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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.5.6 Patch Notes

A new FRAG update is upon us! This one includes a whole new Event to unlock Legendary cards, and several new skins to obtain!



Every week, starting from Wednesday and until Sunday, every player will get a unique Event to unlock one specific Legendary for this week!

The Legendary you first get will be completely random, and subsequent Legendaries in future events will follow the order of Legendaries in the Arenas, which is:

Volcano -> Baron VooDoom -> Shino-B -> Laika -> Inferno -> Striker -> Rolaf -> Hades5.1 -> Rippin' Finn -> Mr. Tiger -> Gigagoo -> Miss Bunny -> Queen Boom -> Wolfson -> Mekkalodon -> Ollie -> Nautica -> THE BOSS -> Volcano (and the cycle begins anew!)

Through this Event, you'll be able to unlock Legendaries even if you're not in the proper Arena, so take your chance! Future Legendaries will also get added to this cycle, as well as Krystal at a later date.

But how does it work?

Long story short, enter using Challenge Tickets to face off against other players in the Event using random decks. You and your opponent both have a 50% chance to get the Challenge Legendary in your deck!

Accumulate wins to get prizes, including the Legendary card in question! But once you lose, you'll have to use Challenge Tickets to continue the Event.

Don't worry, Challenge Tickets will be distributed daily, and your score won't reset on defeat, so you can keep trying until you reach your goal!


This update also includes tons of NEW SKINS: Gold Skins, NEO Skins and Valentine's Day Skins that you can obtain right now!

Here's the list of all Fraggers that got new Skins:

- Gold Skins: Amélie, Andrometa, APE-SUIT, Bøbbler, Bot MaMa, Blot, Captain Polar, DesperaDOS, FRAGMAN, General Mekk, Jet, Krystal, Long Shot, Lord VR, Lucha Muerta, MeduZa, Prisoner-99, THE BOSS, Virus

- NEO Skins: Amélie, Andrometa, APE-SUIT, Baron VooDoom, Bøbbler, Bot MaMa, Captain Polar, Cyber Girl, DesperaDOS, HADES 5.1, FRAGMAN, Jet, Long Shot, Lord VR, Lucha Muerta, MeduZa, Prisoner-99, Striker, Virus, Volcano

- Valentine's Day Skins: Andrometa, Baron VooDoom, Bibi™, Big Paku, Blot, FRAGMAN, Jay B, Jet, Lolly Pop, Prisoner-99, Sogeki-chan

And to put you all in the Valentine's Day mood, we've added a new Valentine's Day background for the Arena! Check it out here:

Try to see if you can encounter it in the game and enjoy its lovely mood!


And last but not least, here are the bugfixes for this version:

  • FRAG Tower Challenge should now award the proper number of Coins;

  • Big Paku's Volcano skin should now display correctly;

  • Players trophies should now be properly posted to Leaderboards;

  • Players should no longer crash during battles;

And that's all for now! Let us know what you think of this update!


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