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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.7.9 Patch Notes

Hello there and happy Spring, Fraggers! 🌱

We're starting the season with a fresh new update bringing lots of long-awaited features, balancing, and one of the coolest Fraggers to ever join the Arena!

Are you ready to ZAP ZAP ZAP 'em all?


New Character → Zap Girl

Zap Girl is a brand-new Legendary Infantry Camp card that's particularly strong against heavies.

She's a real superhero we don't know that much about yet, except that she loves ZAPPING 'em all! ⚡


🎵 She travels far When danger calls Real FRAG superstar She strikes them all ...with lighting?! Zap zap zap, better hide from Zap Girl’s tower! 🎵

STATS (level 9)

Hitpoints 275

Damage/Second 56-90

Speed 11.6 km/h

Speed while shooting 5.8 km/h

Respawn Delay 30 s

The Zapper!

Strike your target with lightning that can spread to 3 more targets behind it.

Ammo 21

Reload Time 1.6 s

Fire Rate 65

Weapon Range 100 m

Base Damage 53.6

Headshot Damage Multiplier x1.4

Radius 7 m

Base Damage 38.6

Zap Girl's Tower

Deploy an electrically charged tower that slows down and zap-zap-zaps everyone around for lots of constant damage!

Ability Cooldown 8 s

Max Number 1

Hitpoints 317

Duration 30 s

Radius 11 m

Damage/Second 73

Slow Effect x0.8

FRAG Power 1 → Ability grants you 1 extra tower.

FRAG Power 2 → Main weapon's firerate increased by 30%.

As always, you'll be able to test & obtain the new card during 2 Random Draft events lasting for 3 days.

"Play with Zap Girl" dates:

Friday, Mar 26 Sunday, Mar 28 (included)

Friday, Apr 09 Sunday, Apr 11 (included)

Don't forget that Zap Girl is also available at Stage 35 with the Regular Season Pass!

Volume 2 Season 6 starts on March 25 2021 (at noon UTC).

Zap Girl will be released in chests on Apr 21 2021.


New Feature → Player Reporting

Update 1.7.9 also brings an incredibly useful and long-awaited feature that we've been discussing on Discord - yep, that's right: the Player Report button is now here!

Starting with 1.7.9, a new "REPORT" button will appear on all player profiles. This form will allow you to report anyone for battle cheats, progression cheats, but even hate speech or other toxic behaviors!

Keep in mind that your number of reports is limited, so always make sure they're valid!

Also rest assured that once you hit "Submit", the Customer Support will immediately receive your report, so there's no need to send it more than once to get our attention!

Note that you will not receive any sort of update on the state of your report, as it would violate our "No Naming & Shaming" policy.

Thank you all for making the FRAG Arena a better place!



Volcano (BUFF)

  • Removed ability delay before launching

  • Ability cooldown -2sec

  • Ability damage +5%

  • Ability burn damage +5%

  • Gun now shoots bursts of three projectiles

  • Added comeback event starting on March 29

Mr. Tiger (BUFF)

  • Gun max range increased from 40 to 55 meters (damage will stay the same as before at 40 meters)

  • Reload time reduced from 3s to 2s (this indirectly increases Damage per second since DPS computation takes reload time into account)

  • Ability cooldown reduced from 24s to 16s

  • Ability bombs are now falling faster, so the time between triggering the ability and the bombs actually exploding is much shorter

  • Added comeback event starting on April 12

Duality (BUFF)

  • Duality only loses one ability stack when dying

  • Marker gun +5% damage

  • +3 ammo marker gun

  • Now heals when killing her bounty

  • Added comeback event starting on April 19

April 20 EDIT PLEASE NOTE that we initially forgot to include the following information: 1) +3 ammo marker gun, 2) Now heals when killing her bounty, so this has only been added today. Sorry for the confusion!

Stella (NERF)

  • Ability homing force reduced

  • Ability homing acquisition distance reduced from 70 to 50m

  • Ability damage reduced by 7%

  • Main gun's secondary projectiles no longer deal damage to bunkers


Other Comeback events

  • Andrometa starts on April 5, 2021


Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved the anti-cheat protection for Comeback events.

  • Removed daily card deals for characters that are already maxed out.

  • Fixed the ability button appearing too low in the bottom-right on iPads & tablets.

  • Fixed new offline users not being able to access the Mission free chest.

  • Fixed the purchasing of credits after the "Mystery Box" Event ends charging diamonds, but not granting credits to the player.

  • Fixed players being able to start "Play with [character]" Event battles after the events have ended.

  • Fixed a cloud save restore fail caused by pressing the Google and Facebook buttons simultaneously.

  • Fixed broken UI elements for new offline users.

  • Fixed exploits/cheating related to the daily wheel of Fortune.

  • Fixed exploits/cheating related to the season pass.

  • Fixed a bug with Takeshi's ability camera effect, causing the game to crash at the end of online battles.

  • Fixed a bug with missions that count the number of destroyed enemy targets not counting the final target.

  • Fixed destroying the cart in the Payload game mode not counting towards the "destroy X objectives" type of missions.

  • Fixed a visual glitch with the plane at the beginning of a game.

  • Fixed some incorrect text in French.

  • Changed the camera field of view in the endgame cinematic on 4:3 screen ratio, meaning you can now see all the characters in your team.

  • Fixed character cards not being displayed properly in the deck menu the first time you open the game after installing.

  • Fixed disappearing gold and gems in the character info window.

  • Fixed some issues with the Weekly 2v2 missions and Week 4 missions not showing up.


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on Discord & social media!



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