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FRAG Pro Shooter - 2.22 Patch Notes ⛈️

Everything you need to know about Season 22 and upcoming events!

Reworked Fragger → Rolaf

Cyber-Hell or Neo-Asgard, which side will you choose?

Rolaf (level 9)


Hitpoints → 686

Damage/Second → 54 - 54

Speed → 9.7 km/h Speed while shooting → 10.1 km/h Rolaf is now a Melee character


Rolaf's Neo Mjölnir is a powerful hammer, that stuns enemies and deals lightning chain damage to the people around his target.

Ammo → ∞

Fire Rate → 50 Weapon range → 3.65 m

Base Damage → 64 Stun Duration → 0.5s Will apply chain damage in a small area around the primary target


Rolaf throws a giant hammer of electricity in front of him, stunning enemies on its path. Once it lands, it sends lightning bolts, stunning enemies around it. It then comes back to Rolaf, again dealing damage to enemies on its path. When it reaches Rolaf, a giant thunder strike stuns enemies around him. Ability Cooldown → 20 s Duration → 3s Base Damage → 53 Stun Duration → 1s Landed Hammer, Base Damage → 11 Landed Hammer, Stun Damage → 0.5s Thunderstrike - Damage/sec → 150 Thunderstrike - Stun Duration → 2s

Valhalla → Ability cooldown is decreased by 7 sec.

Viking's Heart → HP inscreased by 20%.


Features 2.22

New Battle HUD:

Update 2.22 will come a new battle menu, let's beak it down!

This section will allow you to directly switch your characters by clicking on their icon, you will also be able to track their respawn time.

By clicking on the eye icon, you will be able to switch from TPS to FPS view. You can also see your Fraggers position on the mini map

On this section, you will be able to see your and your opponent Health Points. The A,B,C icons in blue are your targets, the red ones are your opponent. You can choose to defend yours and attack your opponent's by clicking on the icons. These icons will also keep track of the target's Health Points. The Crown icon shows who is currently winning the battle.

The Mini Map menu has been updated accordingly.

By clicking the Button in the Lower Right corner of the screen, you will open the Emotes Menu. You will get to choose new emotes in the upcoming updates!

Finally, by clicking on the Gear Button in the Upper Right corner of the screen, you will open the menu button that will allow you to change your settings during the game, or leave the Battle

Frag pass:

You will find a brand new FRAG pass with the amazing 'Neo-Asgardian' skin collection with UNIQUE visual effects, Chest Keys, Rare Joker Tablet, Random FRAG Power and tons of other rewards! Rolaf will leave a lightning trail behind him while wearing this skin.

Race to the Top Event (RTTT):

RTTT will be played on the Street Frag map from July 4th to July 8th. RTTT will be played on the Payload map from July 19th to July 23rd. FRAG Power Event:

The FRAG Power Event was removed, we were not satisfied with the design, and it was frustrating to play for the players. To make up for it, you will now find a Random FRAG Power at rank 36 of your FRAG Pass!




Valkia suffers from a very low winrate compared to its damages. We’re trying to tweak her to get her back on her feet, by tweaking her without changing her damages too much.

  • Light Bringer Now shoots faster bursts

  • Ascend! Ability duration inscreased from 4.5 to 5.5.


Mr. Doe has been forgotten for a while in FRAG’s META. Let’s show him some love!

  • Invisibility On activation, Mr. Doe receives a speed buff that lasts 10 seconds, and grants him x1.5 speed. When getting out of his ability willingly, Mr. Doe deals 20% bonus damage for 3 seconds.


Stella’s projectiles are very easy to hit, but are way too effective for the amount of effort required to hit them. We will tune her down.

  • General Decreased Move Speed by 25%.

  • Witch Broom 2.0 Min DPS increased by 12%. Max DPS decreased by 42%.

  • Ascending Star Time Interval Between Stars : 0.5s → 0.3s. Stars damage :

    • 1 - 3 → 1 - 1

    • 38 - 28 → 15 - 15


  • General Decreased Move Speed by 14%.

  • The Money-Maker Decreased min damage by 47%. Decreased max damage by 33%. Blaster : HeadShot multiplier : 2 → 1.4. Sniper : HeadShot multiplier : 1 → 1.4.

  • Demonic Marking Damage multiplier buff on marked kill :

    • 1.35 → 1.1

    • 1.30 → 1.2

    • 1.25 → 1.3

    • 1.20 → 1.35


  • General Decreased Health Points by 16%.

  • The Bugs Killer Decreased min damage by 40%. Decreased max damage by 46%.


Bug Fixes:

  • On-going Some Ios crash related issues were fixed, our dev team will keep working on improving the Ios experience for the next updates

  • Fixed The "Cancel" button is missing and the game is loading indefinitely in Club 2v2 Duel.

  • Fixed Character Cleo's special ability jump can be used more than twice while in mid-air.

  • Fixed Wolfson's ability makes him stuck in place in any battle.

  • Fixed 4 members of the same club can join the same 2v2 Duel.

  • Fixed Race to the top rules still prompt that user can use Implants.

  • Fixed Character Stella gets stuck after activating special ability and switching to another character.

  • Fixed The Wheel of Fortune still has the Joker Coins bar on the right.

  • Fixed The Club Wars tickets can be won even if the user is not in the club.


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!



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