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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.8.0 Patch Notes

Hello, Fraggers!

We're excited to announce that we've just updated the FRAG Game Engine from Unity 2017 to Unity 2019.

This means that starting with 1.8.0, you can expect some performance and stability improvements on multiple devices!

The update also fixes 2 issues:

  1. Mission button showing notifications even when you have no mission rewards to collect;

  2. Game not being able to reconnect after the matchmaking cancel button was pressed.

Please note that Update 1.8.0 is considered "optional", so you will need to go to the store and manually install it if you wish to transition to the new engine. Also note that matchmaking between versions 1.7.9 and 1.8.0 is compatible.

Don't forget to share your feedback!

April 12:

We just released a new Android Beta version available on the PlayStore on April 12 at 8pm CET.

The new version includes 2 fixes for bugs reported by our awesome community on Discord!

  • Fixed ArkOn sometimes not respawning after dying at the beginning of a battle

  • Fixed Krystal sometimes not respawning after dying at the beginning of a battle

April 14:

Update 1.8.0 is currently live on both Android & iOS.


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