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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.8.4 Patch Notes

How's the Arena treating you FRAGgers?! 🎯

Need some power added to your deck? Better yet, how about a new hero that can deal some laser melee damage? We got you in this update - 1.8.4! (Notice: Fraggers, following the release of update 1.8.4, we found an issue with Fire Implants causing an extra increase in damage than what they should be doing. This was not our intention! We plan to fix this issue by releasing a new update next week. In the meantime, we're deploying a HOTFIX which temporarily sets the damage bonus for these implants to 0% in order to keep the battles fair. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause during your gameplay!)

Who's that lurking in the shadows?

New Hero → RedShadow

Introducing a teleporting, laser beaming knight! 🛡️


Son of General Mekk, RedShadow, fights in the shadows to defend his dad's interests. He joined the FRAG Tournament to make sure that no one disturbs the peace his father established.

STATS (level 9)

Hitpoints → 514

Damage/Second → 95 - 106

Speed → 10.7 km/h

Speed while shooting → 11.6 km/h

Respawn Delay → 22 s


RedShadow uses his Laser Sword to deal melee damage to his enemy.


Fire Rate → 50

Weapon Range → 6 m

Base Damage → 117.9


RedShadow throws his Laser Sword like a boomerang to an enemy nearby. If it hits, he teleports behind his target and deals heavy damage.

Ability Cooldown → 7 s

Cooldown Decreases on EACH FRAG → 3 s

Stun Duration → 2 s

Health Bonus → 214

Base Damage → 122.2

FRAG Power 1 → HP increased by 20%

FRAG Power 2 → Movement Speed is increased by 20%

You'll be able to play & obtain the new card during 2 Random Draft Events each lasting for 3 days!

"Play with RedShadow" Event Dates:

Friday, May 21 → Sunday, May 23 (included)

Friday, June 4 → Sunday, June 6 (included)

As a reminder, RedShadow is also available

at Stage 35 in the Regular Season Pass!

Volume 2: Season 8 STARTS on May 20th 2021 (at noon UTC)

RedShadow will release in chests on June 16, 2021.


Look ahead on the Trophy Road....

You can now unlock implant chests on the trophy road!

  • 2500 Trophies unlocks the Rare Implant Chest

  • 4600 Trophies unlocks the Epic Implant Chest


Events, Events & more Events!

  • Cosmos Event starts on June 3rd and lasts for 14 days, so be sure to not miss it!

  • Comeback Events - four events running for 5 days each!

    • Miss Bunny starts May 3rd

    • Avalanche starts May 10th

    • Cactarina starts May 17th

    • ApeSuit starts May 24th


Feature Improvements


  • UI you can now see implants equipped directly on the character’s card (in deck only).

  • UI empty implant slots are now visible on a character's card (in deck only).

  • UI implants will now show when selecting a unit in deck builder.

  • Chests you won't be able to get implants if you're maxed out in chests.

  • Implants implants are now disabled in Duel Battles.

FRAG Force

  • ✔️ Added push notification reminder for when you forget to collect or start an operation.

  • ✔️Added a popup in the main menu for Frag Force OPS that will appear every 3 days.

  • ✔️Added in-game notifications to Frag Force OPS to indicate when an operation is ready to be collected or started.



Avalanche (BUFF)

  • Ability When inside the Ice Prison you'll take damage over time, and imprisoned characters can't use their abilities.

  • Ability When the Ice Prison expires, it will also damage enemies as if the Ice Prison was destroyed by enemy attacks.

Cactarina (BUFF)


  • Enemies trapped now gain a damage over time effect that will last until their death or until they pick up a health pack (similar to Hades 5.1 ability).

  • Launch curve is now smoother!

  • Damage Overtime x2.5

  • Radius +50%

  • Stun on Collision 1 sec

Stella (NERF)

  • Ability Damage -10%

  • HP -7%

Takeshi (NERF)

  • Ability Duration -2s

Zap Girl (NERF)

  • Turret HP -26%

  • Gun Damages -10%


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed user interface issues on some iPads (ex: character cut in half in character menu)

  • Fixed issues with VIP subscriptions and also re-enabled the subscriptions on Android (purchasing a new subscription was disabled in 1.8.1)

  • Removed visual gap on the right and left of the screen on the Victory Screen for some aspect ratios

  • Fixed the Nautica Ability animation not playing correctly

  • Fixed a visual glitch on Nautica Ability icon

  • Fixed duality gun switching ability broken after respawn

  • Fixed some low-end devices memory crashes (Android devices with Adreno GPU)

  • Fixed a rare case where some of the user profile was lost after restoring profile from Cloud

  • Fixed wrong text being displayed on spin button after resetting the fortune wheel


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!



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