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FRAG Pro Shooter - 3.18 Patch Notes ๐Ÿ–Œ๏ธ

Everything you need to know about FRAG Vol.3 and upcoming challenges!


New Fragger โ†’ Mei-Lรณng

Mei-Lรณng (level 9): Epic


Hitpoints โ†’ 511

Damage/Second โ†’71-93

Speed โ†’ 11.6 km/h Speed while shooting โ†’ 10.7 km/h

Main Weapon: Precision Palette

Unleash a swift stroke, splattering enemies with paint and transforming the battlefield into a chaotic canvas.

Rifle mode: Ammo โ†’ โˆž Weapon range โ†’ 30m

Base Damage โ†’ 111.5 Fire Rate โ†’ 50 Radius โ†’ 3m

Ability: Chain of Color

Throw a chain that slows down the stricken enemy, making him more vulnerable to damage. If the opponent fails to leave the area within 3 seconds, the player is stunned.

Ability Cooldown โ†’ 0.5s Range โ†’ 16m Chain duration โ†’ 3s Slow Effectย โ†’ 40% Damage bonus (1 chain)ย โ†’ 15% Damage bonus (2 chains)ย โ†’ 25% Damage bonus (3 chains)ย โ†’ 40% Stun durationย โ†’ 1s

FRAG Powers

Hypnotic Chain โ†’ Ability stun duration is increased by 100%. Chromatic Burst โ†’ย Main weapon's fire rate is increased by 30%.


Features 3.18

Joker Cards and Tablets

  • Joker tokens are being reverted to what they were a few seasons ago, you will now be able to use them on any card level again, regardless of your max character level.

  • Starting from 3.19, all Joker tokens exceeding the maximum limit, except for those directly bought, will be converted into diamonds. You will not be able to collect more.

Reward Calendar

  • Reaching half-season, the Reward Calendar will be back with tons of gold, chests, Joker cards and Tablets, FRAG Powers, and Legendary Cards!

  • Collect your Sparkettes and enjoy your rewards!

Inker Skin Challenge:

  • This new Challenge will give you a chance to unlock a FRAG Power for Mei-Lรณng, and an exclusive brand new skin, 1st of a new collection line called "Comics"! Don't miss out on this!

Valentine's Challenges:

  • For Valentine's Day, you will be able to complete this bonus challenge to get a chance to unlock two exclusive skins and a Lilli copy!

Catchback Challenges:

  • 4 Additional League Challenges were added for leagues, in case you missed the opportunity to unlock the specific characters.

  • Characters are: - Baron Voodoom - Scrapper - R0N1N - DesperaDOS





  • Speed 9.7 โ†’ 10.6

  • Engaging Speed 6.8 โ†’ 8.6

Main Weapon

  • Fire rate 90 โ†’ 100

  • Reload time 1.5 โ†’ 1.3

Main Weapon

  • Cooldown 15s โ†’ 12s

  • Damage +15%

Big Paku


  • Speed 8.7 โ†’ 9.7

  • Engaging speed 4.8 โ†’ 7.6

Main Weapon

  • Ammo 4 โ†’ 6

  • Fire rate 60 โ†’ 75

  • Reload time 2.2 โ†’ 2.0

  • Push Effect 10 โ†’ 8

FRAG Power

  • Ricket Boost: All speeds are increased by 20%

  • Quick Loarding: Ability cooldown -4s



  • Damage boost per stack increased:



  • Health point increased by 25%

  • Engaging speed 4.8 โ†’ย 7.6

Main Weapon

  • Ammo 5 โ†’ย 8

  • Fire rate 55 โ†’ย 75

  • Reload time 1.6 โ†’ย 2.3

  • Base damage (level 9) 85 โ†’ย 107

Cyber Girl


  • Buff duration: 3s ย โ†’ 5s

  • health bonus: 30 ย โ†’ 45%

  • NEW: Damage bonus +20%


Main Weapon

  • Ammo 16 โ†’ 20

  • Fire rate 250 to 400

FRAG Power

  • Home Run: Main weapon fire rate is increased by 20%

  • Strong Bat: All damage dealt are increased by 15%



  • Speed while shooting: 10.7 โ†’ 12.1


  • Trap size increased by 15%

  • Damage increased by 10%

  • Poison damage increased by 10%



  • Aim bug issue is now fixed



  • Health Point -17%

  • Speeds 9.7 โ†’ 10.7

Weapon: Rifle

  • Headshot bonus 1.2 โ†’ 1.4

  • Fire rate 400

  • Damage +10%

Weapon: Shotgun

  • range 35m โ†’ 20m

  • Damage +5%

Eagle Eye


  • Reduced damage on bunkers by 70%


Bug Fixes:

Fixed "Genki's Triumph" challenge image is not loading.

Fixedย Sparkette healthbar is not responsive.

Fixedย Arena challenges are missing when the user reaches certain arenas.

Fixedย Eagle Eye FOCUS augment can stack damage.

Fixedย Two "X" buttons exist in the "Create Club" tab in the Club menu.

Fixedย The VFX and animations refresh each time the screen is scrolled in the Lottery menu.

Fixedย The character Laika's card is the reward in the Seasonal Lottery in the โ€œFRAG Flying Corpsโ€ Season instead of the character McDyver.

Fixedย No additional damage is dealt to character during the duration of the Last Stand augment.


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