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FRAG Pro Shooter - 3.8 Patch Notes 🕵️

Everything you need to know about FRAG Vol.3 and upcoming challenges!


New Fragger → Detective Guizmo

Detective Guizmo (level 9): Legendary


Hitpoints → 536

Damage/Second → 84-102

Speed → 11.6 km/h Speed while shooting → 7.8 km/h Respawn time: 22 s

Main Weapon: Not-so-Regular-Gun

Weird-looking gun with a twist: your 3rd shot will stun your target, while your 6th shot will inflict a critical strike. The order resets when you reload.

Ammo → 6 Weapon range → 50 m

Base Damage → 91 Reload Time → 2.1 s Fire Rate → 90

Headshot Damage Multiplier: x1.4

Ability: Trick Master

Grab your enemy. Then take a picture of them from up close, blinding them. Then set them aside. Repeat.

1st use: Grab

Ability Cooldown → 7 s Range → 50 m Stun → 1 sec

2nd use: Flash

Ability Cooldown → 7 s Range → 7 m Slow effect → -75% movement speed Damage bonus → +20%

3rd use: Takeoff

Ability Cooldown → 7 s Fly duration → 5 s The main weapon turns into a rocket launcher while flying

Then goes back to the 1st use

Gadget Master → Every ability cooldown is decreased by 3 s.

Pew-Pew → Max ammo increased by 3.


Features 3.8

How to unlock Detective Guizmo:

Detective Guizmo will be easy to unlock for everyone, as he will be rewarded with several challenges. (Seasonal Challenge, Club Wars), complete the missions, and score points to unlock Detective Guizmo and more copies! You won't be able to use Joker Cards and Joker Tablets on Detective Guizmo.

About Cheryl: the only way to unlock Cheryl will be in challenges and a new Club feature coming next update! (3.9)

Ability reworks:

Sno and Vlad have been reworked! More details are in the balancing section below.

FRAG lounge: (in test for New Players only)

A new lottery was added to the game! The FRAG Lounge will allow you to unlock premium items and exclusive characters: Lollypop, Sno, Blot, Desperados, Mekkalodon, Sunny, RedShadow, Ark-On, ZapGirl, Jager, and Striker. The lottery will only unlock the listed characters, which will be available in chests afterward.

You will be able to purchase tickets for this specific lottery in the dedicated shop.

New Friend Menu:

The Friend menu has been updated! You will now find the dedicated menu on the Main Screen!

- Allows you to copy your unique friend ID to your clipboard, you can paste it anywhere you like.

- Allows you to enter any friend ID.

- Allows you to share an invitation link on social apps.

- Allows you to connect via Facebook or Play Store/App Store.

- Allows you to check who sent you a friend invitation, then you will be able to accept it or decline it.

From now on, you will be able to send and receive private messages or game invitations from your Friends only. Contacts synchronized from Facebook Connect or any other platform will be automatically considered as 'friends'. You will still have to option to follow someone, allowing you to check their FanBase activity.

Right now the friend limit is set to 100 friends, but will be increased in the 3.9 update.

New Club Menu:

- Team Up: this will allow you to start a duel or a 2v2 battle with a club member. - Card Request: allows you to request cards, you will see a red dot when a card request is available.

- The Emote Icon: allows you to send any emote you previously unlocked. When a donation is sent, this button will turn grey and a countdown to your next request will appear.

- This button: allows you to check shared decks or club battle results.

FRAG pass:

Discover the all-new FRAG Pass featuring the awe-inspiring "Anniversary" skin collection with its distinct visual style. You'll receive several Ark-On Cards, two never-before-seen Emotes, and a common Rare Tablet.




When played by bots, the following characters will no longer be able to use their ability:

  • Darius

  • Ollie

  • QuaterBK

  • Ron1n

  • Sno

  • Lollypop

  • Miss Bunny

All Character respawn time is now set to 22 seconds.

Meteor Augment

Now also pushes on the side to prevent two characters with the augment atcive to be stuck in a 'push and stun' loop


  • Gauntlet Blasters Now fires two projectiles that do heavy damage at short range with a very short reload time, it has only two bullets.

  • Ski Free! You can now decide when to use it or not, meaning that you can stop it whenever you want. You have to wait until the gauge fills up to go as far as possible, otherwise, the use time is shorter.


  • Sniper Rifle Ammo +2 Damage +15%

  • Infection Vlad's tornado now moves forward, throwing enemies upward (not pushing them) Once the enemies impacted get on the ground, they are stunned for 1sec and slowed for 30% for 3sec. Vlad can no longer throw himself or his allies upward (impact only enemies) No damage to the bunkers.


  • General Fire Rate 170 → 220 Hp +30% Base Damage +10%


  • General Move speed 8.7 → 10.7

  • Shuriken Gun Bullet per shot 6 → 3 Reduce the spread

  • Sneak-Jutsu After using his ability +15% Move Speed and damage


  • General DPS is missing from the weapon screen Hp +15% Min dps now = actual Max DPS


  • Dark Summoning Clones have +25% damage Clones have +15% life steal on hit


  • General Wildcard → Attack Speed While Shooting: 7.8 → 8.7 Hp +20% The spread effect on the main weapon decreased


  • General Wildcard → Center MoveSpeed 10.7 → 12.6 Hp +10% Damage +10%


  • General Fire Rate 1200 → 1000 Ammo 20 → 16 Damage +15% Ability cooldown 9 → 12


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Medusa can shoot through bunkers on Waterfall.

  • Fixed Character Sno's special ability animation keeps playing even when the ability is stopped prematurely.

  • Fixed Character Shino-B's weapon projectiles move slower than the time it takes Shino-B to hit his target.

  • Fixed Club icon button located inside a user profile is unresponsive.

  • Fixed Starting a Battle after entering a new arena overlaps the battle UI with the Main Menu.

  • Fixed Character Vandals ability has improper hitbox.

  • Fixed Character Lilli is invisible from a distance when using a special ability.

  • Fixed Certain UI elements disappear when stunned by the character "Noot" special ability during a battle.


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!



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