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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.5.9 Patch Notes

We're very excited to announce that a super special update is here! First of all, Happy Birthday, FRAG and Happy Birthday, dear FRAG community!

Update 1.5.9 isn't just a new version, it's also a celebration of how much we've grown together during this first year - so let's get into it!


New Mode

FRAG just got even more fun, everyone, because the new 2v2 mode is here! You can now form decks and teams with a friend and play against 2 others.

Strategize, socialize, and make new friends!


Anniversary Event & Skins

To celebrate the FRAG Anniversary, we're also introducing a unique 2-round event, inside which you will find a wheel containing prizes like gold, skin coins, cards, and a new in-game currency called Joker Cards!

Joker Cards work for upgrading any card, even legendary ones! Depending on the quality of your card, the amount of Joker ones you’ll need will be different.

There are 16 items in the wheel, and you can unlock a prize by using tickets gained in 2v2 matches to spin the wheel! As you unlock them, their slots will turn grey. The event can be finished over and over again, but the price for spinning the wheel will get higher and higher.

1st Anniversary Round: 03/04/2020 - 07/04/2020 2nd Anniversary Round: 17/04/2020 - 21/04/2020

Besides this, we've also worked on 33 new Anniversary skins, that you can either gain as a prize in the wheel starting with 1.5.9, or buy in-game for 150 skin coins starting from May 1st!

Here's the full list of characters on which Anniversary skins are available:


  2. Valkia


  4. Mekkalodon

  5. Rippin' Finn

  6. Laika

  7. Miss Bunny

  8. General Mekk

  9. Lucha Muerta

  10. Dr. Crow

  11. PocaHunter

  12. The Boss

  13. Quarter-BK

  14. Mecha Knight

  15. Captain Polar

  16. Long Shot

  17. Amelie

  18. Dan

  19. Dr. Frost

  20. Jay B

  21. Jet

  22. Big Paku

  23. R0N1N

  24. DJ Equalizer

  25. Nautica

  26. Mr. Doe

  27. Bobbler

  28. Striker

  29. Virus

  30. Wolfson

  31. Krystal


New Fragger: R0N1N

And now, the cherry on top: a new, unique Epic character, R0N1N, that comes with his own event, just like Dr. Crow.

R0N1N is a great close-range Wildcard character that won’t think twice when striking his enemies with his samurai sword, so don't get too close to him when you see him in battle.

Like last time, this is a 2-round event lasting 3 days each.

1st R0N1N Round: 10/04/2020 - 12/04/2020

2nd R0N1N Round: 24/04/2020 - 26/04/2020

R0N1N will become available in chests starting from May 4th.




- Increased shield duration from 2s to 4.5s

- She can now slowly move in the air

- She can now control the direction of the jump


- Changed slow multiplier on ability from x0.5 to x0.75

FRAGMAN: - You can now ROTATE during the ability giving the player a better chance to aim the laser beams - Reduced gun recoil and increased gun damage by 12.5% - Decreased slow duration at the end of the ability from 2s to 1.5s - Changed self slow multiplier from x0.4 to x0.5 (slows less) - Increased shield duration from 1s to 1.5s

Rippin' Finn: - Reduced ability cooldown from 18s to 12s - Slowed down wave speed by 25% to make it easier to hit enemies and will have more chance to hit enemies multiple times - Added a small push back effect to his gun - Gun now does same damage at short and long range - Increased primary gun range by 5 (from 25 to 30)

Laika: - Decreased ability cooldown from 17s to 14s - Increased projectile speed from 30 to 35 - Increased projectile homing speed from 3 to 10 - Decreased reload time by 0.2s

Miss Bunny: - Doubled bullet collision detection radius from 0.1 to 0.2 (easier to hit enemies) - Increased bullet speed from 40 to 42 - Bullets are now slowly homing (will slowly follow enemy targets) - Decreased time before carrot bomb detonation from 1.6s to 0.8s - Increased carrot bomb explosion radius from 3.5 to 4

Inferno: - Bullet launch force increased from 120 to 150 - Bullet collision detection radius doubled from 0.1 to 0.2 (easier to hit targets) - Aim type changed from Lead to Magnetize (snaps on targets, similar to PocaHunter or Mekkalodon) - Acquisition distance increased from 55 to 75 - Acquisition cone radius changed form 3 to 2 - Decreased headshot damage multiplier from x2 to x1.5

Queen Boom:

- Extra HP boost is reduced on her by 25% - Speed boost is only applied to allies now


- Added 2 seconds on his ability's cooldown - Ability's speed boost is reduced by 10%


- Increased bullet launch force from 150 to 180 - Increased bullet's magazine from 5 to 6


- Boosted weapon range from 45m to 50m - Boosted speed while shooting from 1.5 to 4 - Increased ability's duration + bullets fired

Lucha Muerta:

- Fixed issue that allowed him to hit enemies behind him

Dr. Crow:

- Disabled his ability when in AI mode (when he's not controlled by a player)


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where enemy Finn has red/black water coming from his gun

  • Fixed issues with tickets showing "0/0" and people not getting their free tickets for events using tickets (ex: St. Patrick's event from 1.5.8)

  • Fixed corrupted icons sometimes showing in battle history

  • Fixed bug where the event rules for new card events show wrong diamond price for the retry

  • Fixed tutorial not restarting if exiting the game before finishing it

  • Fixed multiple bugs causing purchases (in gems/gold/real money) to not be delivered if the game was closed or crashed shortly after the purchase

  • Fixed season pass not delivered in some cases when game was closed shortly after obtaining it

  • Fixed a rare case where users would be stuck on an extremely slow chest opening sequence just after launching the game

  • Fixed issues causing the game to not propose you appropriate daily cards in shop (cards should now be more related to the deck you actually play)

  • Fixed issue with characters skins sometimes changing during Victory/Defeat cutscenes

  • Improved the default server system

Other Fixes/Improvements


  • Fixed a problem causing the swiping up from the bottom of the screen to pause the app


  • The Android back button is now working as expected in various places in-game (anywhere you see a red button to close a window, the back button can now also be used)


  • Increased quality for country flags textures

  • Increased quality for Holotag textures

  • A new "Anniversary" map theme will be triggered for 3 weeks from the start of 1.5.9


  • Reduced the delay when receiving a Duel or 2v2 invitation (via the Fanbase email)

  • Reduced the minimum network quality conditions to be able to play 2v2 (need a ping < 350ms)


That's it for this time, let us know what you think!


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