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FRAG Pro Shooter - 3.5 Patch Notes 🏈

Everything you need to know about FRAG Vol.3 and upcoming challenges!


Features 3.5

Prestige Levels:

Starting 3.5 you will be able to upgrade your characters below level 16. This will be a cosmetic upgrade, it won't give any additional stats or power to your characters. The maximum level for a single character is now set to level 20, this might increase in future updates


Power growth



Xp given



10 000

150 000

1 000



2 000

150 000

1 000




150 000

1 000




150 000

1 000

Changes to IA and bot battle difficulty (TEST):

With the 3.5 update, you may notice a difference in battles against bots as we aim to make them more challenging (without drastically increasing their level), and adaptable to meet the needs of our players.

Game mode and Map unlock (TEST):

To enhance the gaming experience and facilitate the onboarding of new players, we are revamping the process for unlocking new game modes and maps in the game. - Arena 2 → 2v2 - Arena 3 → Map, the Pit - Arena 4 → Street FRAG - Arena 5 → Map Haigaden - Arena 8 → Payload - Arena 10 → Map Waterfall

You will also notice that the 2v2 trophy cap was increased to 600.

Changes to Joker Cards and Tablets:

A Joker Card/Tablet can ONLY be used on characters that are below the maximum level achieved for a card of that rarity. Eg: - A player 2 highest level cards are a Legendary level 11 and an Epic level 10. His highest level Rare and Common are level 7 - The player can use Joker Card/Tablet to upgrade -Legendary up to level 11* - Epic up to level 10 - Rare up to level 7 - Common up to level 7 This means that you cannot upgrade a legendary card with a Joker tablet to level 14 if your best legendary card is level 13.

Valentine's Special:

Unlock the limited edition Quarter-BK and Piper Reese Valentine's Day skins from February 14th to 16th! You will just need to complete the dedicated Challenge to add them to your collection. Don't miss out on this romantic opportunity! The missions will be focused on 2v2 and clubs.

Challenge Progression Tracker (TEST):

Stay on top of your game and easily track your progress in ongoing challenges. Get a personalized event progression tracker, which updates after each battle, and never miss a beat!

Unlock Evil Piper:

Unlock the sinister Evil Piper and unleash chaos! Play the exciting 'Corrupt Piper' Challenge from February 24th to March 1st and bring your FRAG experience to the next level. Don't miss this chance to unlock this exclusive character.

Note: Duality will be unlockable in the Seasonal Challenge

FRAG pass:

Discover the all-new FRAG Pass featuring the awe-inspiring "Sport Squad" skin collection with its distinct visual style. You'll receive Piper Reese's FRAG Power (or a random FRAG power if you already have both), two never-before-seen Emotes, and a rare Joker Tablet.




We heard the community feedback and we decided the following:

Vandal is now Center Mecha Knight is now Defense

Smoker second FRAG Power was changed to +20% health


  • General Damage +10% Health Point +25%


  • T-Shirt Cannon Damage +10% Fire Rate 80 Ammunition +2

  • Go Bibi Go! Now boost BIBI too


  • General Damage +15%

Rippin Fin

  • General Damage +15% Health Point +15%


  • General Damage +10% Health Point +10% Move speed → 11.6 Move speed while shooting → 8.7

Cyber Agent

  • General Fire Rate 550 Min Damage +10%


  • General Fire Rate 300 Health Point +10%


  • General Ammunition +2 Move Speed 10.7 Move Speed while shooting 2.9


We were not happy with the way that SlimeR used to deal damage, the user experience was not fun and felt weird. SlimeR will now do more damage on impact, while his poison damage is reduced.

  • Slime Gun Damage on impact 16 Damage over time 7 Projectile launch force: 30 → 40

  • Slime Being Damage on impact: 40 Damage over time 20


  • General Health Point +20%


  • General Health Point +15%


Quater-BK is a veteran Fragger that was previously underutilized. We have addressed its key shortcomings and infused it with newfound power, making it a great addition to your deck.

  • Grenade Launcher Fire rate 50 → 70 Reload Time 3.1 → 2.5 Damage +10% Ammunition +1 Projectile launch force 30 → 45 Homing: on

  • Tackle Now applies a 1-sec stun to affected targets


  • General Health Point +10% Move Speed → 12.6

  • The Money-Maker Ammunition to sniper mode +1 Damage +10%


Even if We are happy to see that Genkis made his way to the meta, he was too dominant during the past season and had to be adjusted. We focused on his main strength without changing his playstyle too much.

  • Powder Canon Projectile bounce: removed Homing: speed 15 → 5 Projectile explosion delay: 1 → 2 (to compensate for the projectile bounce loss)


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Avalanche and Noot basic attacks silencing their target abilities.

  • Fixed User gains more Profile Experience after leveling up a character.

  • Fixed Character Dan has blue skin set as his original (Dan was reverted to red).

  • Fixed Shadows on the wall of the map The Pit are not displayed correctly.

  • Fixed Highest level card is not registered for joker cards/disks if the player is in Arena below the card's Arena.

  • Fixed Battles are not counted for the mission "Play online battles with X".

  • Fixed Canceling a transaction shouldn't trigger a "Failed Transaction" message.

  • Fixed Exchange basic plan from the Trophy Road against diamond will show a screen with an exchange at 0.

  • Fixed Icon of the Frag power stay the same until the player unlocked the reward.

  • Fixed "Watch X ads" objective in "Development challenge" is reset after reinstalling the game and using cloud save

  • Fixed Character Smoker's 2nd frag power is still "Double Exhaust"

  • Fixed Dan is still blue in the "Dan's Beginnings" challenge during the FTUE

  • Fixed "Dan's beginning" challenge does not send any notifications when it has something claimable.

  • Fixed The notification "Join a club" is sent even if the player already belongs to one.

  • Fixed Days in the Gatling and Seasonal challenges are not displayed correctly on the last day of the challenge

  • Fixed "Eliminate 10 enemies in one battle while playing Genkis" mission counts more than 10 frags

  • Fixed "Share" button inside the deck is missing translation for certain languages

  • Fixed Slimer's gun has incorrect sounds.


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!



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