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FRAG Pro Shooter - 3.13 Patch Notes ✈️

Everything you need to know about FRAG Vol.3 and upcoming challenges!


New Fragger → MacDyver

MacDyver (level 9): Epic


Hitpoints → 836

Damage/Second → 89

Speed → 11.6 hm/h Speed while shooting → 9.7 km/h

Main Weapon: Fluger FLY-44

A biting pistol that gives MacDyver plenty of firepower, even when he's stuck on the ground.

Ammo → 10 Weapon range → 40m

Base Damage → 47.2 Fire Rate → 180 Reload Time → 2.3s

Ability: Brrrrrrrr

MacDyver takes off and swoops down from the sky, raining rapid-fire bullets on all those in front of him.

Ability Cooldown → 12s Jump intensity → 25 Ammo♾️ Range → 200m Base damage → 43 Fire rate → 500

Wingbeat Reload → Main weapon reload time is reduced by 30%.

Tactical Plumage → Max ammo is increased by 6.


Features 3.13

Bridges 2.0:

The Bridges map has been reworked and now offers a better gaming experience! Try it out! Bridges 2.0 will replace the older version of the map, which won't be available anymore.

Seasonal Lottery:

Gain tickets through the season, including in challenges, to gain chests, gold, gems, and copies of MacGyver! You will be able to use more or fewer tickets at the same time by clicking on the + and - icons. You will get 4 free tickets every 12 hours.

Additional features:

  • Community suggestion: You can now translate private messages.

  • Community suggestion: A red dot notification will now appear when your Get Some Get More Offer resets.

  • Arena Challenge: You can now test the card you are trying to unlock.





  • +10% hp;


  • Reduced spread build-up by 75%;

  • Increased spread recovery by 30%;

The Pain Machine!:

  • New: Once inside the turret, Fidelio can’t take damage unless the turret is destroyed. Fidelio takes 20% of his current health as damage if the turret is destroyed while he is in.

  • Turret HP +20%;

  • Turret when unmounted:

    • Damage +50% ⇒ This means the turret will do more damage on its own to compensate for its rotation speed;

    • Decides faster when to shoot and disengage;

    • Ammo is now infinite;

    • Removed spread.

  • Turret when mounted:

    • Damage +20% ;

Frag Power:

Second FRAG Power changed to

⇒ Rush hour: +15% speed boost;



  • Ammo: 12 -> infinite;

  • Speed while shooting: 9.7km/s -> 11.6 km/s;


  • Fire Rate: 90 -> 100 (+11%);

  • Damage +15%;

A Real Fake Wall:

  • Can now spawn up to two walls at the same time;

  • Wall hp reduced by 20%;

  • Reduced cooldown from 12 to 7s;

  • Increased the wall height by 15%;

Mecha Knight


  • Move Speed 11.6;

  • Speed while shooting 7.8;

  • Hp +10%;


  • Shield Hp + 30%;

  • Cooldown 9 -> 7 sec;



  • +20% HP;

Death Ray:

  • +10% damage;

  • Weapon range 30m ->50m;


  • Duration increased from 5s to 6s;

  • -2s cooldown (15 → 13);



  • +20% HP;

Relic Staff:

  • +10% damage;

  • Ammo 8 -> 12;

Octotems Fields:

  • Max number 5-> 6;

  • Base dmg +10%;



  • Speed while shooting 7.8 -> 9.6;

Soccer Launcher:

  • Ammo 10 -> 12;

  • Range 38m -> 45m;

MVP Flash Tackle:

  • Range 12m -> 15m;

  • Stun 0.1s -> 0.5s;


2nd FRAG Power changed to → ability increases move speed by 20%.



  • The damage multiplier on his ray when hitting bunkers was removed.


Meteorite augment: stun duration rebalancing:

Rally augment: new balancing


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed The "Use X diamonds" mission does not count progress when the user buys a spin with diamonds for the New user Lottery.

  • Fixed The third-person camera is misplaced when the user dies while using the character Hannibal's special ability.

  • Fixed The user cannot switch view perspective when the character DolB's special ability is active.

  • Fixed The user is unable to collect the FRAG Power reward from the Seasonal Lottery reward gauge.

  • Fixed The screen is interactable when purchasing Tickets on the Seasonal Lottery screen.


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!



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