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FRAG Pro Shooter Vol. 2 - 1.7.2 Patch Notes

Hey there, Fraggers! 🥰

Today we’re making history, so if you’re not hyped enough, then GET hyped, because it’s finally time to talk about the biggest Frag update ever! 💥

Frag Vol. 2 is now released on Android & iOS!


New Game Mode Payload

That's right! 1.7.2 is coming with an exciting new mode!

Payload is a new awesome mode you'll be able to find in your Game Modes menu, that will also have event iterations like 2v2 and Street Frag, during which you'll get more prizes for playing it!

The 1st event iteration starts on November 10 at noon UTC. Please note that both the mode & the event will only appear for those who are level 7 (or above).

The goal of Payload is to make sure your cart reaches its destination, but your opponent's doesn't!

Be sure to take into account that payloads regenerate health and that their speed varies depending on their health. Besides that, don't forget to watch your back, of course! Enemies are everywhere, and there's a lot to take into account, so best of luck to you, and let us know what you think!


New Legendary Character

If you've been on Discord lately, then you probably already saw some snippets of the upcoming character. 🤫

Now it's time to finally introduce the one and only...

Ark-On is more than just a character. His presence in Frag changes everything.

He is more powerful than anyone we’ve ever seen, and he wants to prove it.


Ark-On is the most advanced AI system in the universe, who emancipated himself from his mysterious masters. He chose to enter the FRAG tournament to show the world what true power really is, and forged the FRAG Powers for his opponents to stand a chance against his mighty force.

STATS (level 9)

Hitpoints 333

Damage/Second 68-88

Speed 11.6 km/h

Speed while shooting 8.7 km/h

Respawn Delay 30 sec



Fire Rate 38

Base Damage 139.3

Weapon Radius 1 m


Cooldown 20 sec

Duration 7 sec

Storm Radius 5 m

Storm Damage 35.2/s

Lightning Charges 3

Lightning Explosion Radius 3.2 m

Lightning Damage 128.6

(*1) Power Charge: Throw lightning bolts at your enemies to deal lots of damage.

(*2) Wrath of Ark-On: Dash and levitate over the battlefield, summoning a powerful storm you can target and damage enemies with. While up in the air, throw 3 lightning bolts at the center of the storm to deal massive damage to your opponents.

Ark-On is a Digital Wild Card that's particularly strong against Infantry targets.

If you have a regular Season Pass, then good news! At Tier 35, you will receive Ark-On, and at Tier 36, you will also receive his Neo skin.

His Frag Power is also given at Tier 72 of the Pro Season Pass. Please note that this is the only way to obtain his Frag Power until Ark-On becomes available in chests.

As always, you'll be able to try out the new character during 2 Random Draft events, each lasting 3 days.

"Play with Ark-On" dates:

Friday, Nov 6 Sunday, Nov 8

Friday, Nov 20 Sunday, Nov 22

Ark-On will be released in chests on December 2nd 2020.


Frag Powers

Ark-On’s power goes beyond what we imagine... He’s not just a strong character. When he joined the Frag Arena, he forged what we call the Frag Powers, so that others can stand a chance against him.

Yep, that’s right, Ark-On is changing how the game works.

These Frag Powers are special perks that differ from character to character and you can unlock in chests.

For example, if you play with Jet, then your ability's push effect will be increased by 30% after you unlock her Frag Power.

There are a ton of different Frag Powers out there, like:

  • -7 s Ability cooldown for Dan

  • +20% HP boost for Cyber Girl

  • +0.4x Headshot multiplier for Virus

  • +30% Gun radius for Laika

  • +30% Ability radius for Vandal

  • +0.4x Headshot multiplier for Inferno

... and so on!

If you want to know what Frag Power your characters have, you can consult all of them in the character menu, even if you didn't unlock the Frag Power yet.

Frag Powers will only be available for characters of level 10 and above and their purpose is to give us a bit more in return for all the hard work we put in with our favorite characters. Who knows... maybe in the future we'll have even more coming on this front! 😉


New Cosmos Skins!

Yes, yes, yes! They are finally here!

🌟 We can finally WEAR STARS! 🌟

The new Cosmos event is a pay-to-spin event with Community rewards, just like the Halloween event last time. This means that in order to get the skins, you will have to spin the wheel, but the more we spin the wheel, the more Joker cards the community gets! Enjoy and good luck getting your favorite skins!


Other Improvements

  • Added some protection against some trophy exploits related to Street Frag & 2v2 game modes

  • Added more leaderboard protection

  • New look for the season button for the next season (Vol.2 Season 1)

  • Fixed a color problem causing users who bought classic Season Pass to think they could also gather the Pro Pass rewards (they were not shown in purple)

  • Added a new season popup at the start of a new season

  • Added a special background element in battles for the new season

  • Added a confirmation popup for buying a Victory offer in gems (users tend to click too fast and would buy the offer by mistake)

  • Android only: reduced game memory usage

Please note that starting with 1.7.2, Seasons start on Thursdays.

This means that the first Season of Vol.2 starts on Nov 5th, 2020.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to use the free spin every 30 minutes on the same wheel during the Gold Rush event

  • Fixed various overlapping bugs in the Champion Series deck creation UI

  • Fixed skin previews getting mixed up sometimes when opening a skin event help menu (ex: Halloween skins event)

  • Fixed an icon informing the user that he can collect skin coins for a character not shown until the character was put in your deck or until looking at the character description

  • Fixed many UI issues in Japanese, Chinese & Traditional Chinese (incorrect translations, text being too small)

  • Fixed Fidelio's Ability secondary button sprite appearing for Ark-On and Krystal

  • Fixed an issue causing an ""x0"" to be shown when opening a chest (ex: showing you gained ""x0 TheBoss"" cards) making you think you got some cards while you actually did not get them

  • Fixed various issues which could cause the rare "invisible characters" bug at the begining of a battle

  • Fixed the secondary ability button disappearing in some cases during Krystal's ability

  • Fixed a bug with Sombrero's Ability registering an FX two times for the same unit

  • Fixed having to tap 2 times on the secondary Ability button to trigger the effect in some cases

  • Fixed a problem causing some skins not part of the halloween event to be non-equippable / non buyable

  • Fixed an issue causing the "wheels of fortune" free spin timers to not reset for some users (ex: users unable to do free spins for the Gold Rush wheel)


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on Discord & on social media!


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