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FRAG Pro Shooter - 2.21 Patch Notes ๐ŸŒฑ

Everything you need to know about Season 21 and upcoming events!

Reworked Fraggers โ†’ Captain Polar, Nautica

Heroes from around are gathering to fight for the environment! Join them!

Nautica (level 9)


Hitpoints โ†’ 279

Damage/Second โ†’ 32 - 141

Speed โ†’ 11.6 km/h Speed while shooting โ†’ 5.8 km/h Is now a Wildcard

Tech Trident

Fires a long-range holographic projectile that actually stings and mark the enemy touched for 8s!

Ammo โ†’ 18

Reload time โ†’ 1.8 s

Fire Rate โ†’ 220 Weapon range โ†’ 35 m

Radius โ†’ 0.1 m

Base Damage โ†’ 47 Headshot Damage Multiplier โ†’ x1

GO Leviathan!!

Nautica sends her pet orca, Leviathan to damage, stun and push marked enemies.

Ability Cooldown โ†’ 20 s

Range โ†’ 6.75m Base Damage โ†’ 171.5 Push โ†’ 6 Slow Effect โ†’ 0.4 Stun Duration โ†’ 0.5s

Harpon โ†’ All damages dealt are increased by 20%.

Orca Power โ†’ All push effects are increased by 30%.

Captain Polar (level 9)

We changed Captain Polar to emphasize his "icy" theme. We removed his old ability : Captain Polar can no longer shoot through walls. His ability was replaced by a classic sniper scope.

He now also has a 12 bullets magazine, instead of infinite ammo. His new ability is a passive effect applied to his bullets.

His first two shots will now slow his target, the 3rd one will stun the target while dealing additional damage.Finally, Polar's stats were adjusted accordingly.


Hitpoints โ†’ 236

Damage/Second โ†’ 22 - 34

Speed โ†’ 9.7 km/h Speed while shooting โ†’ 7.8 km/h

Recon Rifle

All-terrain sniper rifle, zoom included.

Ammo โ†’ 12

Fire Rate โ†’ 50 Weapon range โ†’ 200 m Base Damage โ†’ 42

Reload Time โ†’ 2s Slow Effect โ†’ x0.8 Headshot Damage Multiplier โ†’ x1.9

Polar Freeze

Captain Polar's bullets apply a stack of Polar Freeze to his target. 1 stack of Polar Freeze slows by 35%. 2 stacks slows by 65%. 3 stacks freeze for 3 seconds and deals additional damage

Duration โ†’ 3s

Hit nยฐ1 Slow Effect โ†’ x0.35 Hit nยฐ2 Slow Effect โ†’ x0.65 Hit nยฐ3 Base Damage โ†’ 42 Hit nยฐ3 Base stun duration โ†’ 3s Target immunity after stun โ†’ 9s

Frozen Head โ†’Increasesd headshot damage multiplier by 0.6.

Absolute Focus โ†’ Main weapon's firerate is increased by 20%.


Features 2.21

For the Forest!:

For the 1st time ever, Ohbibi is teaming up with and for the Green Game Jam initiative, for a unique Community Event. The infamous Smoker is trying to burn the forest and destroy the Waterfalls map! You need to stop him! As part of this event Nautica, Captain Polar and Scout and Nutty backstories were rewritten. How to participate? During the event, you will have the opportunity to buy tree packs, every tree packs you and your club buy will fill a gauge with tons of rewards along the way! As you will the gauge, you will also restore the Waterfall map to her former glory, and even more!

What is a Tree pack? For each tree pack bought in the Plant! section of the event. Money generated from tree pack purchases will be used by Ohbibi to plant trees in real life in partnership with Ecosia.

Individual Goal: You will need to plant 125 trees to collect all the rewards

Community Goal: club progression In addition to extra rewards, your club will be able to earn exclusive shiny badges that will be displayed on the club leaderboard forever!

Evolutive Map - Restore the Waterfalls!

  • As players plant tree the Waterfalls map will be restored.

  • will be active during the whole season when playing in the Waterfalls map.

  • will also be active during most season events.

Frag pass:

You will find a brand new FRAG pass with the amazing 'Earth's Defenders' skin collection with UNIQUE visual effects, Chest Keys, Common Joker Tablet and tons of other rewards!

Dance! Rick Rock and DolB abilities will make their target dance! Music themed characters received new animations and visual effects. FRAG Dojo Event The FRAG Dojo Event milestones were adjusted, it should be now easier to progress and complete the Event.




  • General โ†’ Decreased Move Speed by 10%. โ†’ Increased Move Speed while shooting by 50%.

  • The Bubble Bobble โ†’ Decreased max damage by 25%. โ†’ Increased min damage by 25%. โ†’ Bobblerโ€™s gun no longer slows enemies.

  • Ultimate Bubble!! โ†’ Decreased cooldown by 40%. โ†’ Stun / Floating effect : 10s โ†’ 3s (70%). โ†’ Bobblerโ€™s ability cannot be interrupted anymore. โ†’ Bobblerโ€™s ability no longer reduces damage taken by its target by 75%. โ†’ Bubble size was increased.


  • DJ Beam โ†’ Increased minimum damage per second by 15%.


Kaz'Oolu was allowed to abuse defense behavior due to a very long firing distance and too many traps.

  • Relic Staff โ†’ Enemy acquisition distance/Weapon firing distance decreased by 50%. โ†’ Min DPS decreased by 15%. โ†’ Max DPS decreased by 10%. โ†’ Weapon base damage decreased by 10%.

  • Octotems Field โ†’ Cooldown increased by 11%. โ†’ Slow effect on impact decreased by 8%. โ†’ Added poison effect (damage over time): 25 Health Points. โ†’ Trap Health Points decreased by 50%. โ†’ Trap duration after being summoned decreased by 30%.


  • General โ†’ Decreased Move Speed by 16%. โ†’ Increased Move Speed while shooting by 65%.

  • Rengoku โ†’ Enemy acquisition distance/Weapon firing distance decreased by 17%. โ†’ Decreased max damage by 17%. โ†’ Decreased min damage by 21%. โ†’ Weapon base damage decreased by 13%. โ†’ Weapon fire rate decreased by 11%.

  • GroundSlam โ†’ Ability damage per second decreased by 17%.


Even if Laika isn't a top Fragger in high arenas in Leagues, she stills has a high winrate, sitting at 60% since the last character changes. We changed the main weapon behavior to allow more bursts of rockets. The ability is the main nerf subject of these changes as we reduced the abilityโ€™s rockets damages by 17% as there were some abuses of this ability. Laika is also not able to trigger her ability in a building anymore.

  • Rocket Launcher โ†’ Enemy acquisition distance/Weapon firing distance decreased by 17%. โ†’ Decreased max damage by 3%. โ†’ Decreased min damage by 3%. โ†’ Weapon reload time increased by 43%. โ†’ Weapon fire rate decreased by 40%.

  • Space Boost โ†’ Damage decreased by 17%. โ†’ Canโ€™t be triggered in buildings anymore.


Dolb's ability was too frustrating and unfair to play against, it almost had no counter play.

  • General โ†’ Decreased Move Speed by 18%. โ†’ Increased Move Speed while shooting by 33%.

  • Lasertune โ†’ DolBโ€™s main weapon no longer shoots through walls. โ†’ New visual effects.

  • Bunker Beats โ†’ Third Person View is now forced when casting the ability (for DolB user). โ†’ Time between the casting time and effect time: 1 sec. โ†’ Increased the stun duration by 200% (0.5s > 1.5s). โ†’ Delay between ability waves increased by 114%. โ†’ Effect radius decreased by 35%. โ†’ New visual effects.

Lucha Muerta

Lucha Muerta has a very high winrate of 65% after last seasonโ€™s changes on characters which made him too powerful. We increased his ability poison effect while decreasing his engaging speed and his main weapon damages to reinforce his initial design intentions.

  • General โ†’ Decreased Health Points by 6%. โ†’ Decreased engaging speed by 9%. โ†’ Increased respawn time by 13%.

  • Chainsaw โ†’ Decreased min damage by 11%. โ†’ Decreased max damage by 11%.

  • Dead Gas โ†’ Cooldown increased by 100%. โ†’ Ability dration decreased by 37.5%. โ†’ Damage over time decreased by 50%. โ†’ Speed reduction effect decreased by 40%. โ†’ Speed while jumping decreased by 28%. โ†’ Jump distance decreased by 31%.


Bug Fixes:

  • On-going Some Ios crash related issues were fixed, our dev team will keep working on improving the Ios experience for the next updates

  • Fixed User get stuck if he has the maximum number of cards when the joker cards pop-up window appears

  • Fixed Blot will play the attack animation but won't damage bunkers when close to it.

  • Fixed Sometimes, one of the 2 players who joined a "2v2" battle from the Club Chat was not getting the tickets for the "2v2 Club Wars" event in case of victory.

  • Fixed Tutorial for the Joker Card/Tablets forcing the use of book for the players.

  • Fixed When the player is a co-leader of the club, the bubble that appears when taping on the "Edit club details" button is transparent.

  • Fixed Character's Mr Tiger special ability wasn't working in certain situation.

  • Fixed The "VIP" button is not visible when the user launches the game.

  • Fixed Certain characters with jumping/flying special ability can use their ability inside the bunker or under the ceiling.

  • Fixed Animations to add trophies & coins at battle end are not coherent.

  • Fixed When the user wins the "Joker Cards", it's written: "Your tokens" instead of "Your cards".

  • Fixed Meduza's Golden skin has bad lighting.

  • Fixed The number written on the deck icon on the left bar does not correspond to the number of cards available for upgrade.


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!

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