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FRAG Pro Shooter - 2.24 - 2.24.1 Patch Notes ๐Ÿ—ป

Everything you need to know about Season 24 and upcoming events!


Features 2.24


Haigaden will make its entrance into the permanent map pool! You will now be able to play on Haigaden after reaching Leagues. The map has been rebalanced to ensure enjoyable games (bunkers HP were increased).

Revamped Sponsorship: Invite your friends to play FRAG to unlock awesome rewards! The more friends you have joining the game, the more gifts you get

- The referral has to make the first 2 tutorial battles to unlock his rewards. - The sponsor receives his rewards as soon as the referral makes its 2 tutorial battles.

/!\ This will only work for new players that have never downloaded the game before! /!\


Rewards for the sponsor: 1 friend = Ao, Izuna, DolB and Wave 'Origami' skins + 50 Diamonds + 4000 Gold 3 friends = One random FRAG Power + 100 Diamonds + 8000 Gold 6 friends = 2 Legendary Joker Cards + 200 Diamonds + 10 000 Gold 12 friends = One Rock Star Chest (exclusive) + 400 Diamonds + 12 000 Gold More than 12 friends = 10% of your referral spending in Diamonds + 25 Diamonds + 5000 Gold

Rewards for the sponsored: The 'Kaleidoscope' skin collection and 5000 Gold New Emotes:

Starting from the 2.24, all Holotags will become Emotes! This means you will now be able to use all your holotags as emotes, but you won't receive any holotag as they won't exist anymore. You will be able to choose the emotes you want to play with via the profile menu:

FRAG Pass:

You will find a brand new FRAG Pass with the amazing 'Red Lotus' skin collection with UNIQUE visual effects. Your season pass will also be filled with 6 brand new Emotes! You will find an Epic Joker Tablet and a FRAG Power in your FRAG Pass, Big Paku's "Ryรถshi" skin and Bibi's Emote will also be free for everyone! Following a Community request, we all added a 'collect all rewards' button to your FRAG pass!


Balancing (level 9)


Dan is supposed to shoot with two guns but this feeling is not really there. We are going to improve his main weapon shot while also working on his stats and ability to make Dan a more reliable character.

  • General โ†’ HP at level 1 : 110 โ†’ 130 (279 at level 9).

  • Double Gun โ†’ Speed while firing : 3.9km/h โ†’ 5.8km/h (+50%) โ†’ Min DPS : 57 (+7.32%) โ†’ Max DPS : 83 (+4.88%) โ†’ Max firing distance (-12.5%)

  • Regeneration โ†’ Percentage of heal (+18%)

Big Paku

Big Pakuโ€™s ability doesnโ€™t feel like a rocket launcher ability. We reworked the way his rockets are launched to make his gameplay more realistic and enjoyable.

  • General โ†’ HP at level 1 : 198 โ†’ 220 (472 at level 9). โ†’ Walkspeed : 5 (9.7km/h) โ†’ 4.5 (8.7km/h) (-10%)

  • Rocket Launcher โ†’ Speed while firing : 3.9km/h โ†’ 5.8km/h (+50%) โ†’ Max DPS : 59 (+7.36%) โ†’ Rockets will now slightly follow the target. โ†’ Max firing distance (-40%) โ†’ Damage effect max per shot +7.5%.

  • Rocket Burst โ†’ Duration : 0.6 โ†’ 1.5. โ†’ Rocket launched : 4 โ†’ 7. โ†’ Rockets will now slightly follow the target. โ†’ Damage effect per rocket min : -68%. โ†’ damage effect per rocket max : -70%. โ†’ Push effect power max : 10 โ†’ 4.


Jay Bโ€™s behavior doesnโ€™t look like a British secret agent. His main weapon is a silencer gun, but it shoots bursts. We will also strengthen his ability to make it more consistent, but also to compensate the damage loss on his main weapon.

  • General โ†’ No more burst, shoot 1 bullet per 1 bullet.

  • Silent Pistol โ†’ Fire rate : 150 โ†’ 100. โ†’ Shots per burst : 4 โ†’ 1. โ†’ Max firing distance : 50 โ†’ 40 (-20%).

  • Proxy Mine โ†’ Max concurrent : 3 โ†’ 4. โ†’ damage effect min : +60%. โ†’ damage effect max +33.34%. โ†’ Max distance : 50 โ†’ 40 (-20%).


The previous Dr.Frost buff didn't work as well as we expected, this time we are going to focus on his lankiness but also on the way his ability works, allowing it to shoot more icy bullets.

  • General โ†’ HP at level 1 : 187 โ†’ 220 (472 at level 9). โ†’ Walkspeed while shooting : 2.9km/h โ†’ 6.8km/h (+133.34%).

  • Freezing Gun โ†’ Max firing distance (-20%).

  • Avalanche โ†’ Duration : 1.1 โ†’ 2.5. โ†’ Shot launched : 4 โ†’ 9. โ†’ Explosion radius : 2m โ†’ 4m (+100%).


  • Curse of the Dead โ†’ Cooldown 15s โ†’ 16s.

  • FRAG Power โ†’ Skull Head: head shot multiplier 0.6 โ†’ 0.4.

Queen Unicorn

  • General โ†’ Hp effect modificator : -5 โ†’ -3.5.

  • FRAG Power โ†’ Fast Glitter : Increases fire rate by 30% โ†’ 20%. โ†’ Sparkles Blast: Main weapon radius is extended by 30% โ†’ 20%.

Lucha Muerta

  • General โ†’ HP -5%. โ†’ Min DPS -2.27%. โ†’ Max DPS -3%.


  • General โ†’ HP โ†’ -5%.


  • MVP Flash Tackle โ†’ Respawn time debuff -60%.

  • FRAG Power โ†’ Red Card: Respawn time debuff +67%.


  • General โ†’ Shino B doesnโ€™t teleport back to base after using its ability. โ†’ Shino-B is now a Center card. โ†’ His main weapon is different. โ†’ Walkspeed while shooting +200%.

  • Shuriken Gun โ†’ Min DPS : -68%. โ†’ Max DPS: -20%. โ†’ Max ammunition 18 โ†’ 24. โ†’ Projectiles per shot 3 โ†’ 6. โ†’ Ammunition used per shot 3 โ†’ 6. โ†’ Max firing distance : 200m โ†’ 50m.

  • Sneak-Jutsu โ†’ Shino B doesnโ€™t teleport back to base after using its ability cooldown : 5 โ†’ 10 (+100%).


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some crash issues due to Google services.

  • Fixed Engaging speed is now effective when shooting at a Bunker Target. Meaning that enemies will be slower when shooting at your Bunker Targets (according to their speed while shooting).

  • Fixed Health regen value from implants was character level-dependant by mistake. The fix has significant impact for very high level character, for who the regen speed was up to x3.5 faster than expected.

  • Fixed Grammar issue in the "Frag Power Combo Offer".

  • Fixed Mayra will now spawn with one Wasp .

  • Fixed Multiple grammar issues in character "Mayra's" story tab.

  • Fixed The user starts with -1 tickets in any club wars event.

  • Fixed When tapping on the "Fast transfer" button and the "Camera view" button at the same time the user cannot navigate the character.

  • Fixed After tapping on the title of the "Beginner's Pack" offer, the glitched pop-up window appears.

  • Fixed The "Beginner's Pack" offer has a spelling issue.


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!

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