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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.6.2 Patch Notes

A new update is now out, so let's see what it brings! 😊


Updates to 3 Events!

1.6.2 is all about events!

Three in-game events are getting some sweet updates and a ton of extra rewards, which means Frag is getting even more fun 🎉

Gold Rush

  • Now has its very own leaderboard, Prize Pool (*), and a wheel!

(*) The Prize Pool is something we're introducing to all three events, and it represents an entire extra round of rewards for participating in them!

There are 12 total ranks in it, ranging from Rank 1 to the Top 5% participants.

Legendary Card Challenges

  • Now have their very own leaderboard, Prize Pool, and ticket chest.

As mentioned below, the schedule for this event has also been updated, which means that the event now lasts from Thursday until Monday (at noon).

Mystery Box Challenge

  • Now has its very own leaderboard and Prize Pool.


New Events: Epic Card Challenges

Starting with 1.6.2, we're introducing a new ongoing event that will allow you to obtain a ton of Epic cards and a bunch of other prizes like chests, gold, and diamonds! 💎


The event is similar to the Legendary card challenge we've had going on in-game until now. Yes, that's right, this means that Epic & Rare challenges now last throughout the week!

  • Epic Challenge events last from Monday until Thursday (at noon).

  • As a result, Legendary Challenge events now last from Thursday until Monday (at noon).

Just like its Legendary counterpart, this event also has its own leaderboard and Prize Pool.


Menu Improvements

  • Added an option to "turn off 2v2 invites" in the Options menu

  • Added "world" and user country buttons for every leaderboard in-game


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the option to turn off duel invites which wasn't working properly

  • Fixed issues with 2v2 matchmaking

  • Fixed the old club name & icon sometimes still being shown on the Tower after leaving a club

  • Fixed a bug where "Battle" was shown on top of main menu (when pausing the game during the battle end cinematic and later resuming the game)

  • Fixed some issues with the battle button showing the "connecting" message and preventing you to play

  • Fixed the "Victory"/ Defeat" message missing from the battle end cinematic

  • Fixed a bug where people were unable to change their deck for the Tower Challenge

  • Fixed a bug where decks were not saved for Champions Series - Grand Finale

  • Fixed a bug where the hints shown on the matchmaking screen were cycling too fast

  • Fixed a bug where the season XP displayed on the Season button didn't get updated after finishing a battle

  • Fixed various bugs related to game Popups (event announcements, first week event, etc.)


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