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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.5.3 Patch Notes

Christmas draws near, and with it, an amazing update with a new exclusive Event!


First of all, there's the new Event-exclusive Fragger: the frost princess KRYSTAL!

The Queen of ice herself!

KRYSTAL is a Legendary ATTACK Fragger who uses her long range and incredibly ability to destroy her opponent from afar or get up close and personal!

At the moment, KRYSTAL can only be unlocked in our exclusive Winter Event! Speaking of which...


This new update also contains an all-new Event for you all to enjoy: the Winter Event!

Simply play to pick and win rewards!

This Event will allow you to earn rewards by simply playing regular games, but that's not all!

Every victory earns you 15 GIFTS CREDITS, up to 9 victories per day. But don't worry, if you don't do your 9 victories in one day, you'll be able to catch up on the next day! You can also trade your Diamonds in the Shop for Gift Credits.

Those Gift Credits can then be traded for randomized loot such as Chests, Skin Coins, specific Cards, a unique Daily Special and more! Trading your Gift Credits for rewards also gives you EVENT STARS! Collect enough Event Stars to collect Coins, Chests, and even unlock the new Event-exclusive Legendary Fragger KRYSTAL!

We've done the math and made sure that simply completing your 9 victories a day, collecting your free daily Gift Credits and trading them for the best value rewards would allow you to get enough Event Stars to unlock Krystal without any additional bother!

But the fun doesn't end there! Once you've collected 1000 Event Stars, you can keep trading Gift Credits to collect more rewards, including additional Krystal cards! Additionally, the Daily Special can include very valuable prizes, so don't miss your chance to get them!

The Event starts on DECEMBER 19TH 2019 and will last until JANUARY 2ND 2020 and will be accessible to all players starting from level 2!


But this Event isn't the only Winter-themed addition to this update! We've decided to sprinkle both maps with a little Winter decorum in order to make you feel the Christmas spirit!

One Christmas tree admires another...

Wait, did I just say BOTH MAPS?! That's right, after a successful test run in the New Map Discovery Event, THE PIT IS HERE TO STAY!

This neat little indicator, available on the main menu for all players starting from Arena 5, will let you know which Map is available at the moment!

Both maps rotate every hour for all types of games, including Duels and the FRAG Tower Challenge!


But wait, we're still not done yet! Following on feedback from the 1.5.2 version, we've decided to bring on further changes to the FRAG economy:

  • Added swaps to the Warrior and Rainbow Chest

  • Increased contents of Rainbow Chest

  • Mission Chests reworked: the cycle is now longer and more rewarding!

  • Adjusted the amount of Gold given in the FRAG Tower challenge

On top of this, we'll also be adding a bunch of unique offers throughout the Christmas season with exclusive new Chests!

Meet the exclusive CHRISTMAS CHEST...

And it's big brother, the SUPER CHRISTMAS CHEST!


We've also made a couple of changes to General Mekk! Nothing too drastic, but we hope those changes will make him feel better to use!

General Mekk's drone will no longer disappear after some time

General Mekk cannot use his ability if he already has a drone out


Last but not least, we have a ton of Bug Fixes for you all to enjoy!

  • Offers' name now properly change when a different language is chosen;

  • Defense and Camp character should now properly display damage blocked instead of damage dealt to targets in battle recap;

  • Texts should no longer spill out of boxes;

  • Piggy Bank progress bar now displays accurately;

  • Black bars in Chest replay should no longer hide the Chest;

  • Fixed some English errors in the descriptions of Dan, Big Paku, Cyber Cop and Mr. Tiger;

  • Legendary Chests should no longer appear cut off in Gift Code menus;

  • Club Wars bonus cards should no longer be duplicates;

  • Promo Code window should now be dismissed at the start of a Duel;

  • AIs should no longer run up to tower at the beginning of a game;

  • AIs should no longer try to go through existing barriers on The Pit;

  • Fixed Amelie's weird head bop during her shooting animation;

  • Fixed DJ Equalizer's FPS weird blinking arms;

  • Fixed DJ Equalizer's headset bland colors on iOS;

  • Fixed various visual issues with skins in FPS mode;

  • BiBi skins should no longer be mixed up;

  • Fixed performances issues during the Mystery Box Event;

  • Launching the game without connection to the Internet should no longer prevent players' Club icon from appearing and their scores from being posted when they connect;

  • Lord VR's 65% damage bonus now properly works on projectile weapons;

  • Shino-B's smoke effect now properly works during his victory animation;


That's all folks! Remember to send your letter to Santa, enjoy your happy Holidays, and keep on Fragging!


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