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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.9.2 Patch Notes

Creatures are hidden down in The Forbidden Depths that you'll never want to encounter.

This might be the spookiest update yet! We are releasing the Krooraken in the arena for update 1.9.2. Are you ready for the hunt? 🐙

New Heroes → Jäger & Kaz'oolu

Introducing a Big Game monster hunter.


Jäger is a monster hunter on the trail of a dark and obscure creature named Kaz’oolu who is trying to awake an even more obscure creature called the Kooraken.

STATS (level 9)

Hitpoints → 451

Damage/Second → 114 - 152

Speed → 11.6 km/h

Speed while shooting → 8.7 km/h

Respawn Delay → 22 s


Fire a beam of energy that deals damage to a primary target and chain damage to other targets in proximity. The beam will also steal life energy from enemies, healing Jäger.

Ammo → 50

Reload Time → 1.1 s

Fire Rate → 650

Weapon Range → 25 m Heal on hit → 9


Release the retained enemy energy in the form of specters. They will automatically chase enemies, exploding after a while, causing damage and healing Jäger.

Damage → 140 Range→ 25 m

Ability Cooldown → 13 s

Duration → 1.5 s

Heal on hit → 96

FRAG Power 1 → All damages taken are reduced by 10 %.

FRAG Power 2 → Ability cooldown is decreased by 3 s.


Introducing a (very) dedicated Kooraken Worshiper.


Kaz’oolu is the pope of Kooraken’s cult. His only purpose is to summon his master and unleash destruction on our universe. What an evil plan!

STATS (level 9)

Hitpoints → 644

Damage/Second → 78 - 117

Speed → 11.6 km/h

Speed while shooting → 8.7 km/h

Respawn Delay → 22 s


Sends electric balls from his staff which explodes on impact!

Ammo → 8

Reload Time → 1.4 s

Fire Rate → 126.3

Weapon Range → 100 m


Octotems are summoned in a field all around Kaz'oolu. Each octotem creates a small area which poisons and slows the enemies passing through it.

Ability Cooldown → 6 s

Max Number → 7 Range → 4 Hitpoints → 129

Duration → 40 s Radius → 1.5 m

Damage over time → 535

Slow Effect → x0.65 s

FRAG Power 1 → Ability range is increased by 35 %.

FRAG Power 2 → HP increased by 20 %.


You'll be able to play & obtain the new card during 2 Random Draft Events each lasting for 3 days!

"Play with Jäger" Event Dates:

Friday, Oct 8 → Sunday, Oct 10

Friday, Oct 22 → Sunday, Oct 24

"Play with Kaz'oolu" Event Dates:

Friday, Oct 15 → Sunday, Oct 17

Friday, Oct 29 → Sunday, Oct 31

You'll be able to play for your chance to win the FRAG Power during 2 Events each lasting for 4 days!

"Jäger FRAG Power" Event Dates:

Monday, Oct 11 → Thursday, Sept 14

Monday, Oct 25 → Thursday, Oct 28

"Kaz'oolu FRAG Power" Event Dates:

Monday, Oct 11 → Thursday, Sept 14

Monday, Oct 25 → Thursay, Oct 28

As a reminder, Jäger & Kaz'oolu are also available

at Stage 35 in the Regular Season Pass!

Volume 2: Season 12 STARTS on Oct 7th 2021 (at noon UTC)

Jäger and Kaz'oolu will release in chests on Nov 3, 2021.


New Map → Atlantis

The new map Atlantis map is inspired by the mythical Atlantes civilization. Kaz'oolu managed to summon the mighty Karooken, and he is now fiercely defending his territory. If you get too close to him, you might get slapped by one of his gigantic tentacle! The Atlantis arena is only available during FRAG Power Challenges and the Play with Jäger and Kaz'oolu Events until the next Season starts.


New Synergy → Frightful Night

When Jäger and Kaz'oolu are both in your deck, they release the power of the night! Enemies they kill drop an orb, which can be picked up by any member of their team, granting them a temporary health boost.



Valkia (BUFF)

  • General It should now be easier to score hits with her weapon and ability.

  • General Movement speed increased when floating in the air during her ability.

  • General Weapon ammo clip raised from 12 to 24.

  • Ability Gets a shield while jumping in the air.

  • Ability Can now damage targets with her ability.

  • Ability Can now pierce through walls.

Queen Boom (BUFF)

  • Ability 30% speed boost on self during ability.

Hunter (BUFF)

  • General Main Gun damage increased +14%.

  • Ability Cooldown decreased from 16s to 14s.

  • Ability Damage increased by 20%.

  • Ability Hunter is not slowed anymore while using his ability.

Izuna (NERF)

  • General Speed decreased from 15.5km/h to 11.6km/h.

  • General Speed while shooting decreased from 11.6km/h to 7.8km/h.

  • General Main gun max ammo decreased from 12 to 8.

  • General Main gun damage decreased -30%.

  • Ability Cooldown increased from 6s to 10s.

RedShadow (NERF)

  • General Main Gun damage -20%.

  • Ability Projectile damage -20%.

  • Ability Cooldown increased from 7s to 10s.

  • Ability Extra HP boost decreased by 20%.

Lilli (NERF)

  • Ability Explosion no longer affect targets.

Wave (NERF)

  • General Synergy speed boost decreased from +100% to +30%.

  • Ability Damage -20%.

  • Ability Cooldown from 12 to 15sec.




  • FRAG Force Ops will be temporarily disabled until future rework.

  • A compensation will be sent for 1.9.1 players who used Force OPS in the past.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Reduced occurrences of the 'map failed to load' issue, especially for new character events.

  • Fixed Issue preventing players to access the arena menu when playing offline.

  • Fixed Issue which could cause the game to show too many offer popups at game launch.

  • Fixed Rippin Finn's main weapon unintended push effect.

  • Fixed wWong prices were shown on "Gold" and "Neon" skins, now all Neon skins cost 300 skin coins and all Gold skins cost 600 skin coins.

  • Changed Reworked mission rewards.

  • Changed All tickets not bought with real money will be lost when event ends, including tickets obtained by watching ads and offers reveal.


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!



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