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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.7.3 Patch Notes

Hello, Fraggers! A new update is now live on Android & iOS, so let’s see what’s new! 🙂

Since we aren’t implementing any new features, we won’t have a FRAG News for this update, but that doesn’t mean big changes aren’t coming...

This time, we’ve focused on bug fixes, anti-cheat, and balancing, because we can only keep FRAG's foundation strong if we take time to invest in it!


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Payload Season XP given at end of battle being too low (will now be 2500 XP on victory and 1500 XP on defeat)

  • Fixed some info missing from Payload debriefing screen (season XP gain, MVP, etc.)

  • Fixed R0N1N's Frag Power having no effect + wrong information about FP effect in the character menu

  • Fixed issues with Frag Power offers always resetting to 24h or 8h every time you launch the game

  • Fixed some of the issues which could cause the user to stay stuck in the Matchmaking screen, with the cancel button not working

  • Fixed some issues which could cause users to stay stuck on the map view at the start of a battle

  • Fixed a rare issue which could causes some Cosmos & Halloween exclusive skins to appear in the "wheel of fortune" events

  • Fixed an issue which could cause a chest to give you a Frag Power you already own



  • Improved the anti-cheat protection (Street Frag, 2v2, Payload)

  • Advanced players now need to be online in order to open chests with timers (in order to verify they are not cheating their phone's time)



  • Buffs: Amelie & Scrapper

  • Nerfs: Cipher & Hannibal


  • Increased HP by +10%

  • Increased speed to 11.6 km/h from 10.7 km/h

  • Increased speed when aiming to 5.8 km/h from 2.9 km/h

  • Increased gun fire rate

  • Decreased gun bullets spread

  • Decreased ability cooldown to 8s (instead of 10s)

Goal: give Amelie more survivability and damage


  • Increased HP by +25%

  • Increased ability range to 30m from 15m

  • Decreased cooldown to 14s from 20s

  • Ability works even if you don't directly see the target

  • Increased gun acquisition distance to 60m from 35m

  • Increased gun projectile speed by +45%

  • Added slight homing to projectile

  • Increased bullet damage by +25%

  • Changed burst type to make it easier to hit opponents

Goal: make Scrapper more reliable as a defensive card and make her ability more useful


  • Decreased HP to 132 from 154 (level 1 values)

  • Decreased ability duration to 8s from 10s

  • Increased ability cooldown to 14s from 12s

  • Decreased ability slow effect to 0.75x from 0.5x

  • Decreased ability damage multiplier to 1.3x from 1.5x

  • Decreased ability radius to 26m from 30m

  • Decreased distance to break ability to 28m from 35m

Goal: make Cipher less overwhelming and easier to counter


  • Decreased weapon DPS to 54-61 from 71-80 (level 9 values)

  • Decreased ability stun to 1s from 1.5s

  • Decreased ability range to 7m from 10m

  • Fixed ability damage to make it more consistent

Goal: make Hannibal more focused on the tank role



Black Friday Special Offers → Nov 27 & lasting for 4 days!


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on Discord & on social media!



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