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FRAG Pro Shooter - 2.19 Patch Notes

Everything you need to know about Øksa and upcoming events! 🪓

New Fragger → Øksa

Introducing the Strongest Neo-Asgardian!


The adoptive daughter of Rolaf, he wanted her to rule by his side as some wise figurehead, but such a prospect did not please her. Training secretly in her tower, she soon deadlift 1000 pounds. One last dispute with her father made her flee Neo-Midgard. Relentlessly pursued by Rolaf and Valkia, she decided to enroll in the FRAG tournament and prove she was no one’s little princess. Resigned and unable to stop her, her father gave her one last quest to test her determination and earn the powerful Skeggøxen.

Since then, Øksa numerous poems, eddas and other haikus have been written about her - even Rolaf believes he had been too tough on her.

STATS (level 9)

Hitpoints → 633

Damage/Second → 80 - 89

Speed → 9.7 km/h

Speed while shooting → 7.8 km/h


Some say that melee weapons with such a knockback effect can only be magical, but it is just that Øksa is very, very strong.

Base Damage → 107.2

Ammo → ∞

Fire Rate → 50

Weapon Range → 6 m Push Effect → 5


This whirlwind of destruction clears the way with strong damage and pushback effect !

Damage → Skeggøxen Base Damage Ability Cooldown → 12 s

Radius → 8m

Push Effect → 3 Radius → 8m Speed Boost → x1 Damage taken Reducton → 30%

Coriolis Impulsion → The ability increases movement speed by 40%.

Legacy of Neo-Midgard → HP increased by 30%.

Øksa will not be available in the FRAG Pass and will be Event exclusive.


Joker Coins Rework

Joker Coins are now Joker Cards and Joker Tablets! New joker cards and tablets are available in the Season Pass, to help you upgrade your characters faster! Joker Cards will now allow you to add bonus cards in order to upgrade your Fragger depending on his/her rarity (common/ rare/ epic/ legendary).

Joker Tablet will now allow you directly fill the progress bar in order to updgrade your Fragger depending on his/her rarity (common/ rare/ epic/ legendary). You will find them in your inventory!

You will find Joker Coins and Tablet in the FRAG Pass or as rewards in specific events!

Note: You will keep all your joker coins, but you'll need to use them all before you can start using the new joker cards / tablets.


Community Reward

Free Andrometa Legendary Skin

- Andrometa won the community contest, but as she is already a good character, it didn't feel right to buff her and we had a hard time finding space for improvement. As a compensation, during the whole season, we will be giving a new exclusive legendary skin for free !

- It will be unlocked when launching, don't miss the chance to grab it !


Features 2.19

Club Improvements

- Messages will now be appearing instantly when sent.

- Lots of "automatic" messages are now correctly translated in the player language instead of the sender language.

- Fixed several issues in the club chat.

- In club events like Club Wars and New character Event, you are now able to see the individual contribution of each player in a club by clicking on the club name in the leaderboard.

Events: Race to the Top Event - Implants are now removed for 100% fair play battles! FRAG Tower Challenge Event - The FRAG Tower Challenge Event is now only available for players who reached League 1.

Champion Series Event - Champion Series Event now give a lot more joker tokens, but no more season XP. - Rewards will depend on your player level So you might not have the same rewards as your friends.

Battle Button

- The current game map is now hinted on the battle button.

Android Performance

- All "experimental" graphic options are now available without needing to buy season pass.

- Added a new "dynamic resolution" graphic option, if you feel game resolution is too low, try disabling it.

- Updated the default quality settings chosen for new Android users to better match the phone specs.

To know more about the upcoming, "Frag Power", "Comeback" and "All Star" events, check the 2.19 Frag Memo on our official FRAG YouTube channel dropping this Friday!

Øksa will not be available in the FRAG Pass:

Volume 2: Season 19 STARTS on April 07th 2022 (at noon UTC)

Note: Øksa will not be available in chests as long as you do not unlock her through events, even at the end of the season.


New Background - Easter Bridges



DesperaDOS (Buff)

"Boosting the DPS was more coherent to the character, rather than just increasing damage, and offers some quality of life that gives a better game feel when playing as DesperaDOS. We also increased his speed when shooting to increase his survival, and allow more "chase and finish" playstyles".

  • General Increased HP by 30%.

  • Mercy & Wrath Increased max ammo from 16 to 25. Increased fire rate by 25%. Increased speed when shooting by 38%.

Mekkalodon (Buff)

"Mekkalodon has a weapon hard to use, due to the high accuracy that is required at long range. We aim to make it more threatening when landing shots by increasing the ammo count and increasing long range power".

  • Holo-Harpoon Increased long range damage by 33%. Increased max ammo from 4 to 6.

Lord VR

"Due to his ability, Lord VR requires more general knowledge of the game to be played efficiently. As a consequence, Lord VR will now be available starting arena 11"


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue where club menu was not displayed when your club was totally disbanded, preventing players to join a new club A new window asking you to if you want to join a new club now appears.

  • Fixed an issue where coins were incorrectly debited when creating a clubs.

  • Fixed an issue where the reset wall cost of the Payload Clash event was not decreasing when spinning the wheel.

  • Fixed an issue where the player gets stuck on collecting reward on "Frag's Training Dojo" event.

  • Fixed an issue where club's info that "club does exist anymore" is overlapping with other clubs and "Create club" menu.

  • Fixed an issue where donations not working + infinite gold exploit with Donations.

  • Fixed white screen during loading on some popup.

  • Fixed visual issue where deck menu wasn't clickable after opened event menu from an exclusive skin

  • Fixed an issue where donation tab has infinite loading when previous donation expired.

  • Fixed an issue where multiple characters have non-functional "Exclusive skin" button.

  • Fixed an issue where coins are incorrectly debited when creating a club in a specific way.

  • Fixed an issue where players can sometimes donate multiple times on a single request.

  • Fixed an issue where character's (Strix) "Exclusive skin" button does not open the ongoing event (Frag Pass) where the skin can be unlocked.

  • Fixed an issue where "First week login" event set up a new user immediately on the second day of the event.

  • Fixed an issue where the "Create club" button is toned down if the player doesn't have enough coins and the club cannot be created.

  • Fixed an issue where some characters preview would overlap with UI in event's rules tab.

  • NEW You are now able to search for a club and filter by country or world in the club list (it was only world before).


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!



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