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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.9.5 Patch Notes

๐Ÿง Will Noot fulfill his dream of adventure? Will he be able to overcome every obstacle standing between him and the FRAG tournament? Let's find out! โ„๏ธ

New Hero โ†’ Noot

Introducing the CUTEST Snowflake!


Noot is an adorable little penguin that found an old abandoned exploration exo-robot to restore and conquer the FRAG Tournament. Always ready to start an epic snowball fight because he loves a good laugh! This little fellow isn't as harmless as he seems.

STATS (level 9)

Hitpoints โ†’ 622

Damage/Second โ†’ 100 - 176

Speed โ†’ 11.6 km/h

Speed while shooting โ†’ 7.8 km/h

Snowball Canon

Shoots snowballs. The more you fire, the quicker it shoots!

Base Damage โ†’ 64.3

Ammo โ†’ 20

Reload Time โ†’ 1.6 s

Fire Rate โ†’ 125-200

Weapon Range โ†’ 45 m Explosion Radius โ†’ 1.5 m

Headshot Damage Multiplier: x1.2

South Pole Blizzard

Noot triggers a blizzard zone around him. Enemies in the zone are slowed and will be transformed in ice-cube if they stay for too long.

Damage โ†’ none Duration โ†’ 16 Ability Cooldown โ†’ 8 s

Radius โ†’ 11 m

Stun Duration โ†’ 5 s Slow Effect โ†’ x0.1 Slide Effect

FRAG Power 1 โ†’ HP increased by 20%.

FRAG Power 2 โ†’ Max ammo increased by 3.

Noot will release with awesome new skins!



A brand new Winter Pass is coming in 1.9.5!! You can unlock new rewards, and exclusive skins!

In addition to its new FRAGtastic design, the Winter Pass will come with a brand new progression system, Each star you earn after winning a battle will give you 1000 xp:

- Crushing Victory will give you 3 stars โ†’ 3000 xp - K.O will give you 2 stars โ†’ 2000 xp - Close Victory will only give you 1 star โ†’ 1000 xp - Defeat will give you 500 xp Your progression will increase over time as you climb each milestone.

Winter Pass Exclusive Skin Collection


Snowball fight with Noot!

Similar to the 'Ladies' Fight with Piper Reese' event, in 1.9.5, it will have its own exclusive event: the Snowball fight with Noot!

You will be able to assemble and upgrade a team of only FRAGmas Skin Characters (Winter Pass skins not included) in order to win battles to unlock Noot and more rewards!


Winter Event

This Event will allow you to earn rewards by simply playing regular games, but that's not all!

Every victory earns you 15 GIFTS CREDITS, up to 8 victories per day. But don't worry, if you don't do your 8 victories in one day, you'll be able to catch up on the next day!

Those Gift Credits can then be traded for randomized loot such as Chests, Skin Coins, specific Cards, a unique Daily Special and more! Trading your Gift Credits for rewards also gives you EVENT STARS! Collect enough Event Stars to earn Coins, Chests, and much more!

The Event starts on Dec 14th 2021 to Jan 4th 2021.


Features 1.9.5


To know more about the upcoming "Snowball Fight With Noot", "Frag Power", "Comeback", "Christmas Event", "Frag Dojo Event" and "All Star" events, check the 1.9.5 Frag Memo on our official FRAG YouTube channel dropping this Friday!

Noot will be available at stage 36 of the Winter Pass:

Volume 2: Season 15 STARTS on Dec 2nd 2021 (at noon UTC)

Note: Noot will not be available in chests as long as you do not unlock him through events or battle pass, even at the end of the season.


New ReSkin - Winter Wonderland

Update 1.9.5 will come with a new visual of the Bridge map, careful not to slide out of the Winter Wonderland!

Note: you will be able to play on the Winter Wonderland during 'Snowball Fight With Noot' and 'Noot Frag Power' events only



Smoker (Buff)

Smoker was lagging behind in Arena 4, so we decided to increase some of his base stats. In addition, we've reworked his ability, which wasn't effective and fun enough to use. Now Smoker's motorcycle will stun the enemies it touches and leave a trail of poisonous smoke behind him.

  • Smoke Gun โ†’ Increase lvl 1 HP from 132 to 185. โ†’ Increase main gun damages by 33%.

  • Smoke Bike โ†’ Doesn't push anymore. โ†’ Enemies hit will get stunned for 1s. โ†’ Leaves a toxic smoke could poisoning affected enemies for 3s.

Rolaf (Buff)

Rolaf ability was too hard to execute properly and not effective enough. We increased his Thunderstrike! jump speed and damage. We also increased his HP to make him the tank he deserves to be.

  • Neo-Mjรถlnir โ†’ Increase lvl 1 HP from 198 to 248.

  • Thunderstrike! โ†’ Jump the ability is speed up to make it easier to control and hit enemies. โ†’ Damages increased by 60%. โ†’ Cooldown increased by 1s.

Jack El Padre (Buff)

Jack was too weak overall. We decided to increase his base stats and his Grenade damage in order to make him viable option for a strong defense character in low and higher arenas.

  • General โ†’ Increase lvl 1 HP from 110 to 150. โ†’ Increase movement speed by 9%. โ†’ Increase movement speed while shooting by 100%.

  • Grenade โ†’ Damages increased by 60%.

Fragman (Buff)

Fragman was a little bit weak compare to other heroes in his arena, so we boosted his damages and ability.

  • Justice Gun โ†’ Increase damages by 20%.

  • Super Ultra Power Blaster! โ†’ Increase damages by 20%. โ†’ Decrease cooldown by 1s.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed An issue which could cause ClubWars event to not show up / start if you are not in a club.

  • Fixed Lilli's hair missing in trophy road description.

  • Fixed Player profile' trophies to match leaderboard' trophies.

  • Fixed Chest information showing up behind offer popups when clicking the "?" button.

  • Fixed An issue which could cause your team to not rush to opponent base in StreetFrag battles

  • Removed loading animation in messages menu if not necessary.

  • New Accelerated chest opening when a player clicks on displayed cards.

  • New Gave more information on implants in chest opening.


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!

โ†’ Download FRAG Pro Shooter โ†



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