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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.6.1 Patch Notes

A new awesome version is out of the oven, and it will rock your socks (or onesies) off!

Are you ready to CONQUER THE DARKNESS?


New Character

Last week, we teased you with something... explosively dazzling! 🌞

Now it's time to find out all about our one and only...

Queen Unicorn

Queen Unicorn is the latest Defense Fragger to be added with version 1.6.1.

It might surprise you to discover that even though she's all about rainbows, she isn't in fact a Legendary card. Queen Unicorn is actually a common card, but that doesn't mean she's any less awesome or powerful! I guess we could say that... when your soul is legendary, you make your own rainbows! 🌈

✨Queen Unicorn's sparkling entrance✨ takes place through 2 random deck events:

May 22 - May 24 (included)

June 05 - June 07 (included)

She won't be released in chests before mid June, so be sure to not miss the random deck events if you want to try out this fluffy Fragger early!

In 1.6.1, we've also changed how the level of new cards is calculated when obtaining cards through random deck events at launch, so starting with 1.6.1, the characters obtained at launch are now boosted to match the player level until they are released in chests. This means that if you're a level 6 player and you obtain Queen Unicorn in the upcoming random deck event, you'll get a level 6 Queen Unicorn, but her boost will disappear once she's available in chests!


New Ongoing Events

1.6.1 also brings 2 new ongoing event series and a nicer & easier to navigate in-game calendar!

^ as seen today, May 12

^ as seen a week from now, May 18

2 new event series are starting with 1.6.1:

Champions Series (weekends)

2v2 Team Battle (weekdays)

1. Champions Series

The Champions Series is a special new concept we're trying, that revolves around allowing you to obtain amazing extra rewards for "getting out of your comfort zone" and playing more cards than usual!

As you play, your cards will get fatigued based on their quality, as seen in the 3rd screenshot below.

When they're fatigued, your cards can be healed with health tickets that you can get daily in the Credits tab! What you earn adds up throughout the stages, so don't worry about losing them from one stage to another.

Please note that the Champions Series decks are separate from your regular Frag decks (and like in the regular game, you can have a total of 3 Champions Series decks).

Starting with 1.6.1, the Champions Series will be live every weekend, except for the last week of the season, when it will last for longer (approx. 5 days). This schedule can be seen in the new and improved in-game calendar, too!

What's great about the Grand Finale (longer stage) is that you can actually gain a lot of season progress right before the end, so from now on, we'll get way more rewards towards the end if we participate in the Champions series for extra season XP.

As an extra, you'll also get incredible prizes for ranking up in the Champions Series leaderboard. Check it out!

In order to participate, you will need to be at least level 5 for the weekend event, and at least level 6 for the Grand Finale.

2. 2v2 Team Battle

Since we all enjoyed the anniversary event so much, we decided to implement a lesser version of it as an ongoing, weekly 2v2 wheel event!

2v2 Team Battle will take place every week, from Monday to Friday.

The rules stay the same. You'll need tickets won in 2v2 battles to spin the wheel for rewards. The more you spin, the more Joker cards you'll get, as an extra to the prizes you already get by spinning!

Don't forget that you get daily 2v2 tickets as a gift, too, so check the Credits tab daily for free spins!


Other Additions


  • Added 2v2 Battle history

  • Added a new background theme for League 1 arena: Lava Planet

  • Now for leagues > 1, the theme will rotate between all available themes (Rio, New York etc.) every 30 minutes


  • Added Fan Base Poll for all users

  • Added a new notification when receiving an invitation for a friendly duel or a 2v2 battle:




  • Decreased reload time from 1.6 to 1.3

  • Close range dmg +55% / long range dmg +50%

  • Ability's time on target is up from 4 to 5 sec

  • Ability's target is slowed during 3 sec


  • Decreased Ability's slow effect from 50% to 25%

  • Increased Ability's dmg reduction from 30% to 50%

  • +50% mid range dmg buff


  • Increased ability's stun duration from 0.2 to 0.8 sec

  • Increased speed while shooting from 2 to 4

  • Decreased headshot multiplier from 2x to 1.7x

  • +33% main gun dmg buff


  • Increased ability's duration from 4 to 5 sec

  • Increased speed while shooting and during ability to 5

  • Main gun now pierces one wall

  • +50% main gun dmg buff


Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Fixed bug where Voodoom resurrection ability doesn't work properly in Co-Op and 2v2

  • Fixed Arabic input support, Arabic characters should now display correctly

  • Fixed R0n1n's double hits exploit (dash + auto-attack)

  • Fixed DJ Equalizer's helmet being blurry when using anniversary skin

  • Fixed various issues on ragequits, they were causing some bugs like 2 defeats counted instead of 1 for some events if exiting during the battle

  • Fixed a bug where users playing an event with Frenzy Mode ON would be matched with users from another event were Frenzy mode is OFF

  • Improved visual quality of characters shown in menus when quality level <= Normal

  • Fixed visual issues when Rolaf is shown in menus

  • Improved menu performance for long time users (which had many 1v1 friends / participated in lots of events in the past)

  • Improved general menu performance

  • Added Meta Scorer on Player Profiles

  • Added Animation when confirming Fast Upgrade

  • Added Animation when confirming Transaction

  • Fixed Skins button now showing next or previous skins


That's it for this time. Let us know what you think!


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