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FRAG Switch

🔥 FRAG is now live on Nintendo Switch! Call your friends, gather your family, and let's FRAG!!🔥


FRAG version:

  • FRAG Switch will use the Volume 2 version of FRAG, with some aspects adapted to Nintendo Switch. The menus will also be FRAG V2.

  • The game will include all characters except the one released after FRAG 2.22, including Mayra and all Fraggers released after her (Nad, Cheryl, Guizmo, Jaw Jaw, Jack & Timmy, and MacDyver).

  • The balancing will be FRAG 2.22 balancing. Check this patch note for more info.

  • Augments are not included in the Switch version, equipments and FRAG Powers are.

  • The Switch and the mobile version are two different games with different progressions, crossplay is not allowed.


All the events below, and these events only, are featured in the Switch version:

  • Club Wars

  • Payload

  • 2v2 event

  • Wonder Event

  • Race To The Top

  • Champion Series

  • Gold Rush

  • Training Dojo

  • Cosmos Event

  • Street Frag


You will be able to purchase a large range of offers, just like in the Mobile version, with some special features for the Switch: all purchases will be made with Diamonds that you will be able to get in your Nintendo eShop.

You will also be able to purchase several character packs:

Epic and Legendary characters are locked behind "Character Packs" The only way to receive them is to buy "character packs" :

Pack 1: Arena 2-4

Pack 2: Arena 5-7

Pack 3: Arena 8-10

Pack 4: Arena 11-13 The price of character cards varies depending on the region. You can buy all the character packs at the same time for a 25% discount. Buying a character pack immediately gives you one card of each character in addition to significant resources.

In-game controls:


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!

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Robert Diedrichson
Robert Diedrichson
04 jun

And thanks i just wanted to know what it was like just before i buy it so thank you!

Me gusta

Robert Diedrichson
Robert Diedrichson
04 jun


Me gusta
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