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FRAG Pro Shooter - 2.25 Patch Notes ๐Ÿ•ต๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

Everything you need to know about Season 25 and upcoming events!


Features 2.25

Community Event: Who stole the FRAG Powers?

A new Community Event is about to start! Will you be able to solve the mystery of the 'Frag Club Robbery'? Solve the weekly riddles to unlock the secret reward! Make sure to follow our social media not to miss it! Stay tuned!

FRAG Pass:

You will find a brand new FRAG Pass with the amazing 'FRAG Club' skin collection with UNIQUE visuals. You will find a Rare Joker Tablet and a FRAG Power in your FRAG Pass, "Don Boss" skin will also be free for everyone!



On 2.24, Dan, JayB, Big Paku, and Dr.Frost received gameplay modifications and minimal stat improvements. Those changes were not enough to push those characters higher in the meta. We heard the community's feedback and decided to give them a real push this time.


As one of the first characters in the game, we wanted to make him more powerful overall with a more consistent kit.

  • General โ†’ HP at level 1 : 130 โ†’ 160 (+23%).

  • Double Gun โ†’ Min DPS +7.2%. โ†’ Max DPS +7%. โ†’ Fire rate 500 โ†’ 550 (+10%).

Big Paku

Big Pakuโ€™s ability needed more damage to be consistent with the expected impact of a rocket rain.

  • General โ†’ HP at level 1 : 220 โ†’ 240 (+9%). โ†’ Walkspeed : 4.5 (8.7km/h) โ†’ 5 (9.7km/h) (-10%).

  • Rocket Launcher โ†’ Min DPS: +11.2%. โ†’ Max DPS: +10%. โ†’ Fire rate : 50 โ†’ 60 (+20%). โ†’ Lauch Force : 40 โ†’ 50 (+25%).

  • Rocket Burst โ†’ Damage effect per rocket min : (+25%). โ†’ damage effect per rocket max : (+67%).


With the recent changes on Jay B's shot (bullet burst to unique bullet per shot). We strengthened the main weapon damage further and made him less vulnerable with an HP boost.

  • General โ†’ HP at level 1 : 110 โ†’ 130 (+18%).

  • Silent Pistol โ†’ Min DPS: +6%. โ†’ Max DPS: +5%.


Dr. Frost is one of the first characters available in the game. We wanted him to be more enjoyable, we increased his main weapon damage and range.

  • Freezing Gun โ†’ Min DPS: +38%. โ†’ Max DPS: +4.5%. โ†’ Max ammo 5 โ†’ 6 (+20%). โ†’ Acquisition Distance : 20 โ†’ 30 (+50%). โ†’ Spread min : 3 โ†’ 2 (-33.3%). โ†’ Spread max : 6 โ†’ 5 (-16.7%).


Mr.Doeโ€™s weapon doesnโ€™t feel like a Tommy gun. We changed its shot pattern by increasing the spread and also the damage. The ability didn't last long enough to make tactical moves so we also increased its duration.

  • General โ†’ HP at level 1 : 110 โ†’ 130 (+18%).

  • Tommy Gun โ†’ Min DPS: +5%. โ†’ Max DPS: +3%. โ†’ Weapon recoil increased. โ†’ max Vertical recoil : 3.5 โ†’ 3 (-16.7%).

  • Invisibility โ†’ Duration : 9 โ†’ 14 (+55%).


Ape-Suit's Gatling was not firing quickly enough, we decided to improve its fire rate.

  • Gatling โ†’ Min DPS: +14%. โ†’ Max DPS: +14%. โ†’ Fire rate : 300 โ†’ 350 (+16.7%).

  • Frag Power โ†’ Rapid Gunner: Increases fire rate by 30% โ†’ 20%.


Virus' kit felt outdated, we increased her stats and reworked her ability to push her back into the meta.

  • General โ†’ HP at level 1 : 110 โ†’ 130 (+18%). โ†’ Engaging speed 2.5 โ†’ 3.5 (+40%).

  • The Needle โ†’ Min DPS: +9%. โ†’ Max DPS: +18%. โ†’ Acquisition distance : 70 โ†’ 80 (+14.3%). โ†’ Range max 0 to 80

  • Infection: rework Now, fires a syringe creating a poison zone when exploding: - When the syringe hits an enemy, it deals instant damage and stunts him. - When an enemy walks inside the poison zone, he gets slowed while poison damages are applied, he will also receive more damage while being poisoned.


  • General โ†’ HP at level 1 : 133 โ†’ 150 (+15%).

  • Dark claws โ†’ Min DPS +3.5%. โ†’ Max DPS : +3.5%. โ†’ Fire rate 500 โ†’ 525 (+5%).

Hades 5.1

  • Holo Scythe โ†’ Min DPS: +4.2%. โ†’ Max DPS: +5%. โ†’ Reload time : 3 โ†’ 2.5 (-20%).

  • TROJAN.EXE โ†’ Ability Radius : 7 โ†’ 9.5 (+35.7%).

  • Frag Power โ†’ Rapid Scythe: Main weapon reload time reduced by 70% โ†’ 60%.


Takeshi was a very powerful character, so we made him a bit slower as his ability already gives him a speed boost, we also changed the ability by reducing the extra HP bonus and the given damage.

  • Overclock โ†’ Walk speed: 12 โ†’ 10 (-16.7%). โ†’ Engaging target speed : 12 โ†’ 10 (-16.7%). โ†’ Extra Hps : 125 โ†’ 50 (-60%). โ†’ Damage effect: - 16%.


Lilliโ€™s main weapon was too strong, the burn effect was unfair in a lot of situations.

  • Hell of a stick โ†’ Min DPS - 23%. โ†’ Max DPS : - 23%. โ†’ Burn effect damage: - 20%. โ†’ Burn effect duration: 4 โ†’ 3 (-33.3%).


Oksa was too dominant, we focused on her ability to reduce the damage and the action zone.

  • Skaggoxen โ†’ Min DPS - 3%. โ†’ Max DPS : - 3%.

  • Maelstrom โ†’ Damage effect max: - 7.1%. โ†’ Radius : 8 โ†’ 7 (-12.5%).


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed The "send 5 Emojis" mission is not working in any battle.

  • Fixed Players with a great difference in trophies were not able to do a duel together.

  • Fixed User can navigate to other menus while Sponsorship rewards are shown on the screen.

  • Fixed The name for the FRAG Pass skins on the pop-up is the same as the previous one.

  • Fixed The title for "Assign your emote".

  • Fixed Emotes are spilling out of their designated area in the "Wall Of Fortune".

  • Fixed Shadow overlaps with the text on the sponsorship rewards.

  • Fixed Captain Polar's ability does not work on summoned units in all battles.


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!

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