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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.7.6 Patch Notes

Hello Fraggers & Happy New Year! ✨ We just released a quick update bringing lots of fixes & improvements! 🛠️ Check it out!


  • Started improving the Anti-cheat system, especially detecting "high damage cheats". Anti-cheat work will continue over the next weeks/months.

  • Implemented fixes for the "account cloning" exploits

Frag Powers

  • Increased the chances to get Frag Powers from "small chests" (like gold and silver chests)

  • Fixed an issue causing a few people to get more Frag Powers than they should from mission chests

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements

  • Fixed pop-ups sometimes shown while collecting Season Pass rewards (ex: new event pop-up)

  • More fixes for the bug where the user is stuck in the matchmaking screen: now the cancel button should work and the game will go back to main menu if a battle still does not start after a ~15 seconds timeout

  • Fixed minor UI issues in the Frag Tower Challenge event (when the event was finished)

  • Switched to a new Ads Framework, which should reduce the occurrences of the "video buffering" bug which some people often have when trying to view Ads

  • Fixed an issue where an Ad was shown for a chest bought with Diamonds

  • Fixed an issue where an Ad was shown if you sped up a chest with Diamonds

  • Fixed an issue causing 2 Ads to be shown instead of 1 when opening some chests/collecting some rewards

  • Updated the Facebook SDK to the latest version

That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on Discord & on social media!

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