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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.9.6 Patch Notes

👾 Who is CyberAgent? How did he get into the FRAG tournament? What is the Guardians hacker group goal? Let's find out! 👾

New Fragger → CyberAgent

Introducing the Prodigy!


CyberAgent is the Guardians hacker group henchman, he was sent to the FRAG tournament to shutdown the rogue IAs and help Cipher recover what Lord VR stole from them.

STATS (level 9)

Hitpoints → 416

Damage/Second → 91 - 170

Speed → 10.7 km/h

Speed while shooting → 7.8 km/h

The Bugs Killer

This Cyber machine gun is the perfect weapon to remove bugs, literally

Base Damage → 30

Ammo → 45

Reload Time → 2.1 s

Fire Rate → 450

Weapon Range → 44 m Headshot Damage Multiplier: x1.4

Pulsar Shield

Deploys a shield pulsing at regular intervals, slowing and weakening enemies in front of him.

Damage → none

Duration → 7 s Ability Cooldown → 12 s

Shieldpoints → 1072

Damage bonus → x1.5 Slow Effect → x0.5

FRAG Power 1 → Main weapon reload time is reduced by 40%.

FRAG Power 2 → Ability duration is increased by 4.



The FRAG Pass will be back with an adjusted and easier progression path (more detail soon) You will be able to unlock the exclusive Cyber-skin collection, CyberAgent at tier 36 of the FRAG Pass and a FRAG Power at tier 72 of the PRO pass.


Race To The Top

This brand-new event will allow you to enter a unique bracket and face off 50 other players with the same arena and trophy level as you! The goal is to collect stars in championship battles. Those stars will allow you to climb in the leaderboard and win awesome rewards! The higher on the leaderboard you are, the better the reward! Including brand-new implant chests for some brackets! You need to be at least top 3 on the leaderboard to have a worthwhile reward. Be careful, you will have to register for this event. Inscriptions are time limited, so don’t miss them! You will need tickets in order to play the event, each battle consumes one ticket, but winning the game will give you back one ticket, meaning that you won't lose tickets as long as you win your battles. You will receive 1 free ticket at the beginning of the event and 2 more per day in the event free chest. You will be able to purchase more in the event shop.

Players that reached 50k trophies at least once will be placed in their own dedicated 'special' bracket. Weekend series were removed and replaced by Race to The Top. Note: The race to the Top event can only be played ONLINE as it relies on matchmaking. Normal battle rules and rewards will be applied, besides the fact that you won't be able to win trophies as the matchmaking will depends on your bracket for the event, and not on your current number of trophies.

Implant chests


Auto Mode

With the 1.9.6 we will start experementing a brand new way to play FRAG: the Auto Mode

Randomly selected players will be able to try this mode, meaning that the AI will take over and play the game by itself while you will be able to watch the game and give orders to your squad. You will have to click the now grayed 'Auto' button if you want to go back to auto mode.

How to use the Auto mode? A button "AUTO" is available at all time below the map If activated, the following happens :

  1. The character is controlled in AUTO MODE

  2. Two white arrows appear left & right of the Auto button. They allow to change character fast (keeping them under auto control)

  3. Auto mode will not be available in 2v2 battles.

What can I do while using Auto mode?

  1. auto mode button is available starting at arena 2

  2. you are able to press the ability button when in auto mode

  3. you are able to press reload button when in auto mode

You can deactivate the Auto mode by using the control button right under the 'Auto' button to take back manual control of the character.

Note: the Auto Mode is also a great way for our team to study and improve our AI behavior in future updates ;)


Cyber Fight fight CyberAgent!

Similar to the 'Ladies' Fight with Piper Reese' event, in 1.9.6 CyberAgent will have his own exclusive event: the Cyber Fight with CyberAgent!

You will be able to assemble and upgrade a team of Digital Characters only in order to win battles to unlock CyberAgent and more rewards!

The Wonder Chests are back! Unlock them in the event reward road or in the Cyberfight with CyberAgent Special Offers. They contains digital characters only!


Features 1.9.6


Update 1.9.6 also comes with a brand new progression system.

As you win battles, you will now get 30 trophies regardless of how you win and what arena you are in. But in case you are defeated, you will also lose a fixed amount of trophies that will vary depending on your arena! This will affect the Champion Series Event: if your current trophy bonus is x1.2, then instead of gaining 30 trophies, you will gain 30 x 1.2 = 36 trophies

Challenger mode has been removed.

To know more about the upcoming "CyberFight with CyberAgent", "Frag Power", "Comeback", "Frag Dojo Event" and "All Star" events, check the 1.9.6 Frag Memo on our official FRAG YouTube channel dropping this Friday!

CyberAgent will be available at stage 36 of the FRAG Pass:

Volume 2: Season 16 STARTS on Jan 6th 2022 (at noon UTC)

Note: CyberAgent will not be available in chests as long as you do not unlock him through events or battle pass, even at the end of the season.


New ReSkin - The CyberVerse

Update 1.9.6 will come with a new visual for Haigaden!

Note: you will be able to play on the CyberVerse during 'CyberFight with CyberAgent' and 'CyberAgent Frag Power' events only.



Krystal (Buff)

Edited 10/01/2022

Krystal was too far behind in arenas 11 and more. The lack of damages and control compare to her health was too big. We increased her offensive statistics so the winter angel can compete with other heroes again.

  • Ice Hand → Increased damages by 35%. → Increased slow by 11%.

  • Stalactite Dive → Increased dive damage by 17%. → Increases stun duration by 1s. → Decreased cooldown by 2s.

Lollypop (Buff)

Lollypop's ability is very powerful movement-wise but it was hard to use for unexperimented players. Also her kit was too weak overall compared to Fraggers from the same arena.

  • General → Increased Hp by 14%

  • Magicandy Rod → Increased fire rate by 12.5%. → Increased max ammo by 17%. → Decreased reload time by 20%. → Increased HP by 14%. → Increased damage by 13%.

  • Jelly Spring → Will now be easier to hit enemies while using Jelly Spring.

Captain Polar (Buff)

Captain Polar's ability is a bit difficult to use effectively - in theory with continuous shooting it allows up to 11 shots, but in reality it seems challenging to get more than 4 or 5. Increasing the duration as well as the fire rate a bit should make it more efficient.

  • Recon Rifle → Increased fire rate by 17%.

  • Laser Bolts → Increased fire rate by 17%. → Increased duration by 13%.

DJ Equalizer (Buff)

Despite having a powerful ability, DJ Equalizer didn't find his place in the meta yet. By improving his kit and making his ability less situational, Dj Equalizer should now be a strong option for your deck

  • General → Increased walking speed by 8%.

  • Electro-Cannon → Increased max ammo from 7 to 12. → Increased damage by 20%.

  • Drop the Beat! → has now an AOE that will make players dance if they walk on it after it was created. The effect (stun and recovery when shot) will be shorter than taking the effect on impact.

Jagër (Nerf)

Jäger was too powerful in every situation, leading him to wipe entire teams by "stand n'shoot", without dying and almost at full health. With this nerf Jäger will still be a good character, but it will be more fair to play against him, and it will take more awareness to play him effectively.

  • Ectoplasma Bolter → Decreased max distance by 14%. → Decreased heal effect by 25%. → Decreased max ammo from 50 to 40.

  • Release the Specters! → Ghosts will now only target one opponent each. → Decreased ghosts damage by 15%. → Decreased ghosts heal effect by 11%.

Ao (Nerf)

Ao was too good in everything with no real weak point. We decreased the main gun ammo to make each bullet much more important to touch and we fixed the wave ability to not chain damage character. We also increased the ability cooldown, so as the weapon, you'll have to use it more carefully.

  • Rengoku → Decrease damage by 9%. → Decrease max ammunition from 7 to 4.

  • GroundSlam → Can't touch enemies several times anymore. → Increased cooldown by 40%.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed A bug on the FRAG Pass main menu where the time left was not correctly displayed if the FRAG Pass was fully completed.

  • Fixed Wonder event tokens are now correctly displayed on defeat screen.

  • Fixed Trophies are now displayed correctly in player's description on Celebrities tab.

  • Fixed Chest information showing up behind offer popups when clicking the "?" button.

  • Fixed Cinema mode issues for tablet resolution

  • Fixed Weapons disappearing after a stun.

  • Fixed Ability visual issues for Ark-on.

  • Fixed Health regen implants now correctly give HP every 5 seconds.

  • Fixed FRAG pass perks menu was not showing the correct rewards.

  • Fixed Shield sometimes not set when respawning inside a character after dying.

  • Fixed IOS: fixed multiple issues where sound was lost after watching an Ad.

  • Fixed Tickets won in street frag skirmish are now Free Tickets.

  • Fixed Healing Pack earned with free spin are now Free Healing Packs.

  • Fixed Winter event wins are now reset when a new day starts (midnight).

  • Fixed Issue causing some people to always get the same rewards for various events using wheel spins.

  • New You can now skip the animation for card upgrade.


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!



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