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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.8.9 Patch Notes

A best friend is all anyone could ask for. ๐ŸŽฏ

The BIGGEST Update in FRAG History is here! Update 1.8.9 brings you two new characters and a new map all at the same time! The community has been asking for a new map, and your wish is our command!

Best Friends Forever!

New Hero โ†’ Ao

Introducing a friendly & happy Fragger!


Ao is a merry man, a 'bon vivant' that's always ready to help Izuna in all her crazy adventures. Very protective in nature, he can be very noisy in deciding what to eat! It goes without saying that Ao is joining the FRAG tournament in order to help Izuna achieve her greatest ambitions.

STATS (level 9)

Hitpoints โ†’ 494

Damage/Second โ†’ 135 - 146

Speed โ†’ 11.6 km/h

Speed while shooting โ†’ 2.9 km/h

Respawn Delay โ†’ 22 s


A massive assault cannon that fires powerful burning projectiles.

Ammo โ†’ 7

Reload Time โ†’ 2.1 s

Fire Rate โ†’ 90

Weapon Range โ†’ 60 m

Radius โ†’ 3 m

Base Damage โ†’ 128.6

Push โ†’ 5


Ao slams the ground and sends forward a stone wave, dealing damage and rooting any enemies caught in its path. It explodes after a few seconds dealing massive AoE damage and rooting all enemies in its radius.

Ability Cooldown โ†’ 10 s

Radius โ†’ 3 m

Damage Per Second (DPS) โ†’ 589

Push โ†’ 11

Slow Effect โ†’ x0

FRAG Power 1 โ†’ HP increased by 20%

FRAG Power 2 โ†’ Burn enemies for 4 seconds dealing 120% of main gun's damage


New Hero โ†’ Izuna

Introducing an unstoppable Fragger!


Izuna lost her legs in a tragic accident. But Ao's unconditional love has allowed her to never give up on her dreams. Now, she's determined to defeat the Frag Tournament and she couldn't ask for anything more than to be accompanied by her lifelong friend, Ao.

STATS (level 9)

Hitpoints โ†’ 307

Damage/Second โ†’ 148 - 165

Speed โ†’ 15.5 km/h

Speed while shooting โ†’ 11.6 km/h

Respawn Delay โ†’ 22 s


Izuna's handheld crossbow attached to her gauntlet.

Ammo โ†’ 12

Reload Time โ†’ 1.2 s

Fire Rate โ†’ 100

Weapon Range โ†’ 100 m

Radius โ†’ 1 m

Base Damage โ†’ 107.2


Izuna launches a spirit bird forward, which goes through walls and deals heavy damage to all enemies it passes through.

Ability Cooldown โ†’ 6 s

Duration โ†’ 1.5 s

Ability Projectile Speed โ†’ 20 km/h

Ability Projectile Radius โ†’ 3 m

Base Damage โ†’ 267.9

FRAG Power 1 โ†’ The ability Projectile Speed increased by 25%

FRAG Power 2 โ†’ Movement Speed is increased by 20%


You'll be able to play & obtain the new card during 2 Random Draft Events each lasting for 3 days!

"Play with Izuna" Event Dates:

Friday, Aug 13 โ†’ Sunday, Aug 15

Friday, Aug 27 โ†’ Sunday, Aug 29

"Play with Ao" Event Dates:

Friday, Aug 20 โ†’ Sunday, Aug 22

Friday, Sept 3 โ†’ Sunday, Sept 5


You'll be able to play for your chance to win the Frag Power during 2 Events each lasting for 4 days!

"Izuna Frag Power" Event Dates:

Monday, Aug 16 โ†’ Thursday, Aug 19

Monday, Aug 30 โ†’ Thursday, Sept 2

"Ao Frag Power" Event Dates:

Monday, Aug 23 โ†’ Thursday, Aug 26

Monday, Sept 6 โ†’ Thursday, Aug 9

As a reminder, Ao and Izuna are also available

at Stage 35 in the Regular Season Pass!

Volume 2: Season 11 STARTS on August 12th 2021 (at noon UTC)

Ao and Izuna will release in chests on Sept 8th, 2021.


New Map โ†’ Haigaden

The new map Haigaden is influenced by japanese culture. The Haigaden arena is only available during FRAG Power Events and the Play with Ao and Izuna Events until the next Season starts. Watch our Frag Memo releasing on YouTube this Friday, August 13th to learn more!


New Features


  • A synergy icon with appear in your deck preview if you have characters with synergies.

  • Synergies are gameplay interactions that only work when you have a character with synergy in your deck. Synergies will appear when you FRAG an enemy. This will drop an orb that you'll need to grab that will temporarily buff the character affected by the synergy.



  • โœ”๏ธ Added a cooldown to the friend free donation.

  • โœ”๏ธ Improved performance in User Interface (scrolling through arena menu is much smoother now, same when opening chests).

  • โœ”๏ธ Reduced memory usage on IOS/Android in order to improve game stability.

  • โœ”๏ธ For Season 11, the Season Pass is modified to give you the choice between Izuna and AO for the cards (tier 35), the skin (tier 36) and the frag power (tier 72).

  • โœ”๏ธ Added visual feedback when collecting Gold, Skin Coins, and Skins from the Season Pass.

  • โœ”๏ธ Event Rewards are now sorted by SCORE and TIME.



Andrometa (NERF)

  • Reduced splash damage radius from 3m to 2m.

Zap Girl (NERF)

  • Reduced turret throwing range

  • Reduced turret HP by 9%

  • Reduced turret damage by 9%


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed spin bugs when the FRAG application is killed during the spin.

  • Fixed bugs related to (free & paid) tickets and transfer of unused paid tickets between event iterations.

  • Fixed the scroll area centering improperly on tablet devices.

  • Fixed the camera when a player takes control of Krystal when she uses her ability.

  • Fixed the percentage on the Wall of Fortune from disappearing when a player spins and hold the question mark button at the same time.

  • Fixed a map loading bug that caused various game freezes or bugs on battle start (ex: base health at "0" or "8888" at battle start).

  • Fixed an issue which could cause users who have "blocked" lots of players (more than 2,000) to have their cloud save not updating anymore. It updates now!

  • Fixed the inventory and player profile menu to be more accurate.

  • Fixed coins to show their correct value when opening chest when a player has more than 100,000 coins.

  • Fixed the card's number, they are now the same when a player has the choice between 2 cards in big chests.

  • Fixed health packs to directly absorb if the player is on it when it respawns.

  • Fixed the Fanbase menu showing it's empty when you try to access it for the first time.

  • Fixed various misplaced text and grammatical errors.

  • Fixed "Add Cards" text translated to Korean and Chinese languages that were improperly positioned in it's intended box.


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!

โ†’ Download FRAG Pro Shooter โ†



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