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FRAG Pro Shooter - 2.20 Patch Notes

Everything you need to know Season20 and upcoming events! ๐Ÿงช

Reworked Fraggers โ†’ SlimeR, Blot, GigaGoo


Jensen, Bogomil and Tomislav were three friends who met during their studies at the university. Despite being very different people, the trio was getting along very well. Helping each other with their individual skill set. They soon became the best of friends.

One night, as they were on the road with their car, an unidentified object from space crashed into them and changed their livesโ€ฆ foreverโ€ฆ The object was an extraterrestrial blob that had the ability to merge with any organic body it would come across, granting its host unique abilities but at the same time, severely altering his appearance with the glowing gooish material the blob was made of. While Jensen, Bogomil and Tomislav disappeared that night, Blot, Gigagoo and Slimer were born.

SlimeR (level 9)


Hitpoints โ†’ 425

Damage/Second โ†’ 63 - 70

Speed โ†’ 10.7 km/h Speed while shooting โ†’ 5.8 km/h

Slime Gun

Shoots jelly grenades that stick to surfaces. After some time, they explode and deal poison damage to enemies over time.

Change to continuous firing Ammo โ†’ 6

Reload time โ†’ 1.6 s

Fire Rate โ†’ 140 Weapon range โ†’ 30 m

Radius โ†’ 2 m

Damage over time โ†’ 45 Slow Effect โ†’ x0.7

Slime Being

Spawn a small jelly slime that rushes at any enemy coming close to slow it down!

Ability Cooldown โ†’ 10 s

Hitpoints โ†’ 204

Damage over time โ†’ 102 Slow Effect โ†’ x0.5 m Max Number โ†’ 3

Rapid Slime โ†’ Slime jelly move speed is increased by 25%.

Little Brother โ†’ SlimeR can spawn one extra Slime jelly.

Blot (level 9)


Hitpoints โ†’ 461

Damage/Second โ†’ 94 - 109

Speed โ†’ 9.7 km/h Speed while shooting โ†’ 8.7 km/h Blot is now a melee character

Symbiotic Hand

Hits with a blob symbiote arm growth, applying a poison effect and slowing on hit.

Ammo โ†’ โˆž

Fire Rate โ†’ 60 Weapon range โ†’ 6 m Base Damage โ†’ 96.5

Damage over time โ†’ 42 Slow Effect โ†’ x0.8


Turns into a puddle of slime, gaining massive movement speed but losing health points every second! The trail he leaves behind is poisonous.

Ability Cooldown โ†’ none

Damage over time โ†’ 25 Speed effect โ†’ x1.6 Health Cost โ†’ 20% HP Self Damage over time โ†’ 10 Slow Effect โ†’ x0.7

Ink Cartridge โ†’ All damage taken are reduced by 50% while using 'Slime-coming'.

Dense ink โ†’ Killing enemies will heal Blot. GigaGoo (level 9)


Hitpoints โ†’ 536

Damage/Second โ†’ 24 - 72

Speed โ†’ 9.7 km/h Speed while shooting โ†’ 7.8 km/h

The Gooper

Shoots slimy balls in exchange for health points that deal damage over time while slowing down the enemy.

Ammo โ†’ 5 Reload time โ†’ 1.6 s

Fire Rate โ†’ 80 Weapon range โ†’ 30 m Projectile per Shot โ†’ 3

Damage over time โ†’ 25 Slow Effect โ†’ x0.7

Health Cost โ†’ 2% HP


EXPLODES into tiny slimes which he can collect to get some health points back. The explosion also deals damage.

Ability Cooldown โ†’ 12 s

Damage โ†’ 65% HP Raidus โ†’ 7 m Health Cost โ†’ 50% HP Self Damage over time โ†’ 25 Push Effect โ†’ 7 m Heal over time โ†’ 36 HP/s

Big BOOM โ†’ Ability radius is increased by 30%.

Immortal Slime โ†’ Increase passive health regen speed by 20%.


Features 2.20

2v2 Club War:

For the 1st time, you will have to opportunity to enter in 2v2 Club wars! How does it work?

Specific rules:

- When the event is launched, all cards owned by the player are placed in a pool and shuffled

- Then we select the first 6 cards of the pool as โ€œguaranteed next bonus cardsโ€

- Then, we select randomly one card among those 6 to become the bonus card

- The bonus card is removed from the 6 cards and replaced by the next card in the pool, allowing us to never have the same card in the โ€œguaranteed cardโ€

Special case: if the player has already looped through all the card he owned, the initial pool is reset and reshuffled


The matchmaking has been drastically improved in this update! Our secret sauce is secret, we hope you will see the impact by yourselves!

Chest Key:

You will now be able to use the Chest Key to open any chest at any time without any additional cost!

Frag pass:

You will find a FRAG Pass way more generous in joker tokens and with the amazing 'Toxic Slime' skin collection, Chest Keys and more rewards than the previous season!


New Background - Slime City

  • will be active during the whole season when playing in the Pit map

  • will also be active during most season events




  • General โ†’ Increased HP by 10%. โ†’ Decreased Move Speed by 10%.

  • Liberty Shield โ†’ Increased min damage by 25%. โ†’ Increased max damage by 5%.


  • General โ†’ Increased HP by 9%.

  • Money Gun โ†’ Increased min damage by 24%. โ†’ Increased max damage by 2%.


  • General โ†’ Role change from 'Camp' to 'Defense' โ†’ Increased HP by 13.5%. โ†’ Decreased Move Speed by 16%.

  • Nailcannon โ†’ Increased max damage by 8.5%.

  • The Pain Machine! โ†’ Decreased turret HP by 10%.

Dr. Frost

  • Freezing Gun โ†’ Decreased Fire Rate by 36%. โ†’ No more headshots โ†’ Increased min damage by 13%. โ†’ Increased max damage by 11%. โ†’ Ice effect duration increased by 200%.

  • Avalanche โ†’ Increased explosion radius by 33%. โ†’ Now have a freeze effect. โ†’ Decreased Damage by 15%.

Evil Piper

  • Evilaser โ†’ Decreased Attack Speed by 8%. โ†’ Decreased Damage by 17%. โ†’ Decrease the enemy acquisition distance by 9%. โ†’ Increase the bullet spread by 2%.

  • Hello Darkness โ†’ Damage decreased from 50 to 45.


  • General โ†’ Decreased Move Speed by from 13.6km/h to 11.6km/h.

  • DJ Beam โ†’ Reduced fire rate from 450 to 290. โ†’ Decreased min damage by 35%. โ†’ Decreased max damage by 35%.

  • Sound Blaster โ†’ Effect radius reduced by 25%. โ†’ Decreased damage by 27%. โ†’ Increased the stun duration by 100%.


  • General โ†’ Decreased Move Speed by 16%.

  • Snowball Canons โ†’ Decreased the enemy acquisition distance by 15%. โ†’ Increased the bullet spread by 10%. โ†’ Decreased min damage by 4%. โ†’ Decreased max damage by 13%.

  • South Pole Blizzard โ†’ Cooldown increased by 100%. โ†’ Ability dration decreased by 37.5%.


  • General โ†’ Decreased Move Speed by 8%.

  • Soccer Launcher โ†’ Decrease the enemy acquisition distance by 15%. โ†’ Decreased fire rate by 9%. โ†’ Decreased min damage by 7%. โ†’ Decreased max damage by 7%.

  • MVP Flash Tackle โ†’ Decreased damage on hit by 13%.


  • Clone Army Trap โ†’ Increased cooldown by 150%. โ†’ Max trap number decreased from 4 to 3.


  • Curse of the Dead โ†’ Increased cooldown by 50%. โ†’ Decreased duration by 17%. โ†’ Decreased Spectre move speed by 6%. โ†’ Decreased Spectre explostion range by 50%. โ†’ Decreased Spectre push effect by 50%.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed After the 6th battle the user gets 4 chests added all at the same time instead of one by one at the end of each battle.

  • Fixed Android Back button doesn't work during battle.

  • Fixed There is no Touch Feed backs on Emotes and Holotags during battle.

  • Fixed Chest for Character event (ex: Medieval Madness) aren't correctly presented in the event menu and player can't discover it's content.

  • Fixed Piper Reese can damage enemy target even through bunker's energy wall.

  • Fixed Issue with FRAG pass windows stacking when previewing an exclusive skin from this window.

  • Fixed visual issue where deck menu wasn't clickable after opened event menu from an exclusive skin

  • Fixed Popup wrongly advertising "Oksa is available in the Season Pass" can be seen by users.

  • Fixed Story for characters in the Skin Screen accessed through the Trophy Road should be removed.

  • Fixed Club members can battle against each other in the Wonder Events events.

  • Fixed When buying the "Normal Frag Pass" it's written "35 Tiers!" instead of "36 Tiers!".

  • Fixed Half placeholder in the "Deck" Menu.

  • Fixed Mission "Win 3 battles by destroying 3 targets" doesn't update after winning a battle by destroying all targets.

  • Fixed The character's (Jay B) special ability (Proxy mine) is sticking to the walls when thrown.

  • Fixed Text field is staying at 0 when receiving Joker Card and the player skipped the animation when obtaining them from the season pass.


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!

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