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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.6.0 Patch Notes

An exciting new FRAG update is now live!

New Event

1.6.0's Stay at home Challenge is more than an in-game event. It is also our way of trying to do our part during this current health crisis.

Therefore, all the revenue gathered from this event will be donated to the international Red Cross!

The event is quite simple: You donate once, you unlock 3 spins. You spin, you win one of the 24 new Solidarity skins. The more you spin, the more you gather more Community Score... and the more Community Score we get, the more Joker Cards everyone gets!

Not just those who participated in the event. Everyone!

If you donate, you will also get donor badges!

The event starts on Monday, April 20th at noon and lasts for 14 days.

These are the characters on which Solidarity skins are available:

  1. R0N1N

  2. Krystal

  3. The Boss

  4. Soldatron

  5. General Mekk

  6. Jet

  7. Queen Boom

  8. Hades

  9. Andrometa

  10. Jay B

  11. Volcano

  12. Lucha Muerta

  13. Baron VooDoom

  14. Wolfson

  15. Miss Bunny

  16. Virus

  17. Ollie

  18. Lolly Pop

  19. Striker

  20. APE-SUIT

  21. Vlad

  22. Big Paku

  23. Dan

  24. Dr. Crow

Stay safe & stay at home!


Other Additions

10 new NEO skins have been added!




  • Characters' description + stats are now more accurate

  • Fixed bugs with camera FOV changing when using R0n1n with first person camera view (same kind of issue was also fixed for Hunter)

  • Changed sounds for R0n1n to more appropriate ones

Game Modes

  • Fixed bugs during 2v2 matchmaking causing users to stay stuck in the Matchmaking screen or to have duplicated teams during battle

  • Fixed bug in 2v2 causing some cards to be missing from intro & outro sequences and/or to have the same player shown 2x times

  • Fixed issue causing points to be wrongly computed during a 2v2 battle (some Frags were not giving points in some cases)

Other Fixes

  • Fixed shop stuck in an infinite loop for some users in Asia

  • Fixed calendar events overlapping

  • Fixed issue causing player progress to not be synced to the cloud after a 2v2 battle


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