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FRAG Pro Shooter - 2.18 Patch Notes

Everything you need to know about Strix and upcoming events! 🦉

New Fragger → Strix

Introducing the Apex Protector!


Strix is a superhero without a superpower. Years ago, he worked as an assistant for Dr Frost, when he was young and innocent.

STATS (level 9)

Hitpoints → 286

Damage/Second → 92 - 105

Speed → 11.6 km/h

Speed while shooting → 7.8 km/h

Dark claws

Dual pistols that slow down the prey.

Base Damage → 17.1

Ammo → 30

Fire Rate → 500

Weapon Range → 40 m Slow Effect → x0.5 Headshot Damage Multiplier → x1.4

Frozen mist

Strix sends a frozen mist in front of him which slows enemies then stuns them if they stay in it. The more charged the ability is, the bigger the mist will be.

Damage → none Ability Cooldown → 2.00s

Range → 6-22m

Slow Effect → x0.2 Stun Duration → 4s

FRAG Power 1 → The ability increases damage on frozen targets by 30%.

FRAG Power 2 → Decreases ability reload time by 5s.


Club Improvement

Wonder Event Changes (We're all wearing masks)

During the new Wonder Events you will have access to a club leaderboard. The club score is equal to the sum of the best scores of each member participating in the event. When the event is done, each player who scored at least 1 star in the event will receive a reward based on the final ranking of your club in the leaderboard. You'll receive rewards only if you're in a club. Only the first 100 clubs will receive a reward.

Club Chat improvements The way messages are loaded has been changed, messages can now be retrieved up to 7 days, scroll to the top to load additional messages - There are now 2 tabs, one for the classic messages, one for the club rewards and exchanges (season pass rewards, club wonder tokens, donations) - Admin and members tabs are now merged in one single tab - Tab titles are replaced by icons


Features 2.18

Evil Piper and Piper Reese can now be found in chests (they are no more event exclusive) ! Champion Series event reworked - We removed the slower “trophy accelerator” after a certain threshold in terms of trophies (now everyone has the same multiplicator) - We removed the “Double your reward” with the "Frag Pass” - The rewards are now the same for everyone (there were different for some long time users) - We also modified the offer linked to the event - All cards now take 6 hours to heal whatever their rarity is - The minimum level to participate is Arena level 7 (was player level 3)

TikTok - New - Add a TikTok button in the fanbase which links the OhBibi tiktok account.

Skin Coins - Changes

- Mechanism to gain skin coins when increasing the "frag level" of your characters has been removed from the game - You can still get skin coins in events or offers.

Other Events - Changes - Change of the reward track for first week login - Change of the rewards for first purchase bonus - Replaced the legendary and epic card event by a new event called 'The Specialist Event'. This change may be pushed to all players in a future update. - Gold rush: We rebalanced the odds of having the stars compared to other rewards.

To know more about the upcoming, "Frag Power", "Comeback", "Frag Dojo Event" and "All Star" events, check the 2.18 Frag Memo on our official FRAG YouTube channel dropping this Friday!

Strix will be available at stage 36 of the FRAG Pass:

Volume 2: Season 18 STARTS on March 10th 2022 (at noon UTC)

Note: Strix will not be available in chests as long as you do not unlock him through events or battle pass, even at the end of the season.


Map Comeback - Waterfall

Waterfall map is back in the rotation from League 1! New map icons are now displayed in the trophy road. Starting from League 1 the map will change every hour. A new "Waterfall themed" background was added, it will be active for League 1 or more users during the whole Season 18, will also be active in Season 18 events for all users. Most season 18 events will take place inside the Waterfall map

Waterfall is a permanent map



GigaGoo (Buff)

"Gigagoo needed a boost so we improved his weapon effect and HP".

  • General Increased Hp by 13.6%.

  • The Gooper Poison effect increased by 11%. Slow effect increased by 12.5%.

Buck (Buff)

"Buck was lagging behind so we made his weapon more powerful in close range like a shotgun should be".

  • General Increased Hp by 6%.

  • Nature's Fury Weapon damage short range increase by 28.6%. Weapon fire rate increase by 17%.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug displaying the exit menu behind a selected card in the unit list.

  • Fixed packs sometimes overlapping on some offers.

  • Fixed VIP button disappearance.

  • Fixed duplicated anniversary skin on fragman.

  • Fixed limited time offer button disappearance.

  • Fixed rewards not collected from events bar distribution.

  • Fixed white screen during loading on some popup.

  • Fixed visual issue where deck menu wasn't clickable after opened event menu from an exclusive skin

  • Fixed In game camera doesn't shake anymore when you are close to a wall.

  • Fixed ground sometimes being magenta solid color during battles.

  • Fixed user being able to collect rewards for community events (ex: FRAG power challenge) event if user did not had enough trophies or XP to play the event.

  • Fixed some visual issues with the fanbase message you receive when Wonder event ends and you have rewards to collect.

  • Fixed gift appearing a bit too late for users who installed the game via a promoted link.

  • NEW Improved the Frag Pass button on the Main Menu, an icon will now show you when you are offline, instead of a permanent loading icon

  • NEW Added a text in order to clarify the matchmaking used for the Race To the Top event (added in the event's rules tab)


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!



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