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FRAG Pro Shooter - 1.9.3/1.9.4 Patch Notes

⭐Good vs Evil ⭐ Who will out shine the other!? Who will be the last Piper standing? Are you team #TheRealPiperReese or team #TheOnlyPiperReese?

This is the ultimate showdown! The final battle of the Pipers is upon us, who will prevail? Will the FRAG tournament survive? Let's find out!

New Heroes → Piper Reese & Evil Piper

Introducing the Sparkliest of them all


Piper Reese brings Hollywood STAR power as an actress, host and showrunner of the FRAG tournament. Always full of positive energy and smiles. She's forced to seek help in the tournament against Evil Piper's plans.

STATS (level 9)

Hitpoints → 378

Damage/Second → 26 - 47

Speed → 11.6 km/h

Speed while shooting → 8.7 km/h


In addition to direct damage, this deadly microphone will also shoot glitter time bombs!

Base Damage → 32.2 Ammo → 10

Reload Time → 1.6 s

Fire Rate → 50

Weapon Range → 100 m


Piper shoots her sparkly but deadly glitter grenades while doing a defensive backflip.

Damage → 107.2 Jump Intensity → 14 Push → 5

Ability Cooldown → 10 s

Radius → 3 m

Sub Projectile → 10

FRAG Power 1 → Main weapon's firerate is increased by 30 %.

FRAG Power 2 → Main weapon's projectile radius is extended by 30 %.


Introducing an Evil Doppelganger


Evil Piper is one word, EVIL! She's from another dimension. Her only mission is to destroy her doppelganger, Piper Reese, because she can't stand to have a different version of herself in the universe.

STATS (level 9)

Hitpoints → 378

Damage/Second → 94 - 164

Speed → 12.6 km/h

Speed while shooting → 9.7 km/h


Shoots a burst of lasers made of dark energy!

Base Damage → 45 Ammo → 21

Reload Time → 1.3 s

Fire Rate → 262

Weapon Range → 38.5 m


Releases a sudden blast of Dark Energy, Evil Piper will then float and shoot balls of Fire.

Base Damage → 107

Ability Cooldown → 14 s

Duration → 10 s On-Cast Damage → 321 Radius → 3 m

Damage Reduction → 30%

FRAG Power 1 → Ability duration is increased by 4 s.

FRAG Power 2 → All damages dealt are increased by 20 %.


Event Rework: Play with Event

Introducing, Ladies' Fight with Piper Reese:

With the 1.9.3, we are going to introduce a brand new way to play 'Play with Event'! Let's dig deep into it! You can expect more theme based event to come in the future!

How does it work?

  • As it is Ladies' Fight, players will be able to play with female characters only. There are no tickets for battles.

  • Players have three "lives" to win X times. After three defeats, players will be able to restart from the beginning for only 5 gems (free if they have a battle pass).

  • Players will play on the Evil-Bridges map.

  • Whether lost or won, players will get the same currency amount.

  • Crushing defeat (3 stars against the player) gives none.

  • Crushing victory (3 stars for you) gives twice the amount.

  • In case of victory, players will progress by one in the event.

  • All characters will start at level 1.


  • Players will be matched with other players playing the same event, with the same progression.

  • Players won't play against bots.

Dedicated currencies:

  • Players will be able to earn twice the amont after every battle by buying a dedicated one time offer in the shop.

  • To reshuffle one character from a female-only pool.

  • To level up a character slot one level each time the cost is paid.

  • Upgrade is immediate (it applies to the character without having to reshuffle).

  • Reshuffled characters remain upgraded (since it is the slot which is upgraded).

  • Upgrade has a cap (level 10).

  • After reaching the cap, characters can be upgraded further twice for their frag powers.

With the Ladies' Fight event will also come an exclusive female only chest: The Wonder Chest

The 'Play with Evil Piper' event will remain unchanged.

Important notice:

We are testing rebalancing for the Epic Card event and the Legendary Card event. For the players whom may be affected by the tests: the event should be considerably easier, but you won't be able to use 200 tickets to get a chance to directly unlock the character. Our goal is to give to everyone more enjoyable events, based on the gameplay.


Features 1.9.3


To know more about the upcoming "Play with Evil Piper", "Ladies' Fight with Piper Reese" and "Frag Power" events, check the next Frag Memo!

For the 1st time, both characters will be available in the Season Pass: Evil Piper at stage 36 and Piper Reese at stage 60

Volume 2: Season 14 STARTS on Nov 4th 2021 (at noon UTC)

Note: Evil Piper and Piper Reese will not be available in chests as long as you do not unlock them through events or battle pass, even at the end of the season.

Chests and Rewards:

With the 1.9.3 update we also decided to increase the value of the free chest in the shop menu and we increased the unlock time skipped for chest by watching an Ad from 20 minutes to 3 hours. Limited to two uses per day, this won't apply to events. (might change in the future)

Starting from 08/11/2021, some players will be randomly selected to play with a new balancing system! Selected players will be only matched against other selected players. If you feel like your characters are different from what they were yesterday, then don't worry because they are. Please note that sadly, this won't apply to club friendly matches. This is the first step to character re-balancing due to all of your feedback! Thanks! We will keep you posted on any future changes.

Features 1.9.4

Frag Power Events:

Community milestone rewards will be readjusted as follows

Play Wuth Evil Piper event:

Players will have to be at least level 8 to participate in the next 'Play With Evil Piper' event


New Map - Evil-Bridges

Evil Piper corrupted the original Frag map with her darkness and hatred. Fortunately, Piper Reese is here to fight her doppelganger and bring balance to the world! Whose side are you on?!


About Synergies

"We are not too happy about synergies with their current design, this is why we will stop introducing new synergies for the new characters. Piper and Evil Piper won't have synergies. The already existing synergies will remain until further notice. You can expect new synergies to come in a more organic way in the future" - Guillaume, Product Manager



Vandal (Buff)

Vandal's abilities compared to other heroes in Arena 4 were proving to be too difficult to use for too little effect. The idea is to strengthen her abilitiy and to make it easier to use. We also wanted to make Vandal a stronger character overall.

  • Spray Gun Spray Gun damage increased by 14%. Spray Gun now applies a 5% slow.

  • Paint Bomb Splash zone increased by 50%. Slow increased by 20%. It should now be easier to score hits.

Cipher (Buff)

Cipher is a very versatile hero who previously excelled in too many areas. With the previous nerfs he became very average in everything. It was decided to specialize his ability and strengthen it on slowing effects. In addition, Cipher had become too fragile compared to other heroes, we wanted to make Cipher a strong option once again.

  • General Level 1 Health Points Increased from 132 to 152.

  • Hack Wave Radius increased by 15%. Slow increased by 25%.

Nautica (Buff)

Nautica was too weak and difficult to play for an Arena 8 Legendary. The first issue with her ability was the very small angle of use that made it very frustrating to use. We made the decision to remove this targeting and instead use the main weapon as a marker. From now on Nautica will be able to mark up to 3 targets at the same time for 8s and launch her leviathan at every targeted enemy. In addition to that, the speed and fire rate her Trident has been increased to facilitate its use and targeting. On the other hand, her damage has been reduced a bit to avoid Nautica becoming too strong.

  • General Level 1 Health Points Increased from 110 to 130.

  • Tech-Trident Increase fire rate by 15%. Trident projectile speed increased by 37%. Trident projectile damage decrease by 5%. Now mark enemies touched for 8s.

  • Go Leviathan!! Is now launched on every marked target (maximum 3).

Mr Tiger (Buff)

Mr Tiger should excel in close combat with his Double 25k. Moreover his ability was quite hard to use because of the animation delay. In order to make it easier and more effective, the delay between the launch and the moment when the bombs explode has been reduced, and the explosion area has been increased as well as the damage.

  • Double 24k Close damages increased by 30%.

  • Chopper Call Explosion radius increased by 20%. Damage increased by 18%. Animation delay decreased by 14%.

Wave (Nerf)

Wave had far too much HP compared to his speed and hitbox. The DJ Beam is too powerful and has no drawbacks so we wanted to compensate that. Wave's ability is also far too powerful for the number of times he can use it.

  • General Level 1 Health Points decreased from 215 to 195.

  • DJ Beam Decrease short range damages by 13%. Increase long range damages by 41%.

  • Sound Blaster Cooldown increased from 15 to 20s. 1.9.4: Range is now limited to 20m.

DolB (Nerf)

DolB is supposed to be a defensive hero, but his LaserTune was too powerful and sometimes allowed him to get too far into the arena, making him a must pick character.

As for his ability, it was far too powerful despite the situational use and DolB was very frustrating to play against.

  • LaserTune Correction on main gun which should adjust the range to 30 in every situations. Decrease main gun damages by 13%.

  • Bunker Beats Ability cooldown increased from 16s from 20s.


Bug Fixes 1.9.3:

  • Fixed issue on Laika where her magazine was emptied while being stunned

  • Fixed blind effect on Cipher and Queen Unicorn abilities.

  • Fixed issue where AI were resetting their behaviour after a healing action. This could cause some AIs to ignore attack orders if they were equiped with a healing implant.

  • Fixed text in health regeneration implant.

  • Fixed in app purchase issue which can give another reward at the same price.

  • Fixed a rare bug which could cause user to lose his Pro Pass.

  • Fixed an issue which could cause AIs to not defend base when attacked in StreetFrag.

  • Fixed various issues which may cause game to fail to reconnect to multiplayer server (EU, US, ...) until game is closed & restarted.

  • Fixed issues in cards given by chests which could cause too much identical cards to be given by the chest.

  • Fixed issue which could cause DolB's laser to not show up anymore during battle.

  • Removed infinite loading icon in messagery.

  • Changed event menu to size properly in all phone's ratio.


  • Fixed Bug causing the game timer to display less than 0:00 at the end of the game.

  • Fixed Issues in deck menu which could cause not owned character to appear in your deck.

  • Fixed Issue when opening the Wonder Chest for users in Arena 10.

  • Fixed Some non localized texts and improved texts for the 'Ladies' Fight' event.


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!



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