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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.6.4 Patch Notes

Hello Fraggers! A new version is just getting out of the oven - and boy oh boy does it bring a whole lot of stuff that you've been asking for, so prepare for a ton of awesome surprises! 🔥

By the way, we didn't forget to talk about 1.6.3! The reason why it's missing is that we encountered an in-game issue earlier this week, so we had to release an update in order to fix it. It didn't bring any content other than that one fix, so this why there are no Patch Notes for it.

Alright, so let's jump right into... THE WATERFALLS! 🌳


New Map

Waterfalls is a new map coming with 1.6.4!

The map offers lush views of beautiful waterfalls, and plenty of strategic opportunities for an even more fun & complex gameplay!

Discover it within two 5 day long events:

Friday 19/06/2020 to Wednesday 24/06/2020

Friday 03/07/2020 to Wednesday 08/07/2020


New Legendary Card

After spending thousands of years frozen in the Alps, Hannibal is now free and ready to bash, stomp, and fight his way across the FRAG Arena!

Discover the new Legendary heavy card through 2 Random Deck Events:

Friday 26/06/2020 until Monday 29/06/2020 (3 days)

Friday 10/07/2020 until Monday 13/07/2020 (3 days)

Hannibal will be released in chests starting from 19/07/2020.




  • HP -10%

  • Sword dmg -6%

  • Speed and speed while shooting -0.9 km/h (-6%)

  • Ability cooldown decreased by 4 seconds on kill (instead of full cooldown refresh)


  • Simplified the use of the ability

  • Ability dmg +15%

  • Main gun dmg +30%

  • Main gun reworked (recoil, spread, fire rate)


  • Main gun close range dmg +40%

  • Main gun range increased from 35m to 40m

  • Ability dmg +40%


  • Main gun dmg +50%

  • Main gun range increased from 30m to 35m

  • Main gun reworked (recoil, spread, fire rate)

  • Ability duration increased from 4 to 6

  • Ability now offers dmg multiplicator too

  • Ability cooldown decreased from 15 sec to 14 sec

  • Ability minimum boost increased from 1.3 to 1.4 multiplicator

  • Ability kill count is not reset anymore when Hakuruy dies


  • Increased main gun's projectile launch force from 20 to 50

  • Reduced reload duration from 3 sec to 2 sec

  • BiBi can now shoot while using his ability

  • Increased ability duration from 6 to 7

  • Increased ability healing +140%


  • Reduced ability cast duration from 1.5 to 0.75 sec

  • Reduced ability self heal duration from 4 to 3.1 sec

  • Ability self heal now returns the full health cost

  • Increased ability dmg +22%

  • Main gun dmg +12%

  • Increased main gun's slow effect from 0.9 to 0.8


Game Additions

The Challenger System

  • Starting with 1.6.4, when you find yourself in a difficult battle (facing an opponent with a much higher trophy count than you), you will be marked as the Challenger. This means that if you win, you'll get double the trophies! Please note that this feature isn't available to the entire player base yet.

Added 3 new Arenas & Leagues

  • Kuzco 2.0: "tropical" background

  • Atlantis: "aqua planet" background

  • Arenal: "volcanic" background

When playing in Leagues starting with 1.6.4, the background will change every 30 minutes (cycling between all arenas backgrounds).

New mission system

We now have 4 Missions tabs in-game!

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Season

  • Career

Get lots of different types of rewards and discover all the features FRAG has to offer!


Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed a bug where comments in Fan Base didn't work properly

  • Fixed a bug where tapping too quickly on the screen was causing the battle to start while the menu was still displayed over it

  • Fixed a bug where tapping the scren too quickly on a phone with low FPS was causing inputs to be locked until restarting the game

  • Fixed a rare bug where the ground was white when starting a battle

  • Fixed a bug where the Mystery Box wheel display was incorrectly showing a shield icon on the top right of the wheel

  • Fixed a performance issue with the background (Paris/New York, etc.) changing multiple times during a single game session

  • Fixed some issues with Baron Voodoom's ability not deploying properly

  • Fixed a bug where Miss Bunny was taking some damage while jumping up

  • Fixed a bug where Sogeki-chan ability's damage was not scaled to the card level

  • Fixed an issue where you would not get season XP for your first battle after launching the game (note that you still need to play while connected to Internet in order to gain season XP)

  • Fixed an issue that allowed some players to get more Mystery Box tickets and be able to launch more Golden airdrops than usual

  • Fixed an exploit allowing to shoot the last target before both bunker targets were destroyed

  • Mystery Box tickets can no longer be acquired using gems

  • Added a message informing players about how many season pass rewards they can collect from club chat until the end of the season

  • Reactivated the button allowing you to choose if you want to auto follow your opponent or not in the battle result screen


That's it for this time. Please feel free to share your feedback, we always want to know what you think! 😊


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