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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.8.1 Patch Notes


Are you ready for the biggest update so far? ❤️

Let's celebrate 2 years of FRAG with a brand-new character and some really cool new features! ✨ #FragFest #FragTurns2 #FragAnniversary

Update 1.8.1 is available on both Android & iOS as of April 21.


New Character → Darius

Darius is a super fun Common Center card that throws soccer balls at his opponents and tackles like an MVP!


A natural-born striker, Darius won the Kick Stars tournament 3 times in a row, but unfortunately, his career was brought to a halt after the tragic disappearance of his husband. As he was watching the FRAG Pro Shooter Tournament one evening, Darius was shocked to spot a very familiar figure on TV... Determined to find his beloved, Darius enters the Arena with the confidence that once made him the best player in the galaxy.

STATS (level 9)

Type → Infantry

Strong against → Building

Hitpoints → 425

Damage/Second → 82-115

Speed → 11.6 km/h

Speed while shooting → 7.8 km/h

Respawn Delay → 22 s

Soccer Launcher

Throw soccer balls at your opponents to convince them that nothing is better than soccer!

Ammo → 10

Reload Time → 1.6 s

Fire Rate → 110

Weapon Range → 45 m

Radius → 2.5 m

Base Damage → 75.0

MVP Flash Tackle

Perform your best striker move, pushing, dealing damage, and applying a respawn time debuff to any opponents in its range.

Ability Cooldown → 9 s

Duration → 1.1 s

Range → 12

Base Damage → 160.8

Respawn Time Debuff → 5 s

FRAG Power 1 → All damage dealt increased by 20%.

FRAG Power 2 → Respawn time debuff increased by 3 s.

As always, you'll be able to test & obtain the new card during 2 Random Draft events lasting for 3 days.

"Play with Darius" dates:

Friday, Apr 23 → Sunday, Apr 25 (included)

Friday, May 07 → Sunday, May 09 (included)

Don't forget that Darius is also available at Stage 35 with the Regular Season Pass!

Volume 2 Season 7 starts on April 22 2021 (at noon UTC).

Darius will be released in chests on May 19 2021.


New Feature → Implants

Implants are special perks that can be added to any card, and they come with their own currency & rarity system!

This means that gameplay is now more customizable than ever, making YOUR CHOICES more important then ever!

Implants can be found in a new tab under under each character's menu starting with 1.8.1:

They can be Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary:

Common Implants → Level 1 cards Rare Implants → Level 2 cards Epic Implants → Level 4 cards

Legendary Implants → Level 6 cards

Within the Implants menu, you can upgrade any Implant you'd like, as long as you have enough Gears/Implant currency, but remember that the amount of Gears required to upgrade varies from rarity to rarity!

Implants can be obtained by successfully completing FRAG Force Operations. Three new Implants Chests are also available in the shop and purchasable with diamonds, so don't forget to check it out!


New Feature → FRAG Force Ops

It’s time for us to join the FRAG Force and fight under General Mekk in order to preserve peace in the galaxy!

Starting with Update 1.8.1, you can send your cards to complete dangerous operations and collect Implants if the operation was successful!

The Operation's success rate depends on the level of your characters, but REMEMBER: once you send a card, you will NOT be able to use it in your battle deck until it's back!



Special Events & Offers 🎂

THANK YOU for the last 2 years! Let's celebrate in style!

Update 1.8.1 also brings a ton of events, so besides "Play with Darius", we also have Comeback events every starting every Monday (see buffs below), as well as a special Anniversary event running in 2 rounds!

Cleo Comeback Event:

April 26

FRAGMAN Comeback Event:

May 3

Fidelio Comeback Event:

May 10

Krystal Comeback Event:

May 17

2 Year Anniversary Event:

April 23 - April 28

May 7 - May 12

We also have an Anniversary offer available during both event instances, as well as a new Seasonal offer on May the 4th (be with you), so don't forget to check those out as well!

During the Anniversary event, you can get lots of prizes, but what's most important here is the number of Stars/Community Score we get - and not only because that's how you get your Legendary Implant chest, but also because this year, we're celebrating the FRAG Anniversary with a special Community Challenge!

Cake the Devs Challenge:

April 23 - April 28

April 29 - May 4

May 5 - May 10

Cake the Devs sounds fun, doesn't it? Well, it's exactly what it sounds like, because if we complete our 3 objectives by May 10, we'll see the FRAG team get CAKED ON CAMERA! 🎂

Besides that, we'll also get generous gifts for participating: Implants, Frag Powers, Gold, and Diamonds!

Go to this article to find out everything about Cake the Devs & follow the progress tracker!

Shop improvements:

  • The One Time Offer will no longer propose characters that are still locked in chests;

  • The Pro Deal offer was removed from the game, in favor of the One Time Offer;

  • The Monthly offer is now shown on top of the offers.



BUFF → Fidelio

  • Gun Damage +20%

  • Fire Rate +40%

  • HP +12%

  • Tower mounted fire rate +70% & fixed piercing and tower issues

  • Added comeback event starting on May 10.

BUFF → Krystal

  • Gun slow effect 10%

  • Gun damage +15%

  • Ability: 0.5sec stun & added a small push effect on impact

  • Added comeback event starting on May 17.

April 22 update: Please note that we've just fixed a typo under Krystal's balancing info: "Ability + 0.5sec stun & added a small push effect". The correct version is "Ability: 0.5sec stun & added a small push effect".

NERF → Volcano

  • Gun Damage -5%

  • Burn -20%

NERF → Takeshi

  • Ability bonus HP reduced from 200 to 125


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the "event data corrupted" message issue.

  • Fixed some bugs causing notifications to appear on the mission button when there are no rewards to collect.

  • Fixed video thumbnails not showing up in the FanBase on some Android devices.

  • Fixed some bugs with the Player Reporting window being shown behind the current window instead of in front of it.

  • Fixed a bug making the game unable to reconnect to the server after canceling matchmaking.

  • Fixed various issues with buttons missing a visual feedback when selected (UI).

  • Fixed a rare bug on some characters showing undesired FXs at the beginning of a battle.

  • Fixed a bug allowing Queen Boom to apply a speed boost to herself.

Important note for iOS users: If you had issues restoring your cloud save via GameCenter after installing 1.8.0, note that this issue is solved with 1.8.1, so you should be able to get your cloud save back after installing 1.8.1.

If you encounter any problem, please contact Customer Support in-game (Options → Support → Support).


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on Discord & social media!



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