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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.6.7 Patch Notes

A fresh Frag update is now out, and it brings a brand-new interesting character and lots of improvements!

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New Common Character → Cipher

In case you missed it, here’s our latest teaser:

Cipher is a new Digital Attack card that's particularly strong against Mechanized targets.

He has fast movement speed, a quick burst fire rate, but a low magazine (8-8-8-reload).

His ability consists of activating a digital wave which slows down enemies, makes them take increased damage, and keeps them from using their abilities for a few seconds!

STATS (level 6)

Hitpoints 231

Damage/Second 48-71

Speed 11.6 km/h

Speed while shooting 7.8 km/h

Respawn Delay 22 sec


Ammo 36

Reload Time 1.4 sec

Fire Rate 628.6

Base Damage 9.0

Weapon Range 35 m


Cooldown 12 sec

Duration 10 sec

Radius 30 m

Slow Effect x0.5

Damage Bonus x1.5

As always, you'll be able to try out the new character during 2 Random Draft events, each lasting 3 days.

"Play with Cipher" dates:

Friday, Sept 11 Sunday, Sept 13

Friday, Sept 25 Sunday, Sept 27

Cipher will be released in chests on October 4th 2020.


Nerfs & Buffs


  • Main Gun max ammo from 8 to 6

  • HP +30%

  • Ability duration from 7 to 6

  • Ability heal is fixed value instead of percentage

  • Ability speed effect only apply to allies

  • Speed while shooting from 4.8km/h to 7.8km/h

  • Ability Cooldown from 20 to 16


  • HP +10%

  • Speed while shooting from 7.8km/h to 11.6km/h

  • Speed from 12.6km/h to 13.6km/h

  • Main Gun damage +30%

  • Ability stun ball is easier to aim with

  • Ability damage +15%


  • Main Gun max ammo from 6 to 4

  • Main Gun dmg +50%

  • Dmg reduction -30% during ability

  • HP +20%


  • HP +15%

  • Cooldown decreased on frag: -2s

  • Decrease reload time from 1.6s to 1.1s

  • Increase firerate

  • Speed while shooting from 3.9km/h to 8.7km/h

  • Main Gun dmg -15%


Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed T4NKBOT’s hitbox

  • Fixed a bug that showed duplicated characters during the endgame cinematic

  • Fixed a bug in the main menu that caused the missions button to change position

  • Fixed a bug that caused the damage multiplier to not work properly

  • Fixed the default matchmaking time set to 30s for some users (should be 20s)

  • Fixed some issues with trophy gains in 2v2

  • Fixed some issues which could cause new users to be stuck during the tutorial

  • Fixed an issue where the game wouldn’t be able to reconnect to the server until rebooted

  • Fixed the cancel button sometimes not working and the user getting stuck in the matchmaking screen forever

  • Fixed a rare bug where the arena ground is white when starting the game and stays white until changing the arena or rebooting the game

  • Fixed the Donation medals (bronze, silver etc.) not showing up in the game anymore

  • Improvements related to disconnecting (Wi-Fi users will now experience fewer disconnects)

  • Added a timeout to avoid players changing their names too often

  • Game default quality now set to high or very high on various recent devices (ex: OnePlus 7, Galaxy S20, etc.)


That's it for this time, don't forget to share your thoughts in the game, on Discord, or on our channels!



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