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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.5.1 Update Patch Notes

Buckle up friends, there's a lot to unpack in this update!


First of all, let's talk about the two new FRAGGERS: SOLDATRON and NAUTICA.

Soldatron's on the left, Nautica's on the right!

SOLDATRON is an Epic Camp Fragger whose ability allows him to aim and then fire his own head as a mortar almost anywhere on the map!

NAUTICA is a Legendary Center Fragger whose pet orca whale Leviathan can be called upon to swallow any Fragger whole!

If you wish to know more about these two new Fraggers, feel free to check our Halloween livestream right here where the Bugs Killer showcases them!

Needless to say, we hope these Fraggers make a splash starting from Arena 8, where they'll both be available!


And now, for the more important news: we have decided to revert on various changes done starting from version 1.4.8.

This decision wasn't easy for us to make, and it is motivated not by regret or spite, but by the desire to understand what makes FRAG truly unique and how to improve upon it. The last few updates have contained a lot of changes that, unfortunately, proved to be detrimental to FRAG and our playerbase despite our best intentions.

And so, in order to maintain FRAG and its many players happy and satisfied, we have decided to temporarily retract all changes made to the game over the past few weeks. We understand that this decision might confuse some players, but rest assured that we will keep a close eye on FRAG's performance in the next few days and aren't shutting the door to bringing back those changes once the time is right.

However, rest assured that all the Fraggers introduced since the 1.4.7 version will remain fully available and playable, and that balancing changes for individual Fraggers made since then will also remain effective.

Here is an exhaustive list of the changes from previous update that will be removed in the 1.5.1 version:

  • Skins no longer give any bonus Gold perks

  • Bots will no longer stop giving trophies in Arena 10 once a certain threshold of daily victories against bots has been met.

  • Intentional and accidental suicides will no longer be visible in the death feed.

  • Gift codes have been removed.

  • QR Codes have been removed.

  • Season Pass tiers have been reverted to 1.4.7 values.

  • Event rewards and tiers have been reverted to 1.4.7 values.

  • Some recent events were removed.

  • Season Pass prices have been reverted to 1.4.7 values.

  • Several Special Offers were removed.

  • Players can no longer watch videos to skip missions.

  • Trophy gain/losses reverted back to 1.4.7 values.

  • A.I. strength and rotation speed have been reverted back to 1.4.7 values.

Keep in mind that any of the aforementioned reverted changes is susceptible to returning in future updates.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please don't hesitate to comment and reach out to us if you have any questions regarding this announcement.

Take care and see you in the Arena!


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