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FRAG Pro Shooter - 3.2/3.2.1 Patch Notes 🔥

Everything you need to know about FRAG Vol.3 and upcoming challenges!


Features 3.2.1

New Club Competitive Challenge: Club War is back! Trophy Road: New rewards and Characters

Features 3.2

This update will be dedicated to improving the 3.1 content: Augments, bug fixes, and game stability.


New Augment: Last Stand

After getting Fragged, your character will revive once with a fraction of its health. Your character will lose health over time, but you will have a chance to take revenge on your enemies! Leveling up this augment adds new effects to your character when reviving.

Effects: - Augment Level 1: x1.05 Move Speed

- Augment Level 3: Revive with full ammo

- Augment Level 6: Revive with ability cooldown reset - Augment Level 8: Damage boost x1 - Augment Level 9: Damage boost x1.2, Move speed boost x1.5


  • New Arena Challenges: Starting from the 3.2 update, a new Arena Challenge will start each time you reach a new arena. This update will bring challenges from arena 0 to 4, more Arena Challenges will be added in upcoming updates. Arenas 0 to 4 will also receive new specific characters Challenges.

  • New Competitive Challenge: During this season, we will release an additional update in order to start a new competitive challenge similar to the old 'Club Wars' event, more details will be shared soon, stay tuned.

Get some Get more offer: The Get some Get more offer is back! This particular offer has been revamped to better fit your Augment material needs!

Keep in mind that the content of the offer is unique to every player.

FRAG Pass:

You will find a brand new FRAG Pass with amazing 'Cybernetic' skins for Ark-On, Øksa, and Lollypop. Your season pass will also be filled with Augment components to help your progression. Finally, you will be able to unlock an Epic Joker tablet.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Players are no longer able to score challenge points in practice or duel mode.

  • Fixed Characters are not able to use their ability indefinitely until switching to another character when hit by Cipher's ability.

  • Fixed Trophy Road crash issue.

  • Fixed Missions showing negative figures in some Challenges.

  • Fixed Canceling the character selection of a 2v2 friendly invitation causes the game to lose the characters in the main menu.

  • Fixed Cancel your character selection when the player is launching a 2v2 in Club causes a mix of UI.

  • Fixed Augment icon is missing from the character's info.

  • Fixed Bibi's cosmos skin is constantly being highlighted.

  • Fixed Using the "Play with your Club" button from the main menu 2v2 mode doesn't redirect the player to the Club menu.

  • Fixed If a 2v2 invitation doesn't succeed the player can't cancel a 2v2 club battle.

  • Fixed Crosshair for the Focus augment appears on characters that do not have the augment.

  • Fixed Users are able to complete missions and win battles with a specific character in their deck in 2v2 without owning the card.

  • Fixed Some localization mistakes are present for some objectives and descriptions.

  • Fixed Notification for completed missions overlaps with the completed challenge.


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!



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