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FRAG Pro Shooter - 3.9 Patch Notes 🎵

Everything you need to know about FRAG Vol.3 and upcoming challenges!


Features 3.9

Pulse Map Challenge:

The pulse Map is back!! After almost a year, you will be able to play on the Pulse map again during two challenges: The first one will be live from June 8th to June 13th, and the second one from June 23rd to 28th. During these events, the Pulse map will replace the classic Street Frag map

Unlock Rolaf Challenge:

An additional Challenge will allow you to unlock Rolaf during this season, DO NOT MISS IT! The challenge will be available between June 18th and June 20th

Friend feature improvement:

The 'Reward' tab was added to the friend menu, allowing you to pick up rewards ranging from exclusive characters, skins, and chests. The more friends you have, the more rewards! the total friend limit was also increased to 200 friends. The Friend ID is now a shorter, unique ID that will change every month.

FRAG pass:

Discover the all-new FRAG Pass featuring the awe-inspiring "Mozart" skin collection with its distinct visual style. You'll receive several Queen Boom Cards, two never-before-seen Emotes, and a Common Tablet.




  • Energy Blast Damage +10% Headshot x1.4 → 1.8 Bullet radius slightly increased

Captain Polar

  • Recon Rifle Fire rate 50 → 70 Reload time 2.01 → 1.5 Damage +12%

  • Polar Freeze Fix: 3rd bullet now does additional damage correctly

Cyber Cop

  • Justice Gun Damage +14% Push effect 5 → 7

  • Jail Width increased by 10%


  • General Speed while shooting 3.9 → 8.8

  • Sawgun Damage +8% Bullet per shot: 4 → 2


  • General Walking Speed 9.7 → 11.2

  • Slime-Coming! Health cost 20% HP → 10% HP Self Damage decreased by 25%


  • General Walking Speed 9.7 → 10.7

  • Lasertune Fire rate: 50 → 70 Range 30m → 40m Damage +5%

  • Bunker Beats Cooldown 12s → 9s


  • General Walking Speed 11.6 → 12.3 +10% HP Speed while shooting 5.8 → 8.8

  • Holo Scythe Ammo: 6 → 8 Reload Time 2.6s → 1.3s Fire rate 70 → 80


  • General Walking Speed 13.6 → 14.6 +10% HP Fire rate 75 → 85

  • Swift Strike Damage +15%


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed The cooldown displayed for Detective Gizmo is not updated when the cooldown reduction Frag Power is equipped.

  • Fixed Percentage numbers are visible without tap-holding the "?" button inside the lottery.

  • Fixed Diamond count doesn't update when the user buys a spin inside the lottery.

  • Fixed Players unlock card feature has magenta rectangles displayed in Club menu.

  • Fixed Cheryl can have her ability flamer basic attack permanent after being stunned.

  • Fixed Using Detective Guizmo's special ability causes enemy character to get stuck during a battle.

  • Fixed The club leaderboard displays a "Maintenance" window.

  • Fixed The "Execute" augment does not works as intended on a unit with the "Last Stand" augment enabled.

  • Fixed Detective Guizmo is stuck in the grab animation after using his first special ability.

  • Fixed he card level and prestige stars are not shown when looking at another player's profile from the Club menu


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!



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