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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.5.7 Patch Notes

The 1.5.7 update is coming soon! Unfortunately, there won't be a FRAG News video covering this update due to time constraints, but we have a special announcement for you guys at the end of this patch notes, so read it to the end!


A new FRAGGER will join the FRAG Arena soon: HUNTER is a RARE Center character who focuses on getting close to deal maximum damage with his dual handguns and special ability!

Hunter won't be unlockable when the new version comes out, but you will be able to obtain him through TWO unique Events! But more on that later...


After months of hard work, we also added a new game mode: the 2vE CO-OP MODE!

Jump in with a friend or another random player to defeat strong AI opponents! When entering this mode, each player will have to select 3 Fraggers!

With 6 total Fraggers on the field, this is your opportunity to let your strategy skills shine through!

The Co-Op mode won't provide you with Trophies, but you will be able to win Gold, Chests and Season XP as normal! But don't worry, we thought of a way to reward you as well...


This new update will pave the way for 3 NEW EVENTS! Let's get through them in order, shall we?

First of all, the CO-OP EVENT will start on February 14th and will allow you to collect tons of rewards simply for playing the Co-Op mode! Quite the deal, wouldn't you say?


But that's not all!

The HUNTER UNLOCK Event will start on the 21st of February and allow you to play against other players using a RANDOM DECK which might contain Hunter for you to try him out!

The rules of this Event will be similar to the rules of The Boss Event, with the opportunity to win Club Wars tickets for your Club as well!


And last but not least, you will get a second shot at unlocking Hunter and tons of rewards through the HUNTER CO-OP EVENT!

Starting on February 27th, it will allow you to enter Co-Op battles with a stranger by your side for a chance to win Hunter cards! It will function similarly to the Weekly Legendary Challenge, with lots of rewards to win!


Hunter himself will be available in Arena 9 and above Chests starting from March 10th, so try your best in those Events to unlock him before that!

On top of that, if you've missed out on the Krystal Event, she will be available in Challenger 1/League 1 and above Chests starting from February 25th!

But if you REALLY can't wait for those two Fraggers, you'll also be able to obtain them through unique Special Offers a couple of days before their Chests release in unique deals!


We've also fixed a lot of bugs and made some gameplay changes in this version, including:

  • Reduced minimum matchmaking time to 20 seconds (down from 30):

  • Fixed a rare case of having twice the same Legendary in the Weekly Legendary Challenge:

  • Playing Events will now give you Season XP;

  • Game should no longer freeze after facing an AI opponent;

  • Menus should no longer mess up after cancelling matchmaking or looking at a Chest information;

  • Skin perks bonuses should now give you the proper amount of Gold at the end of a match;


If you've read up to this point: Congratulations! You've earned the right to find out about our upcoming livestream on Friday 14th of February, where YOU will be able to play the CO-OP EVENT with none other than THE BUGS KILLER!

On February 14th, starting at 4PM CET and for approximately one hour, you'll be able to join the Bugs Killer to compete in the new Co-Op mode! This livestream will take place on our Youtube channel, right here!

You better prepare your best strategies!


And that's it for the 1.5.7 version! As always, make sure to share your feedback on Discord and see you next version!


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