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FRAG Pro Shooter - 3.1 Patch Notes 🔥

Everything you need to know about FRAG Vol.3 and upcoming challenges!


New Fragger → NAD

NAD (level 9): Legendary


Hitpoints → 481

Damage/Second → 158

Speed → 11.6 km/h Speed while shooting → 5.8 km/h Respawn time: 22 s

Main Weapon: Pulse Blasters

Shoots powerful beams of energy.

Ammo → 10

Headshot Multiplier → 1x.4 Weapon range → 30 m

Base Damage → 103 Reload Time → 1.6 s Fire Rate → 110

Ability: Blink of an eye

Dashes almost instantly in one direction. The ability has 3 charges. If Nad drops to 0 charges, a cooldown will apply before the first charge reload and he will be slowed down for 6s. Ability Cooldown → 7.50 s Range → 3 m Slow Effect → x0.2 Max Number → 3

Fast Reload → Main weapon's fire rate is increased by 30%.

Tireless → Slow duration after using the 3rd dash decreased by 20%.


Features 3.1



For FRAG Vol.3, all Events are becoming Challenges. How do Challenges work?

  • You will have to finish objectives to earn medals.

  • Your goal is to accumulate enough medals to unlock all the rewards on the track and maybe rank on the leaderboard.

Challenge types:

  • Seasonal Challenges: Long-term challenges with new objectives every day. For this season this challenge will allow you to unlock Augment resources, tons of rewards, and NAD.

  • Triumph: Focus on one specific Fragger, and complete objectives to earn powerful chests.

  • Races: For these challenges, objectives are repeatable. Complete a track to earn Augment reward.

  • Cups: Like races, but now with the competition. Rank best in leaderboards of up to fifty players to earn super rewards. Be ready in particular for Nad's FRAGFest Cup starting on November 3rd.

Starting characters changes and their impact on rarity:

For the first time since the beginning of FRAG, we changed the starting characters:

  • Big Paku: Both a tank and a long-range fighter, his role was unclear and his gameplay was somewhat confusing for new players.

  • Dr. Frost: Unpopular and difficult to play, he was not used by new players.

  • Jay B: Jay B was too similar to Dan While testing FRAG Vol.3 some players actually mixed them up. On top of that, Dan did not like the competition and booted him from the team.

The new characters are :

  • Hannibal: Hannibal was the perfect candidate to teach new players how to use a tank and a melee character, as his gameplay is very easy to get used to.

  • Long Shot: Players often like snipers, so making Long Shot available early allows the sniper-inclined players to do what they like to do right from the start.

  • Vandal: This fast character is made for players who like to strike fast, though not specifically hard. Her special attack is also very visual and very simple to use.

As they are now Arena 0 characters, Long Shot and Hannibal become RARE cards. For players who already owned the card, it has no other impact.

Locked Cards:

From an initial roster of 36 characters, FRAG grew to 110 characters (with Nad). It is great, but also challenging in terms of balancing.

  • One of the unexpected impacts of this is that chests become less and less valuable compared to joker card tokens or other axes of progressions in the game (equipment, FRAG Powers, and now Augments), as the random cards are distributed across an increasing number of characters. Furthermore, there was no way for players to acquire a specific character, except (for new characters) during Wonder Events.

  • Therefore, we decided to make events and offers “exclusive” 47 characters (including Øksa and Mayra who are keeping their “locked” status). If you already own the character, this changes nothing - the character will be normally available in chests or other random drops. If you don’t own the character, it will become unavailable in chests. On the other hand, we will have very frequent offers allowing you to buy the characters if you wish. You will also be able to unlock some characters through challenges.

  • This will allow future players to add to their deck only the locked characters they are interested in and to focus their progression on their favorite characters as they will not accumulate copies of a fragger they do not want to play (as it is locked). This will also make legendary Fraggers' progression easier.

Character Arena:

  • With much fewer available characters than before, we had to modify the arena in which characters become available. The non-locked characters were redistributed all across the arenas. This work was made easier thanks to our recent rebalancing efforts.

  • If you own a character that has been pushed to a later arena, you will not find copies of it in chests, except in some circumstances in chests earned before the update.

  • “Locked” characters are not associated with any arena: if you own one, you will be able to find its cards in any chest.

Trophy Road - Arena:

  • It is now overall much more generous both before and after the league - in particular in gold (there is more than 4 times as much gold to earn)

  • Now also includes some of the new augment content such as common and rare blueprints.

All characters are healthier:

  • Every single character in FRAG received a 40% boost in HP!

  • Why? When FRAG was designed, the time-to-FRAG (the ratio between damage and HP) was set fairly low. Over time, more powerful characters (some may say “unbalanced”) joined the arena, in addition to equipment, frag powers, and now augments.

  • During our recent balancing effort, we have generally balanced up rather than balanced down. The end result is that combats ended up shorter than they used to, including with starting characters.

  • By giving that HP boost to all characters, we get closer to the initial FRAG experience.

  • This HP boost will also make Augments way more enjoyable as they will induce new gameplay strategies.

Decrease in cost to upgrade cards:

  • We found out that at a high player level, Rare and Legendary cards were under-leveled. We lowered the cost in copies to update Rare and Legendary above level 13

  • Rare upgrades Level 14 to 15: 5 000 → 4 000 Level 15 to 16: 10 000 → 8 000 Total copy needed: 19 586 → 16 586

  • Legendary upgrades Level 13 to 14: 50 → 40 Level 14 to 15: 100 → 80 Level 15 to 16: 200 → 120 Total copy needed: 386 → 276

Main Menu:

FRAG's Main menu was the same since the game release, it was time to update it. You can now upgrade or modify any character from your main deck by clicking on him or her.

FRAG Pass:

You will find a brand new FRAG Pass with amazing 'Cybernetic' skin with UNIQUE visual effects. Your season pass will also be filled with Augment components to help your progression. Finally, you will be able to unlock a Common Joker tablet.

The FRAG Pass content was adjusted to better fit FRAG Vol.3 player needs. The global gold amount has greatly increased.

FRAG Pass content: Gold → up to 54 000 Chest Key → 4 Season Chest → 6 Cards, Common → up to 1800 Cards, Rare → up to 28 0 Cards, Epic → up to 32 Cards, Legendary → up to 2 Joker Cards, Common → up to 450

Joker Cards, Rare → up to 70 Joker Cards, Legendary → up to 12 Joker Tablet, Common → up to 2 Professional Augment Chest → 1 Augment Blueprint, Common → 2 Season Emote 01 → 1 Season Emote 02 → 1 Season Skin 01 → 1 Season Skin 02 → 1 Season SKin 03 → 1

Buy Some, Get More:

  • This offer was removed from the game

Warning on content that will soon be removed:

  • In future updates, we will remove the following:

    • The gold bonus for skins. It is unintuitive, and not necessary anymore given the increased generosity in gold of both events and trophy road

    • Synergies (DolB and Wave, Jaeger and Kazool’u, Ao and Izuna)

  • Enjoy them while they last!

What comes next?

  • We will probably spend several updates polishing and working around the new challenges, including adding “Club Leaderboard challenges”

  • There may be significant rebalancing on the challenges, but also on the new trophy road, season pass, etc...

  • We realize matchmaking and AI does not give full satisfaction at a high level. This is another topic we will tackle soon.

  • Equipments (ex-implants) are not forgotten, either.

About pricing

  • Due to regional policies, prices between IOS and ANDROID were different, different change rates were also applied. Differences recently widened with Apple's decision to increase their price points. For more equality between users, we have decided to align on IOS all the price points for all users regardless of where you play.

  • The game economy was substantially changed, and some features are now more generous (such as Trophy Road, Card update and Events) and some less so.


Balancing (level 9)


  • All characters get a +40% on the Health Points. We considered the time to kill an enemy too short which could make it hard for new players to join the game and have fun playing with different cards. With the addition of augments next to equipment and Frag Powers, this change slightly slows the pacing of the battles. It gives more opportunities to fight and use the different powers and tools available to counter an enemy.

  • Character Role change:

    • Vandal: CENTER → DEFENSE

  • Character Rarity Change:

    • Long Shot: RARE → COMMON

    • Hannibal: LEGENDARY → RARE


As Jet is one of the starting deck characters, we need to ease her behavior. The ballistic effect on her projectile was the key element that made her a bit difficult for new players to frag with. On top of that, we slowed her down a little bit because she was faster than Dan while she also can fly.

  • General → Walkspeed: 12.6km/h → 11.6km/h (-8%)

  • Plasma launcher → Min DPS: 28.1 → 30.9 (+10%) level 1* → Max DPS: 42.2 → 43.1 (+2%) level 1* → Shots-per-burst: 3 → 4 → Max ammo: 9 → 12 → Acquisition distance: 100m → 70m → Recoil: enable → disable


As Vandal is joining the starting deck, we had to ease her firing method to make her easy to play for new players. We also improved her ability by changing it to a real area of effect. Vandal also received a new idle animation.

  • Spray Gun → Min DPS: 14.9 → 31.2 (+109%) level 1* → Max DPS: 56 → 31.2 (-44%) level 1* → Fire rate is now steady → Reload time: 1.2 → 1 (-16%)

  • Paint Bomb → Now also slows and weakens enemies walking in the puddle left by the paint bomb. → Damage effect min : 5→ 6 (+20%) → Damage range max : 30 → 35 (+17%)

Long Shot

As Long Shot is joining the starting deck, we buffed his damage and his health points. We want Long Shot to get as close as possible to a pure and simple sniper gameplay experience.

  • General → HP at level 1 : 83 → 136 (+64%, including the general +40% for all characters) → Rare card → Common card

  • Sniper Rifle → No more unlimited ammo: 1 → 5 → Firerate : 40 → 48 (+20%) → Reload time : 1.1 → 1.6 (+45%) → Damage range max : 40 → 80 (+100%) → Damage range min : 25 → 50 (+100%)


We want Laika to make the best use of the Overheat augment. We are changing her firing method, but it shouldn’t change her impact in-game.

  • Rocket Launcher → Weapon max ammo : 3 → ∞ → Firing rate: 125 → 40

Rick Rock

We want Rick Rock to make the best use of the new Overheat augment. We are changing his firing method, but it shouldn’t change his DPS output.

We’re also removing the drop in damage at long range, which is weird for a laser, especially if not visually feedbacked

  • Shocking Guitar → Min DPS : 24.0 → 33.3 (+39%) level 1* → Max DPS : 32.0 → 33.3 (+4%) level 1* → Weapon max ammo: 30 → ∞ → Fire rate: 600 → 1000 → Range : 10 - 20 → 10 - 10 → Damage : 4 - 3 → 2 - 2


We want Smoker to make the best use of the new Overheat augment. We are changing his firing method, but it shouldn’t change his DPS output.

  • Smoke Gun → Weapon max ammo: 30 → ∞ → Damage : 2.4 - 2.4 → 1.15 - 1.15


We want Jager to make the best use of the new Overheat augment. We are changing his firing method, but it shouldn’t change his DPS output.

We’re also removing the drop in damage at long range, which is weird for a laser, especially if not visually feedbacked

  • Ectoplasma Bolter → Weapon max ammo: 30 → ∞ → Damage : 3 - 3 → 2.1 - 2.1


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Seasonal Rally Offer allowed in some conditions to receive twice the FRAG Pass content.


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!



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