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FRAG Pro Shooter - 3.10 Patch Notes 🏄

Everything you need to know about FRAG Vol.3 and upcoming challenges!


New Fragger → Jaw Jaw

Jaw Jaw (level 9): Rare


Hitpoints → 815

Damage/Second → 82

Speed → 11.6 km/h Speed while shooting → 11.1 km/h Respawn time: 22 s

Main Weapon: Rescue board

A rescue board turned into a lethal weapon, Jaw Jaw can use it to hit multiple targets with a single blow.

Ammo Weapon range → 5 m

Base Damage → 75 Fire Rate → 65

Ability: Reef break

Jaw Jaw jumps on his board and starts surfing forward, pushing, slowing, and damaging all the enemies he encounters.

Ability Cooldown → 9 s Duration → 4 s Damage → 129 Push → 20 Slow effect → 30%

Shark Skin → HP increased by 20%.

King of the Reef → Ability duration is increased by 0.7.


Features 3.10

New Arena Challenge (In test, new players only):

When moving to a new arena, you will start a new challenge giving you a chance to unlock a Fragger specific to this arena. Do not miss your chance to unlock more Fraggers!

The wardrobe:

This new skin-only lottery will allow you to unlock exclusive and premium skins! The 1st spin will be free, then you will need to use skin coins for more spins.

The Wardrobe will open on the second week of the season, for one week only!

The FRAG lounge:

The FRAG Lounge is now live!

In order to access the FRAG Lounge, you will make to purchase anything in the game (after the update)

New missions:

A new set of missions were added to the game, you will be able to discover them in challenges:

We did a massive overhaul on the seasonal challenge. You will have easier missions. For instance, we replaced many of the "Be MVP 3 times in a row" with specific Fragger by an easier "Be MVP 3 times in total". Discover the new missions while playing. You will also be able to try Fraggers you don't own yet.

Additional features:

  • Rolaf is now unlockable starting Arena 3

  • A new 'Suggestion' tab was added to the Friend menu





  • Holo-Harpoon Fire rate: 70 → 80 Ammo: +2

  • Shark Storm! +10% damage duration: +1 sec


  • General HP + 15% Health regen 3% → 4%

  • The Gooper Projectile per shot 3 → 6 Ammo count 5 → 6 Reduced spread by 50%


  • Not so Regular Gun Reduce recoil by 50%

  • Trick Master Fly ability +2 sec in the air Fly ability: while in the air +20% fire rate

Lucha Muerta

  • Chainsaw Increased min and max damage by 10%

  • Dead Gas Cooldown reduced by 25% Toxic cloud duration increased by 20% Toxic cloud damage over time increased by 25%. Speed reduction effect on toxic cloud increased by 25% Jump distance increased by 11%

Baron Voodoom

  • General Damage +20% HP + 15%

  • Resurrection speed up his ability cast time by 15%


  • General Speed while shooting: 5.8 → 7.8

  • Tech-Trident Min damage increased by 50% max damage increased by 10%

  • Go Leviathan!! Cooldown 20 → 16 seconds

Rippin Fin'

  • General Weapon range 30 → 40m Base damage +10%


  • General Speed 10.7 → 11.2 +10% Hp

  • Gaitling Fire rate 350 → 370

  • Shredder Damage = main gun base damage +10%


  • General Fire Rate 300 → 250


  • General Reduce homing speed by 25% Ability range 60m → 50m Fire rate 70 → 60


Bug Fixes:

  • In Progress: Players sowing wrong clubs during battles

  • Fixed Mimi Gold Skin miniature is missing from the shop.

  • Fixed Season Pass reward tiers can be bought without having enough diamonds.

  • Fixed Players can be stuck because of Evil Piper's late tutorial.

  • Fixed Final reward for the "Guizmo's Band" challenge is not displayed properly when the device is not connected to the internet.

  • Fixed The total friend number is incorrect and makes players think they can add more while it's not the case.

  • Fixed Character Vlad's special ability is missing crowd control effects.

  • Fixed Multiple inconsistency issues in some characters information.


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!



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