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🎂 #FRAGanniversary Festivities 🎂

You thought that was it? Let's have some Community events!



  1. Big Luck Chest + 2000 gold

  2. Epic Implant Chest

  3. 3 Random Anniversary Skins

  4. Random FRAG Power

  5. 1250 Joker Coins

  6. 1 out of the last 15 released Fraggers, starting from Takeshi to Hubble


→ You only need to comment #FRAGanniversary on our Instagram Reels, Tiktok or Youtube Shorts ←


  • One entry per person,per day and per platform. Meaning that you will have 3 different ways to enter each day.

  • Winners will be announced 3 days after each post.

  • Winners will be tagged and will have to contact 'Raph' on discord to claim their prize.

  • 5 winners per platform = 15 winners per day!


⚠️Comment #FRAGanniversary only on the videos posted on the following days ⚠️

  • Week 1: Feb 15th/ Feb 17th

  • Week2: Feb 22nd/ Feb 25th

  • Week3: Feb 28th/ March 3rd

Where to enter ?


Discord Tournament!

Do you want your favorite Fragger to keep his 30% damage and Healthpoint boost?! That's what they are battleling for! Starting from Feb 10th, DISCORD users will get to vote for their favorite Fragger in 1v1 face offs!

The Fragger with the most vote will win the match and move on to the next stage! The last survivor will keep his bonus! Join us on Discord now!


Q&A Session!

Towards the end of February, we will have a Q&A video! Your community manager Raph and FRAG devs will answer all the questions you asked on Discord about future updates, matchmaking, characters, and issues you might encounter while playing FRAG. Stay tuned!


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!

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