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FRAG Pro Shooter 1.4.5 - Update Patch Notes

The 1.4.5 is coming soon, and it's looking pretty good! Between 3 new Fraggers, lots of bug fixes and tons of balancing changes, we have a lot to cover! Check out all the amazing changes right here...


  • HAKURYU, an Epic Center yakuza mobster!

  • MISS BUNNY, a Legendary Attack rabbit trickster!

  • MR. TIGER, a Legendary Wildcard billionaire fighter!

Check out the preview video featuring these new characters here ➡️



  • Lucha Muerta's AI will now use his ability!

  • Sogeki-Chan's AI can now lock on to targets from farther away, and will not waste her ability if her target is sheltered.

  • Losing a game will now show you a cutscene of the winning team as well as tips to help you improve!



  • The message button now includes 3 sub-categories: Private Message, Duel Request, and Club Invite!



  • Fixed a bug where Shino-B's walk animation didn't work after teleporting to a player.

  • Fixed a bug where Fidelio can't shoot again if he dies or if the game ends while mounting a turret.- Fixed a bug where players were unable to see through shields.- Fixed a bug where player would lose gold if the game closed during a level-up.- Fixed Twitter button linking to the wrong FRAG Twitter account.

  • Fixed weird window bug when leaving the Challenge window.

  • Fixed local flag in Club search not updating when changing country flag in the player's profile.

  • Fixed a bug where Big Paku sometimes fired a single rocket instead of 4

  • Fixed a bug that could cause you to be banned on iOS after a failed purchase

  • Fixed ability color button not properly resetting to white in some situations

  • Fixed stars not showing up at the end of some matches



  • 3D Grass is no longer an experimental option - it is now enabled by default in the "Very High" quality setting

  • Increased shader quality at "High" quality setting to be the same as in "Very High"


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