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FRAG Pro Shooter - 2.23 Patch Notes ๐Ÿ

Everything you need to know about Season 23 and upcoming events!

New Fragger โ†’ Mayra

Float like a butterfly !

Mayra (level 9)


Hitpoints โ†’ 226

Damage/Second โ†’ 0 - 107

Speed โ†’ 10.7 km/h Speed while shooting โ†’ 9.7 km/h Respawn time: 22 s

Killer Bees

Make bees appear around you and shoot your enemies with their stings! The more bees there are, the quicker you will fire!

Ammo โ†’ โˆž

Bullet per second โ†’ 0 to 5 Weapon range โ†’ 30 m

Base Damage โ†’ 21 Bee's Respawn time โ†’ 9.3 s


Propel into the air, shoot with all your bees at the same time and hover until you reach the ground. Ability Cooldown โ†’ 15 s Max number โ†’ 2

Poisoned Stings โ†’ Poison enemies for 3 seconds, dealing 130% of the main weapon damage.

New Babee โ†’ The maximum amount of Bees is increased by 1.


Features 2.23

Wonder Event: Summer Memories

The Wonder Event will return for the 2.23 update, you will be able to unlock Marya after collecting 12 stars! Map: Updated Waterfalls (visuals only). Character Pool (Vol.2 Fraggers only): Oksa, Ark-On, RedShadow, Lilli, Ao, Izuna, Sunny, Krystal, DolB, Wave, Piper, Evil Piper, Jรคger, Hubble, Strix, CyberAgent, Kazoolu, Noot.

FRAG Pass:

You will find a brand new FRAG Pass with the amazing 'Yellow Jacket' skin collection with UNIQUE visual effects. Your season pass will also be filled with more gold than usual! You will find a legendary Joker Tablet and a FRAG Power in your FRAG Pass, Desperados' "Yellow Jacket" skin will be free for everyone!

It's raining Gold!

During this season, you will be able to play two gold rush events! Go get that Gold!

Season 22 Community contest winners

'For the Forest' badges were awarded! Check out the club leaderboards!


Balancing (level 9)

Piper Reese

  • Magic Mic โ†’ Fire rate : 50 โ†’ 60. โ†’ Initial hit distances : 10 ; 35 โ†’ 10 ; 25. โ†’ Base damage 21. โ†’ Explosion damage : 86. โ†’ Explosion radius : 4m โ†’ 3m. โ†’ Ammo : 10 โ†’ infinity.

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye isnโ€™t interesting to play in his current state. Letโ€™s try to make something out of him! Weโ€™re aiming for an โ€œExplosive Sniperโ€.

  • General โ†’ HP at level 1 : 110 โ†’ 140 (301 at level 9).

  • Explosive Arrow โ†’ Projectiles per burst : 3 โ†’ 1 โ†’ Damage per projectile โ†’ 143 โ†’ Projectile launch force : 100 โ†’ 300 โ†’ Projectile radius explosion : 1 โ†’ 4 โ†’ Ammo : 12 โ†’ 1 โ†’ Reload time : 1.1s โ†’ 2s โ†’ Headshot multiplier : 2 โ†’ 1

  • Frag Powers

Changed Eagle Eyeโ€™s FRAG Power nยฐ2 from โ€œ+30% explosion radius on main weapon projectilesโ€ to โ€œ-30% reload timeโ€


We might have overnerfed Wave in the past updates, this update should help Wave to find a spot in the meta again, without him being overpowered.

  • Dj Beam โ†’ Ray damage : 6.4. โ†’ Fire rate : 290 โ†’ 1000. โ†’ Damage per second โ†’ 107.

  • Sound Blaster โ†’ Damages: โ†’ 107. โ†’ Stun duration : 2s โ†’ 4s.

Evil Piper

Evil Piper was performing way too well in the current meta, we focused on her strengths while keeping what makes her unique and enjoyable.

  • General โ†’ HP at level 1 : 176 โ†’ 160 (343 at level 9). โ†’ Damage per second โ†’ 78.

  • Evilaser โ†’ Hit damage : 21.5.

  • Hello Darkness โ†’ Ability initial explosion damage : 85. โ†’ New : Ability can now be interrupted. โ†’ New : Ability now silences enemies in close area for 3 seconds upon casting. Auto attack sent from ability โ†’ Size of explosions : 3m โ†’ 4m. โ†’ Damage โ†’ 96. โ†’ Silence on hit duration : 3s โ†’ 1s.


Jรคger has been a dominating character since his release, we will reduce his survivability while slightly improving his crowd damage.

  • General โ†’ HP at level 1 : 210 โ†’ 175 (376 at level 9).

  • Ectoplasma Bolter โ†’ Fire rate : 650 โ†’ 1000. โ†’ Damage : 6.4. โ†’ Chain damage range : 6 โ†’ 8. โ†’ Chain damage damage : 3.2. โ†’ Max chain damage targets : 3 โ†’ 6. โ†’ Heal per hit : 2. โ†’ Max range : 30m โ†’ 25m.

  • Release the Specters โ†’ Ghost damage : 64. โ†’ REMOVED : Ghosts no longer push enemies. โ†’ Ghost healing : 43.


Aoโ€™s 2nd Frag Power is ridiculously out of balance, because of an implementation mistake. Weโ€™re putting an end to that, while also balancing the character.

  • Rengoku โ†’ Damage : 75. โ†’ Headshot multiplier : 2 โ†’ 1.

  • Ground Slam โ†’ Ability damage : 75.

  • Frag Powers

Burn effect bonus damage : 120% โ†’ 30%.

Role Attribution

In order to make more Fraggers fit in the meta, we decided to change some role when we felt that the previous one didn't fit the character playstyle. โ†’ Cleo : Defense to Wild. โ†’ Rick Rock: Attack to Center. โ†’ Baron Vodoom : Defense to Center. โ†’ Dunkan: Camp to Attack. โ†’ Avalanche: Attack to Defense. โ†’ Scout & Nutty: Center to Defense. โ†’ Mr Tiger: Wild to Camp. โ†’ Inferno : Camp to Center. โ†’ Fraggenstein : Camp to Center. โ†’ Scrapper: Camp to Defense. โ†’ LordVr : Attack to Wild. โ†’ JayB: Camp to Wild.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed 2v2 Mode club duels cannot be joined.

  • Fixed There is no animation for diamonds and gold in the First Week Login event.

  • Fixed The icons and names for abilities in tutorial are missing.

  • Fixed The number of the league doesn't update on Trophy road.

  • Fixed The game is stuck on the defeat screen after quitting a 2v2 battle.

  • Fixed The picture for the Waterfalls map is missing from the Trophy Road.

  • Fixed The Ask For A Donation button from the Club is not working.


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!

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