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FRAG Pro Shooter - 3.4 Patch Notes 🐇

Everything you need to know about FRAG Vol.3 and upcoming challenges!


Features 3.4

Game Progression:

The introduction of Frag V3 brought about many changes to the game, however, the tutorial was not updated to properly introduce these new features. We focused on improving the onboarding experience, in particular explaining the Challenges, and ensuring that new players are familiar with using special powers and with collecting their rewards, Did you know that 40% of our arena 1 player never use the special power of their Fragger? While this does mean fewer new features for experienced players in this update, in a few weeks, we expect to see a significant influx of new players, making the FRAG Arena even more competitive.

FRAG pass:

You will find a brand new FRAG Pass with the fantastic 'FireCrackers' skin collection with UNIQUE visuals. You will also get Miss Bunny's FRAG Power and two brand-new Emotes! The 3.4 FRAG Pass will also be filled with Legendary cards!




  • Enkei min DPS: 20.1 ⇒ 33.5 (+60%) max DPS: 26.8 ⇒ 33.5 (+25%) min damage per hit: 6 ⇒ 10 (+60%) max damage per hit: 8 ⇒ 10 (+25%)


  • Dodgeball Add damages per hit: 30 (at level one)


  • Skeggøxen min DPS: 36.7 ⇒ 33.3(-9%) max DPS: 40.8 ⇒ 33.3 (-18%) min damage per hit : 44 ⇒ 40 (-9%) max damage per hit: 49 ⇒ 40 (-18%)


  • Pulse Blasters Min DPS: 73.7 ⇒ 58.4 (-21%) Max DPS : 73.7 ⇒ 58.4 (-21%) Min Damage per hit: 48 ⇒ 38 (-21%) Max Damage per hit: 48 ⇒ 38 (-21%)


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Cinematic mode is not working.

  • Fixed Krystal and Styx Winter Buffs causing the player not to have their ability displayed.

  • Fixed Enemy emotes are not shown correctly.

  • Fixed Android Back Button doesn't work in some menus.

  • Fixed Some Japanese translations are not correct.

  • Fixed Frags achieved during a battle are not counted for inside the Career task.

  • Fixed Club Competitive challenges red notification never disappears.

  • Fixed Victories achieved on 2v2 and payload mode don't count towards total victories achieved.


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!



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