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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.9.9 Patch Notes

🎂 Hubble is about to land in the FRAG tournament and start the #FRAGanniversary party! Let's dig into it! 🚀

New Fragger → Hubble

Introducing the FRAGstronaut!


Hubble forgot who he used to be up there in zero gravity on Asteroid Z1-G11. While he lost sense of realities, he also became a bit wonky and daft, and even more dangerous with his repair railgun !

STATS (level 9)

Hitpoints → 386

Damage/Second → 118 - 156

Speed → 11.6 km/h

Speed while shooting → 9.6 km/h

TurboLazer 1.9.9

A laser-shooting gun that was supposed to do repairs, but its owner decided otherwise.

Base Damage → 17.1

Ammo → ∞

Fire Rate → 550

Weapon Range → 40 m

Apollo 9000

Launch a deadly satellite that can deal large damages on your enemies!

Damage → 64 Ability Cooldown → 15 s

Hitpoints → 408

Max number → 1

FRAG Power 1 → All damage dealt are increased by 20%.

FRAG Power 2 → Movement speed is increased by 20%.


Buff party: This is something the Community has been asking for a long time, so brace yourselves! For this season and this season only, 36 original Fraggers will receive a 30% health and damage buff! That’s right, Fragger such as Dan, Big Paku or even FreezeB will once again be serious contenders for the FRAG tournament!

You will be able to see which Fragger is getting buffed by checking this little cake icon in-game.

Note: Your Fragger will receive the 30% stat boost once they reach level 9.

Skin event: But that’s not it! Similar to the Cosmos skin events, you will be able to spin the wheel and unlock EXCLUSIVE FRAGanniversary skins! This time you will have the chance to use tickets you can earn during the Community event or buy in the shop!

Community event: In addition to the FRAGanniversary buff party, we got you covered with a dedicated Community event! Make as many FRAG as possible using the 36 selected original Fraggers and help your fellow players to reach the community goal! Every time you reach a new milestone, everyone will win awesome rewards!



For this season, the Space Crew will land into the FRAG tournament with an awesome exclusive skin collection, only available on your FRAG Pass! You will also find a truly unique skin for Hubble!


Features 1.9.9

Race To The Top - Changes:

- The event lasts for 4 days instead of 5. - The announcement period has been removed, you'll be able to join the event as soon as it is available. - The inscription period will last from day 1 to day 3 (not available during the last 24h). - The active period, during which you'll be able to start battles, will last from day 2 to day 4 (not available during the first 24h). - Battles, daily tickets and ticket shop are only available during the active period. - You will now gain and lose trophies when playing battles for this event. - Cards and player level are now forced to 9 for this event battle in order to have more balanced battles. - Frag Powers are also disabled BUT Implants are kept as you have them.

Wonder Event ("Back To the Basics") - Changes Compared to previous new character event, we changed quite a few things, making it easier for F2P players, provided they are in a good club, and more rewarding for paying users : - You can now earn limitless rewards, - Some of the reward thresholds now give free Wonder Tokens to ALL players of the club. - Buying Wonder Offers will distribute premium tokens to your whole club!

FRAG'S DOJO - Changes - Some adjustments for the FRAG DOJO event goals and rewards.

To know more about the upcoming, "Frag Power", "Comeback", "Frag Dojo Event" and "All Star" events, check the 1.9.9 Frag Memo on our official FRAG YouTube channel dropping this Friday!

Friend Referal - New Added a sponsorship network, where players can sponsor NEW players. Sponsoring won't work for people already playing the game. The sponsorship network comes with two new offers : one for the sponsor, and one for the referral. Both player will receive rewards.

Hubble will be available at stage 36 of the FRAG Pass:

Volume 2: Season 17 STARTS on Feb 10th 2022 (at noon UTC)

Note: Hubble will not be available in chests as long as you do not unlock him through events or battle pass, even at the end of the season.


Map Comeback - Atlantis

As requested by our Community on Discord, Atlantis will make a comeback this season!

Background Reskin - FRAGanniversary

You will be able to play with this background during the entire #FRAGanniversary season (includes Wonder Event , Legendary card Event, Epic card Event, Comeback Card event, All Stars event, Frag Power challenge, Race to The Top) Will also be available in battle for league 1 and more players.



Amélie (Buff)

  • General → Increased Hp by 50%

  • Assault Rifle → Increased damages by 50%. → Increased max ammo from 24 to 28.

  • Grappling Hook → Range increased from 30m to 45m. → Decreased cooldown by 2s.

Ollie (Buff)

  • General → Increased Hp by 20%.

  • Retro Blasters → Increased damages by 30%.

Dr. Crow (Buff)

  • General → Increased Hp by 35%.

  • Vials Launcher → Increased damages by 30%. → Increased healing effect by 30%.

Piper Reese (Nerf)

  • General → Decreased Hp by 25%. → Decreased Speed while shooting from 8.7km/h to 5.8km/h.

  • Magic Mic → Decreased max distance by 14%. → Increased minimum range to reach peak damage from 20m to 35m.

  • Somersault → Increased cooldown by 2 sec. → Damage decreased by 40%.

Kaz'Oolu (Nerf)

  • General → Decreased Hp by 30%. → Decreased Speed from 11.6km/h to 9.7km/h.

  • Octotems Field → Will no longer apply poison. Octotems will explode if an enemy steps on them causing instant damage. → Decreased HP by 60%. → Decreased duration by 10s. → Increased cooldown by 3s.

Additional change: Kaz'oolu Frag Power "Wide swamp" was not making any real difference. We increased the spawn range of his traps when Kaz'uloo has that frag power equiped. Since the range has been increased, it will now add 3 more traps to keep consistency.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug which was allowing event exclusives cards to be present in the wheel of fortune events.

  • Fixed a visual issue where the General Mekk drone was getting stucked on his arm.

  • Fixed a bug that was making units bounce off invisible walls outside of the map.

  • Fixed a bug that was making shields propagate chain damages (shooting Mecha Knight's shield with Rick Rock was dealing damages to units behind the wall).

  • Fixed a bug that was doubling Piper's glitter time bombs damages.

  • Fixed Cyber Agent's country code.

  • Fixed a visual issue where the year for the New Year offer would be incorrect.

  • Fixed localization issue for Darius skins.

  • Fixed 2v2 battles not giving Season XP in some cases.

  • Fixed losing / Winning in Race To the Top event will not affect anymore your winstreak shown on the main battle button.

  • Fixed issues with Donation between users via watching Ads.

  • Fixed incorrect langage and format used for dates in Calendar for Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese langages.

  • Fixed "SWAP" text (for chests cards swaps) not translated in every langage.

  • Fixed CyberAgent name not translated in every langage.

  • Fixed wrong "season XP x2" message shown at end of battle if playing offline.

  • Fixed a bug on Jäger AI which was impacting its decision making.

  • Fixed several bugs on skins which have datas mixed.

  • Fixed landing page is now always the MainMenu (was sometimes opening in shop

  • NEW: Menu to enter gift code has been reactivated on IOS


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!



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