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Inner Monkey Contest

🐵 Show us your Inner Monkey! 🐵

Can you top the King himself? 👑 In update 1.8.7 we released Sunny, 'The Monkey King',

(a.k.a 'The Legendary Beast') a master of all things monkeying around!



Community Manager, Dasadorah, was hanging out with Sunny and they got into a duel. Who can make the best monkey call sound? Obviously by watching the video the King himself is hard to beat! 😆


Grand Prize Winner: iOS or Android Phone of their choice!

Top 10 Videos: Sunny Character or another character of their choice!

How to Enter

  1. Record a video of yourself giving us your best monkey call! (Use your own voice and not a third-party software!)

  2. Upload your video to your own YouTube or TikTok channel using the title: 'FRAG Monkey Contest'. (Your channel can be new! It doesn't matter how many followers/subscribers you have! It's not a popularity contest.)

  3. Submit your entry by sharing the video on your own social media channel using the hashtag #FRAGMonkeyContest. (Please remember your profile and post must be made public otherwise we won't be able to see your entry!)


Requirement: You must use your own voice to make a monkey call to duel the Monkey King! You can do it!

Oh BiBi will be judging your video by the following categories:

  • Video Uniqueness: Be creative! You need to win the community vote! (e.g: write a song or act like your the King then do your best monkey call at the end! Your creativity is endless!)

  • Quality of the Monkey Sound: If you can beat the King in an awesome monkey call this will score you major points!

  • Quality of the Video: Uploading on YouTube? You'll want to film in landscape mode. Uploading on TikTok? You'll want to film in portrait mode. 1080p is the best resolution to go with!

  • Sunny Gameplay Footage: Showcase Sunny gameplay footage! How will you feature Sunny?

You do not have to hit every category listed,

(only the requirement).

But, the more categories you hit, the higher chance you'll make it into the top 10 videos!

Then, the community will vote for their favorite video.

This is where your creativity will WIN them over!



  • 1 Entry Per Person: you can not submit more than one video. Give us your best shot in one video!

  • Monkey Call, Your REAL Voice!: you will be disqualified if you use any software to enhance your voice. Your monkey call must be all you!

  • No Copyright Infringement: everything in your video must be of your own work! You can however use official FRAG assets provided in the fan kit here.

Read more about our contest rules in the Official Contest Rules.


  • Submit Your Video between July 20th - August 4th, 2021.

  • Community Voting will begin on August 6th through the 11th.

  • Winner Announcement around August 13th (estimate).

(Note: If selected, you will be contacted via DM. You must reply within 24 hours!)

If Dasadorah can be brave and give her terrible call on camera, you can too! Submit your video for a chance to win a brand new phone to play FRAG Pro Shooter!




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