (overall lowered in higher arenas)

  • EDIT2: Players facing weaker opponents during their opponents' winstreaks will no longer be heavily penalized for losing and barely rewarded for winning: trophy gains and losses have been adjusted and will now be based on a game against a player of a similar level

Speaking of Promo Codes, stay tuned for the new Bugs Killer promo code, which will be shared in tonight's livestream!



So turns out there ARE bug fixes after all!

  • Fixed Swap Cards not working in rare cases when opening a chest

  • Updated default graphics quality for many devices

  • Fixed some bugs related to purchases

  • Fixed rare bug where players wouldn't win any trophies against another player



For this update, only one Fragger gets some changes, and it's...


Our design goal with Ollie was to make her a hit-and-run type of Fragger, using her awesome mobility to jet around the Arena. Unfortunately, Ollie was a bit too frail to be able to lay her damage before dying. In order to fix this issue, we decided to boost her HP while also increasing the cooldown on her ability to avoid having her spiral out of control.

EDIT: Ability cooldown nerf reversed.

  • Base HP increased from 90 to 110


And that's all for now! But rest assured the next update will have a lot to offer... maybe even... a new map? ;)

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