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Pose Like Øksa! 🪓

Let's celebrate the new season with some Community contests!


#PoseLikeOksa Contest!


  • Scan the following Lens using Snapchat or download it here:

  • Still on Snapchat, use the filter to film yourself striking a pose like Øksa would do!

  • Upload your video on Youtube, Instgram or Tiktok using the #PoseLikeOksa hashtag so we can find your video!

  • You can edit your video and make your own moves as you wish!

  • If you are not comfortable showing your face, you can also send your submission to this address: !


  1. 10 Selected winners will receive Øksa.

  2. Among those 10 winners, the top 3 videos will receive Øksa and a FRAG Pass.


  • One entry per participant.

  • The contest will start on April 15th and end on April 25th, the FRAG Team will reach out to the winners on April 27th.

  • Your video must be family friendly.

  • You can hide your face if you are not comfortable showing it.


Discord Peotry Contest!

You may have missed it but Øksa's achievment are known by everybody in the FRAG Tournament

'[...] Øksa numerous poems, eddas and other haikus have been written about her - even Rolaf believes he had been too tough on her.

It is now your turn to tell the tell the tale!

Full details will be given on Discord before the contest starts! Join us! Discord


That's it for this time, don't forget to join us on our official social media channels!


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